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Men in Black

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The Men in Black are a secret organization devoted to policing and monitoring extraterrestrial activity on Earth. The Men in Black, founded in the U.S. in the mid-1950s, began as a small and poorly funded government organization devoted to making contact with extraterrestrial life known as the Baltians. They were initially seen as a joke, but did make contact on March 2, 1961, outside New York City. It was decided to make Earth an apolitical zone for aliens without a planet, and the organization broke its government ties to become the Men in Black, which became the force to conceal and police the aliens that came to Earth, no longer answerable to the government and therefore not obligated to answer any questions or respond to outside demands. The founding members were the agents present at the landing, plus an amateur astronomer and a teenager who got lost going to see his girlfriend. This last became Kay, regarded as the agency's best agent, and one of the agents became his partner Dee. The MiB has continued since then, with Zed as its senior agent, to protect the normal citizens of Earth from alien threats and police extraterrestrial immigrants, with notable member including Bee, Jay, and Elle. All MiB agents sever every tie with their former lives, but these lives may be restored upon retirement, wherein they are neuralyzed and their memories of MiB erased, although the agency also possess a 'deneuralzer' to restore retired agents' memories if the situation requires it. All agents dress in black business suits with Rayban sunglasses, specifically chosen to avoid creating an impression that would leave any lasting or distinctive impact on anyone who sees them, their fingerprints and other unique identifying features being removed, and have access to a wide array of alien technologies for their missions. Note that not every member is a human - several aliens are part of the staff (or are just hanging around in headquarters). No longer receiving federal funding from the government, the MiB are supported by the patents they hold on various confiscated alien innovations, including liposuction and velcro. Their standard operating day is based on Centaurian time, which lasts 37 hours, 16 of which an agent must spend on duty. Their main base is located at 504 Battery Drive in New York City.

Men in Black

"Protecting The Earth From The Scum Of The Universe"

Men in Black is a science-fiction franchise based upon Lowell Cunningham's comic book series and the film series directed by Barry Sonnenfeld starring Tommy Lee Jones, Will Smith, and Rip Torn. An animated television series, Men in Black: The Series, aired from 1997 to 2001.

The first film became a commercial success grossing US$587 million worldwide on a $90 million budget as well as a critical success with a 91% rating on aggregate reviews site Rotten Tomatoes. It also won the Academy Award for Best Makeup, and was also nominated for Best Original Score and Best Art Direction. It was also nominated for the Golden Globe of Best Motion Picture - Musical or Comedy.

It spawned two sequels, with the third being a 3D movie to be released on May 25, 2012, ten years after its predecessor. A video game was released in 2002 and a spinning, laser-shooting dark ride called Men in Black: Alien Attack located at Universal Studios Florida.


Men in Black

A Neuralyzer, sometimes spelled as Neuralizer, is a device seen in the Men In Black franchise. It is one of the signature tool and considered standard issue employed by the Men In Black. It is a pen-size device that gives a flash erasing the certain memories of the witnesses, like seeing aliens and other top secret things. It first appeared in the first film Men in Black and has appeared much in the film series.

Men in Black

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Men in Black

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Men in Black

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Men in Black

Men in Black

  • "You know the difference between you and me? I make this look good." -Agent J

This quote was nominated for AFI's 100 Years...100 Movie Quotes

  • "Unlimited technology from the whole universe, and we cruise around in a Ford P.O.S." Agent J describing Agent K's car

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