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Kelimutu Lake


Oerip Soemohardjo


Sam Poo Kong

  • ... that Muslims and followers of Chinese religious traditions pray together at Sam Poo Kong (pictured), the oldest Chinese temple in Semarang?
  • ... that Indonesian songwriter Dewiq was without Pay for three years before telling the public?
  • ... that shrimp, seaweed, and milkfish are found in Indonesia's Bone?


Cigarette factory

  • ... that Indonesia is the fifth largest tobacco market (tobacco factory pictured) in the world, and that in 2008 over 165 billion cigarettes were sold there?
  • ... that Batak Toba '​s funeral ceremonies include the second burial (mangongkal holi) of which the deceased bones are reinterred several years after the death?
  • ... that the native Borneo snake species, known as the Kapuas mud snake, is the only snake that can change its skin color spontaneously?


Babi Rusa

  • ... that the Babirusa (pictured), an endangered pig-like animal native to Sulawesi and surrounding islands, has two pairs of tusks? The upper canines of the male babirusa are so curved and enlarged that they emerge through the flesh, by way of holes, to pass through the top of the snout.
  • ... that on Flores island there are two archeological finds of different insular dwarfism species, including "hobbits"?
  • ... that one of the active volcanoes in the Banda Sea is named the Emperor of China?


Bintan Island


Nia Dinata

  • ... that Nia Dinata (pictured), director of controversial films on homosexuality and polygamy, started a children's film festival in 2009?
  • ... that Sandra Dewi gave an "arousing" performance in Quickie Express, but has refused to do "vulgar" photo shoots?
  • ... that one of the statues in Candi Sukuh is a giant 1.82-metre (6 ft 0 in) phallus with four balls below its tip?


Dewi Sandra

  • ... that in 2004 Dewi Sandra (pictured) was selected as one of the sexiest women in the world by FHM?
  • ... that Nias has a manhood ritual to see if a young man can leap over a 2-metre (6 ft 7 in) high thick stone tower, even with a sword in his hand?
  • ... that the matriarchal society of Minangkabau in West Sumatra has been considered the largest and most stable matrilineal society in the modern world?



DYK 10

Prambanan complex

  • ... that one can be fined Rp. 100 million for willfully damaging Cultural Properties of Indonesia, such as Prambanan (complex pictured)?
  • ... that in Madura there is a traditional bull race in which a young boy jockey sits in a simple wooden sled pulled by a pair of bulls?
  • ... that Dairi farms in Indonesia produce coffee, corn, and fish?

DYK 11

Dakota VT-CLA tail replica

DYK 12

W.R. van Hoëvell

DYK 13

Lawang Sewu

DYK 14

Nasi kucing with langgi

DYK 15

Minangkabau couple

DYK 16

First hoisting of Bendera Pusaka

DYK 17


DYK 18

Blenduk Church

DYK 19

S. K. Trimurti

DYK 20

Jakarta Post

  • ... that the first offices of The Jakarta Post (logo pictured), which has been described as "Indonesia's leading English-language daily", were in a laundry room?
  • ... that staff at the Indonesian film archives, Sinematek Indonesia, receive less than US$120 a month?
  • ... that a common theme in modern Balinese literature is dealing with tourists?