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  • January 1

    Pitt's National Championships
  • (1759) Ft. Pitt's 1st walls are completed with Col. Mercer in command.
  • (1804) The 1st bank west of the Atlantic Plain opens at Market & Ferry.
  • (1847) Mercy opens as the world's 1st "Mercy hospital".
  • (1850) Pittsburgh, Ontario is founded, among the 47 worldwide honoring the city.
  • (1871) The USS Ajax is commissioned.
  • (1924) The $62.3 millionia, 1,113 room Schenley Quad opens.
  • (1934) The Dukes win their 1st bowl game.
  • (1937) The Panthers win the Rose Bowl for a 7th national title as the Dukes play the Orange Bowl.
  • (1939) The Tartans play the Sugar Bowl.
  • (1943) Josh Gibson suffered a nervous breakdown and was admitted to St. Francis Hospital for rest and treatment. He was released in time to play for the Homestead Grays. The Pirates reportedly wanted to sign the future Hall of Famer that season as the first black player in baseball, but were thwarted by the commissioner, Judge Kenesaw Mountain Landis.
  • (1961) Mylan incorporates in Morgantown.[1]
  • (1962) Benjamin Fairless dies at 71 in Ligonier.
  • (1977) The Panthers beat UGA to win their 9th national title in the Sugar Bowl.
  • (1982) The Panthers beat UGA 24–20 in the Sugar Bowl, their 3rd straight 11–1 finish.
  • (1984) Howie Long spreads a rumor that Tunch Ilkin said Alzado wouldn't be a problem, prompting Alzado to go crazy contributing to 3 sacks.
  • (1994) PCNC is the city's 14th station & the world's 4th for local all-news.
  • (2002) Penguins star Alexei Kovalev scores a hat trick v the Rangers at the Igloo.
  • (2003) Metropol closes for the last time.
  • (2004) E-Moonlighter rebrands as Guru.com.
Credit:Pens Through My Lens
  • January 3

  • (1861) President Buchanan countermands orders shipping 10 cannon to the south from Allegheny Arsenal after public outcries from the city.
  • (1928) After purchasing Kaufmann & Baer 2.5 years ago Gimbles rebrands it under the corporate name.[11]
  • (1935) Mellon Plan Social Club is incorporated.[12]
  • (1944) Gen. Marshall is 1st named Time Man of the Year.
  • (1954) The PRR announces a $31.7 millionia Penn Station expansion.
  • (1962) A bus driver makes national news walking off the job after stopping a city bus & kicking off rowdy high school students, calling the company to pick up the bus loaded with passengers.
  • (1973) President Nixon donates $1,000 in Roberto Clemente's memory to the Nicaraguan embassy. At the President's request, Dan Galbreath, owner of the Pirates, along with Dave Giusti and Steve Blass, meet with him at the White House about setting up a memorial fund in Clemente's honor to aid the survivors of the earthquake.
  • (1983) Sheriff Coon announces he will refuse to execute foreclosures at the courthouse after hundreds of laid off steel workers protest.
  • (1984) [13]
  • (1989) James J. Manderino becomes Pennsylvania Speaker.
  • (1989) Bill Burns signs off his last KDKA broadcast after 44 years with "Goodbye, good luck & good news tomorrow" after anchoring the highest rated US noon newscast for nearly 30 years.
  • (1989) Tony Dungy resigns rather than being demoted.[14]
  • (1998) Jason Gildon recovers 2 fumbles v New England.[15]
  • (2003) Alcoa opens its "green" operation headquarters on the Northshore.
  • (2008) Penguins star Evgeni Malkin scores his 1st hat trick v Toronto at the Igloo.
  • (2014) A six day deep freeze hits, flights diverted to Pittsburgh International as a homeowner in suburban Marion makes international news when he burns his house down trying to thaw frozen pipes with a hair dryer.

  • January 4

  • (1865) The $2.99 millionia USS Marietta is launched from the city's shipyards.
  • (1886) St. Louis owner Chris Von Der Ahe trades Sam Barkley to the Pirates, despite the fact that the infielder had already signed a contract with Baltimore. Because they were late in sending Von Der Ahe their check for Barkley’s rights, he unilaterally voided the deal and shipped him to Pittsburgh instead. The American Association eventually resolved the controversial case by allowing Barkley to play for the Alleghenys, and sending Milt Scott from Pittsburgh to Baltimore as compensation. Additionally, the Browns were allowed to keep the $1,000 they received from Pittsburgh for Barkley's reserve rights.
  • (1908) Beechview & Brookline are annexed.
  • (1918) Mellon Stuart Incorporates.[16]
  • (1924) [17] a week in toto
  • (1924) Rivers flood to a decade record of 30'3".
Army Medal of Honor.jpg
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
Credit:Richard Huppertz
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
  • January 9

