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Nevada (About this sound /nəˈvæːdə/ ) is a state located in the western region of the United States. At 110,567 sq mi (286,367 km2), Nevada is the seventh-largest state, and includes parts of the Mojave Desert in the south and Great Basin in the north. Nevada is the "Silver State" due to rich deposits of silver discovered and mined there. In 1864, Nevada became the 36th state to enter the union, and the phrase "Battle Born" on the state flag reflects the state's entry on the Union side during the American Civil War. Its first historical settlement was Mormon Station.

Today, approximately 86% of the state's land is owned by the U.S federal government under various jurisdictions both civilian and military. In 2008 about 2.6 million people resided in Nevada, over 85% in the metropolitan areas of Las Vegas (the largest city) and Reno. The state capital is Carson City. The state is noted for its easy marriage and divorce proceedings, entertainment, legal gambling and, in 8 out of its 16 counties, legal brothels. (more...)

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The Nevada–California–Oregon Railway was a narrow gauge railroad originally planned to connect Reno, Nevada to the Columbia River. However, only 238 mi (383 km) of track were laid so service never extended beyond Lakeview, Oregon. Because of the company’s reputation for mismanagement, it was often called the "Narrow, Crooked & Ornery" railroad. The railroad was organized in Reno in June 1880 as the Nevada and Oregon Railroad. It was decided that the best plan was to build north to the Columbia River to service cattle ranches and farms in northeastern California and eastern Oregon. The northern terminus was to be The Dalles, Oregon since that city was located on the Columbia River and had no eastern or southern rail connections at that time. The company decided to lay narrow gauge track because it was cheaper the than standard gauge construction. Site survey and grading work for the railroad began in December 1880. The first spike was driven in Reno on May 28, 1881.

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Sauromalus ater at Columbia Pass, Spring Mountains
Credit: User:Stan Shebs
Sauromalus ater at Columbia Pass, Spring Mountains

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Each city is an archetype rather than a prototype, an exaggerated example from which to derive lessons for the typical. Each city vividly superimposes elements of a supranational scale on the local fabric: churches in the religious capital, casinos in the entertainment capital. These cause violent juxtapositions of use and scale in both cities. Rome’s churches, off streets and piazzas, are open to the public; the pilgrim, religious or architectural, can walk from church to church. The gambler or architect in Las Vegas can similarly take in a variety of casinos along the Strip. The casinos and lobbies of Las Vegas are ornamental and monumental and open to the promenading public.

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Pyramid Lake as seen from the Pah Rah Range, looking northeast
Credit: User:Toiyabe
Pyramid Lake as seen from the Pah Rah Range, looking northeast

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