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Silvretta panorama from the Ochsenkopf

Welcome to the mountains portal. Here you will find an overview of all articles in the subject area of mountains and mountain ranges in the world, about Alpinism, the history, mountain sports and many related topics. The work of the portal is organised by WikiProject Mountains. New editors, who are interested in these topics are always welcome; we are happy to offer help and advice in creating articles.
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Hualālai is a dormant shield volcano on the island of Hawaiʻi in the Hawaiian Islands. It is the third-youngest and the third most active of the five volcanoes that form the island of Hawaiʻi, following Kīlauea and the much larger Mauna Loa, and also the westernmost. Its peak is 8,271 feet (2,521 m) above sea level.

Hualālai is estimated to have risen above sea level about 300,000 years ago. Despite maintaining a very low level of activity since its last eruption in 1801, Hualālai is still considered active, and is expected to erupt again some time within the next century. The volcano has been inhabited for centuries by Hawaiian natives, predating recorded history. The ecologically important volcano is home to many rare species and contains several nature reserves near the summit.

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April 2014Twelve Nepalese climbers were killed by an avalanche in the Khumbu Icefall on Mount Everest. The climbers were preparing the route through the dangerous icefall for the Spring climbing season. Three others were injured and seven remain missing.(Source)

July 2013 A group of five Iranian climbers reached the summit of Broad Peak via a new route on the southwestern face. However, three of the climbers perished on the descent.

22 June 2013 Ten foreign climbers and a local Pakistani guide were killed by gunmen on Nanga Parbat base camp.

5 March 2013 A Polish team makes the first winter ascent of Broad Peak. (Source)

25 June 2011 Six French mountaineers were killed in an avalanche on Pic de Neige Cordier in the French Alps. Their bodies were found the next day by a British hiker who took the same ascent route. The victims included two men, three women and a 16-year old boy. Police reported that weather was good at the time of their ascent.

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