  • (1759) Gen. Forbes inspects completed barracks 1,000' from the remains of Ft. Duquesne.
  • (1762) Ft. Pitt saves only 13 powder barrels as a flood crests at 39.2'.
  • (1889) A tornado hits downtown.
  • (1913) The rivers crest at 31' damaging downtown businesses.
  • (1917) William Chase Temple dies in Orange Park, Florida.
  • (1922) After becoming the 1st city with a licensed station (KDKA), Pittsburgh is the 1st with 2 as KQV goes on the air.
  • (1944) USS LST-846 is launched and commissioned at Ambridge.
  • (1952) [40]
  • (1955) Pitt dedicates the Croghan-Schenley Rooms.
  • (1979) [41]
  • (1984) The $100 million EQT Plaza skyscraper is announced.
  • (1989) "The three most beautiful cities in the world are Paris; St. Petersburg, Russia; and Pittsburgh. If Pittsburgh were situated somewhere in the heart of Europe, tourists would eagerly journey hundreds of miles out of their way to visit it. Its setting is spectacular . . ." Brendan Gill writes in The New Yorker.
  • (2000) Pitt dedicates the $584,929ia Indian Nationality room at the Cathedral of Learning.
  • (2005) On the ice logged Ohio near Industry the Elizabeth M loses 4 crew to the depths as it pursues a breakaway barge.
  • (2005) Announced Isacc Newton library.[42]
  • (2014) Three Rivers Stadium groundskeeper Dirt DiNardo dies at 82.
  • (2014) Washington County Airport 834,000 [43]

  • January 10

  • (1842) Crawford County is the 1st in the U.S. to convene a committee to review the delegate system in elections--the 1st primary elections in history.
  • (1859) The Historical Society is founded.
  • (1897) A Bluff rockslide near Locust St. killing a 6 year old boy & injuring 4.
  • (1946) The Commonwealth requests that the city & county contribute $78.6 millionia of the total $406 millionia for the construction of I-376 from downtown to the Turnpike.
  • (1950) In what was supposed to be a 10th St. bike riding performance by "Stanley the Chimp", he instead escapes up a pole as police give chase downtown for hours.
  • (1956) The Gardens host the AHL All Star Game.
  • (1962) A PANG DC-3 crashes minutes after takeoff from Pittsburgh International killing 5 airmen.
  • (1965) The Echo I satellite passes over at 4:35 AM.
  • (1972) Mayor Flaherty, county commissioners & several suburban mayors file a lawsuit to block Skybus.
  • (1985) The Carnegie Library's downtown branch begins free 3 week courses on "information processing".
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
Army Medal of Honor.jpg
  • January 13

  • (1864) Stephen Foster dies destitute at 37.
  • (1873) With $14.8 millionia & Andrew Carnegie with 1/3rd interest, the future US Steel is founded to produce steel rails at Braddock.
  • (1920) The PRR announces a $1.36 billionia area improvement plan.
  • (1929) US Steel announces a $275 millionia expansion plan for area mills.
City Game trophy
  • January 16

  • (1803) The city built Dean sets down the Ohio for Liverpool, delivering cotton picked up in Kentucky & Mississippi.
  • (1918) The Heinz Store incorporates.[71]
  • (1931) Charities warn that with their dwindling Depression era funds nearly 48,000 will "begin starving".
  • (1944) USS LST-141 is launched at Ambridge.
  • (1948) Penn State Men and Mt. Mercy Women debate socialized medicine at Braddock.[72]
  • (1952) police chase [73]
  • (1953) Rockwell appointed.[74]
  • (1959) Council president Tom Gallagher is sworn in as mayor at City Hall as Mayor Lawrence resigns to prepare his governorship.
  • (1960) The Steelers beat the Pirates, 22-20 in OT for a Children's Hospital charity Fitzgerald Fieldhouse basketball game. Former Duke All-American & Pirate star Dick Groat leads with 14 points in the 15 minute game.
  • (1963) [75] hat trick.
  • (1966) Walt Disney visits South Park to tour the Skybus.
  • (1968) [76]
  • (1979) Dick Thornburgh becomes Governor.
  • (1980) A Dallas departed Braniff 727 suddenly aborts its Pittsburgh International landing & goes nose-high after pilots realize the runway already has traffic on it.
  • (1993) A 3-point bomb by freshman Garrick Thomas breaks a 73-73 tie with 4 seconds left, lifting the Panthers to an upset win over #7 Seton Hall 76-73 at Fitzgerald Field House. Thomas scores 16 while Chris McNeal scores 19 with 11 rebounds.
  • (1997) After 50 years of a Burns anchoring KDKA, Patti Burns signs off with an emotional: "for allowing me to work with my father, to come into your home each & every day with good & bad news for our area...It has been a great honor and a great privilege."
  • (1998) PNC reports annual earnings over $1 billion for the 1st time ($1.5 billion today).
  • (2000) The NHL suspends Penguins coach Herb Brooks for confronting a Denver broadcaster after a game.
  • (2000) The 14 floor, 805,0002' US Courthouse begins $70.8 millionia in renovations.
  • (2014) [77]
  • (2015) [78] or was this the 15th?
  • (2015) [79]

