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This is the archive for news items from Portal:Mountains/Current news (latest archives at the top).


7 Nov 2010 That remaining in the so-called Death Zone on high mountains is dangerous and causes serious health problems, has long been known; altitude sickness in the form of nausea, headaches and insomnia affect up to three quarters of all climbers who ascend too quickly. Much less frequently, though, the dreaded mountaineering illnesses of high altitude pulmonary edema (HAPE) and high altitude cerebral edema (HACE) occur, but their symptoms disappear again on the descent. It has now been discovered, however, that permanent damage may arise from a prolonged stay in thin air due to shrinkage of the brain (Source).

27 Oct 2010 The latest eruption from the Indonesian volcano, Merapi, has claimed 30 victims to date. Not all of the roughly 19,000 inhabitants in a 10-kilometre zone around the volcano heeded the call by the authorities to evacuate the area; others returned to their houses prematurely. Merapi, which is on the island of Java is one of the most dangerous and most active volcanoes on earth. The eruption has no direct connection with the submarine earthquake of 26 October 2010, which released a devastating tsunami on the Indonesian islands of Mentawai. (Sources: sueddeutsche.de, Spiegel.de)

28 Sep 2010 After suffering serious injuries from a fall on the Höhenglücksteig, a Klettersteig in Hersbruck Switzerland in Bavaria on 26 September, Kurt Albert died in hospital on the 28th. As well as coining the term "redpointing" in climbing, Albert also opened up many new routes at the highest grade of difficulty. (Source: alpin.de)