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Selected picture

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/1
Credit: Yom & Sniff.
Coin of King Ebana of Aksum.

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/2

Credit: Lawrence Oei & Sniff
The reverse of a 2001 Canadian Silver Maple Leaf with summer colour finish.

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/3

Credit: The Euro Information Website & Sniff
Spanish €2 commemorative coin Centenary of the first edition of Miguel de Cervantes' El ingenioso hidalgo Don Quijote de la Mancha (2005).

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/4
Uzbeki girl.jpg
Credit: Camp4joy.org, User:Jabez
Uzbek girl wearing headdress and necklace of Soviet Union coins.

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/5

Credit: commons:User:Jok2000
The Big Nickel at Dynamic Earth in Sudbury, Ontario.

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/6
1783, Royal George medallion.png

Credit: User:Chris.B & Sniff

Medallion commemorating the blockade of Gibraltar, 1783, and the loss of the HMS Royal George, 1782.

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/7
1 litas coin - palace (2005).png

Credit: Mcauburn & Sniff

The Lituanian 1 litas commemorative coin was released into circulation in 2005 to promote reconstruction of the royal palace.

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/8
United States penny, obverse, 2002.png

Credit: US Mint, User:Dbenbenn & Sniff

A stunning 2002 Lincoln cent proof with a mirror-like finish. Lincoln's profile is complemented by a frosty cameo finish.

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/9
2006-01-15 coin on water.jpg
Credit: commons:User:Roger McLassus.
A 1 Hungarian pengő coin, made of aluminium, floating on water, demonstrating its surface tension.

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/10
Credit: DavidBrooks
Reverse of a 1915 George V half-sovereign.

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/11

Credit: Richardfabi and Sniff

Medal depicting Pope Clement XI.

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/12
Yap Stone Money.jpg
Credit: User:Marshman
Yap stone money at the village of Gachpar on Yap.

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/13

Credit: Dschwen & Sniff

1 Euro cent coin, issued 2002.

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/14

Credit: Broc

Finnish euro coins</noinclude>

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/15

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/16

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/17
Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/17

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/18
Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/18

Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/19
Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/19

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Portal:Numismatics/Selected picture/20


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