Dutch flag
USS Pennsylvania (CA-4).jpg
Dutch flag
Dutch flag
  • (1952) PM Drees closes his 3 day visit with a tour of the Monongahela Valley steel works and Turtle Creek Westinghouse Works.
  • (1953) World news reports West Pen convicts are in control after a riot the previous night as Gov. Fine in D.C. for the inaugural commits to coming to the city if needed.
  • (1964) The Hilton hosts the hall of fame meeting with Art Rooney, Pete Rozelle, Dick McCann, Gov. Lawrence, Justice White, George Halas & Vince Lombardi all visiting.
  • (1970) CMU is 1 of 10 leading universities to share a $6.43 millionia grant for minority management studies.
  • (1971) Ernest Kline of Rostraver & Beaver Falls becomes Lt. Governor.
  • (1984) All 45 area Krogers close as 2,845 strike.
  • (1994) The lowest temperature in city history is recorded, -22°.
  • (2001) Mellon opens its 750,000²' "green" 14 floor Client Service Center for 3,000 employees.
  • (2003) While on PJ McArdle Road 72 year old Veronica Bradley's car crashes through a metal fence & plunges 300' down Mt. Washington.
  • (2004) Jamie Dixon carries the 3rd best career coaches starting record in history (18-0) to a nationally televised game at UConn, losing by a single basket & ending his streak.
  • (2006) The Rocky Mountain News softens its 2 day old description of the city as "butt-ugly" after receiving outraged correspondence and local news mockery.
  • (2010) At the Isles, Penguins star Evgeni Malkin scores his 6th hat trick, his 2nd & the teams 5th of the season.
  • (2013) The Penguins resume play after the NHL lockout is resolved.
  • (2013) Donora's Stan Musial dies at 92.

Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
Credit:Richard Huppertz
  • (1979) The Steelers become the 1st to win 3 Super Bowls with MVP QB Terry Bradshaw setting the all time SB record for passing yards & tying the record for longest pass, the 1st to win both season & game MVPs. Dirt Winston in the 78 SB,going from an observer in a scrum for a fumble,then jumping in and somehow coming out with the football for a Steeler recovery. Kurt Gowdy mistakes the Terrible Towel for the "Dirty Towel" as Hollywood Henderson knocks down Bradshaw after an incompletion & the whistle to which Harris responds by ripping off a 22 yard TD run on the very next play.[100]
  • (1980) Ohio v Kentucky is decided.
  • (1982) Tasso Katselas is awarded the $7.52 millioniadesign contract for the new Pittsburgh International terminal.
  • (1990) The Penguins host their 1st NHL ASG at the Igloo. The 1st to feature the annual NHL Skills Competition & the 1st NHL game on US-wide broadcast in a decade.
  • (1992) Bill Cowher is introduced as Steelers coach.
  • (1997) Patrick Lalime sets the NHL mark for wins to start a career at 16 with a Penguins 4-2 win v Calgary.
  • (1998) Gov. Ridge announces $77.9 millionia for the Pete.
  • (2002) The Steelers hand the Ravens the worse defending-Super-Bowl-champ-loss since 1983 in the AFC Divisional Round.
  • (2003) McKees Rocks' Catherine Knoll becomes Lt. Governor.
  • (2005) FNB incorporates its financial services division.
  • (2009) Highmark is officially rebuffed from buying Philadelphia's Blue Cross by the state due to monopoly fears.
  • (2015) Joe McCarthy, Mike McCarthy's brother former Assistant Attorney General dies at 47.[101]

