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Jersey, officially the Bailiwick of Jersey, French: Bailliage de Jersey (/ˈɜrzi/, French: [ʒɛʁzɛ]; Jèrriais: Jèrri), is a British Crown Dependency off the coast of Normandy, France. As well as the island of Jersey itself, the bailiwick includes two groups of small islands that are no longer permanently inhabited, the Minquiers and Écréhous, and the Pierres de Lecq and other rocks and reefs.

The island is one of the eight inhabited islands of the Channel Islands.

In the 2011 census, the total resident population was estimated to be 97,857, of whom 34% live in St Helier, the island's only town.

The government is a Council of Ministers, consisting of a Chief Minister and nine ministers.

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Broad Street in St Helier
Jersey is a self-governing parliamentary democracy under a constitutional monarchy, with its own financial, legal and judicial systems, and the power of self-determination, which has relations with other countries, territories and international organisations.

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Claude Cahun was a French artist, photographer and writer. Her work was both political and personal, and often played with the concepts of gender and sexuality. In 1937 Cahun and Malherbe settled in Jersey. Following the fall of France and the German occupation of Jersey and the other Channel Islands, they became active as resistance workers and propagandists.

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