  • January 22

  • (1772) Cpt. Montour is buried at Ft. Pitt with full military honors as area Indians arrive to honor him while drinking $1252 £800.70ia of whiskey.
  • (1777) Arthur St. Clair is appointed Adj. Gen. of the US Army, the 1st of 4 from the area to receive the honor.
  • (1952) Mayor Lawrence is treated at the Eye Ear hospital after a hemmorage.
  • (1954) Westinghouse Radio Inc. rebrands as Westinghouse Broadcasting.
  • (1971) [102]
  • (1975) Penguins star Syl Apps is named MVP of the NHL ASG after scoring 2 goals.
  • (1980) Bruno Sammartino's former student Larry Zbyszko violently turns against him during a scientific wrestling exhibition on WWF's Championship Wrestling TV show. Shocked & hurt by the betrayal Bruno vows to make "Judas" Zbyszko pay dearly later in the year at Shea Stadium in what is considered the biggest feud in the northeast.
  • (1982) The Panthers get their first Big East win with a victory over Seton Hall.
  • (1986) Penguins star Mike Bullard scores a hat trick in Edmonton.
  • (1998) MARC USA reports expansion to Dallas, Tulsa and Orlando.[103]
  • (2006) The Steelers are the 1st team in NFL history to win 9 road games in a season as they earn their 6th Super Bowl berth at Denver.
  • (2007) The Rooney family introduce Mike Tomlin as head coach, only the 3rd coach in the Steelers last 38 seasons.
  • (2009) Nemacolin Resort receives 5 star status, the only one in Pennsylvania & between the east coast & Chicago.
  • (2009) Highmark withdraws its merger of Independence Blue Cross.
  • (2012) Joe Paterno dies at 85.
  • (2015) [104]
  • (2015) [105]
  • (2015) ESPN reports on Steelers' fixer[106]
  • (2015) [107]
  • (2015) [108]

Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
RandyPausch Wiki 2.jpg
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
Credit:Pens Through My Lens
British flag
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
  • (1997) Mario Lemieux ties a NHL record, scoring 4 goals in 1 period, a 5-2 win at Montreal, his 42nd career hat trick, 2nd & teams 4th of the season.
  • (2001) A Lake Erie earthquake shakes the area.
Israeli flag
  • (2005) Ehud Barak visits Heinz Hall.
  • (2007) Mark Recchi scores his 500th goal, tying the game the Penguins will win in OT v Dallas.
  • (2011) Pittsburgh Tower clears a Republic flight for departure on the closed runway 10C five hours after maintenance started, before ordering an abort.
  • (2015) CMU wins $1 million prize.[119] as the city and region receive 140,000 of 2 new 3D cameras for emergency response.[120]

Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
Credit:Richard Huppertz
Air Force One
Marine One

1984 http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=ZPEdAAAAIBAJ&sjid=qmEEAAAAIBAJ&pg=2985%2C7737

  • January 31

  • (1899) The West End Carnegie Library opens.
  • (1902) The Biddle Boys & Mrs. Soffel are shot in Butler County.
  • (1907) Allegheny Energy is founded.
  • (1930)[143]
  • (1939) In its 30th year Diamond Alkali incorporates its sales division.
  • (1948) Hat trick.[144]
  • (1950) The Pirates sign high school ace Paul “The Wizard of Whiff” Pettit famous for pitching 6 no-hitters, buying his contract for a record $100‚000 from film producer Fred Stephani.
  • (1951) Big Poison Waner elected to hall of fame.
  • (1955) [145]
  • (1956) A B-25 Bomber from Nellis declares an emergency to Pittsburgh Air Base & ditches in the Monongahela. It is never recovered with contrary reports on how many crew survived spurring rumors of a secret military mission from UFOs to Howard Hughes.
  • (1958) Joe Hardy founds 84 Lumber 2 years after opening his first store.
  • (1959) The Pirates in a brilliant hot stove move get Harvey Haddix, Don Hoak & Smoky Burgess in a Reds trade.
  • (1965) Pud Glavin elected to hall of fame.
  • (1968) Pittsburgh Coke & Chemical re-incorporates as Calgon Carbon.
  • (1968) At St. Louis, George Konik scores the Penguins 1st penalty shot.
  • (1969) The Panthers play native Pete Maravich's Tigers holding the Pistol well below his 44 points avg. during a season Pitt only wins 4 games.
  • (1971) Jake Beckley & Joe Kelley are elected to the hall of fame.
  • (1972) Treasury Secretary John Connally visits the Chamber of Commerce's annual meeting at the Hilton.
  • (1974) Lynn Swann arrested in San Francisco.[146]
  • (1976) Al Lopez is elected to the hall of fame.
  • (1983) PennDOT opens a 4 day public meeting at the Convention Center to outline the $978 millionia I-279 & I-579 projects.
  • (1986) A Lake Erie earthquake shakes the area.
  • (1992) The Pirates break MLB records signing Barry Bonds to a 1 year $8.14 millionia contract.
  • (1992) Pipers great Connie Hawkins is inducted into the hall of fame.
  • (1996) MyCoupons.com launches as the world's first online coupon site and originator of the online coupon, coupon code and shopping web forum.[147]
  • (1997) MARC USA reincorporates at Station Square.
  • (2002) Mt. Pleasant Glassworks, the 1st US hand-blown crystal glass factory is closed by Lenox.
  • (2004) Rosebud closes.
  • (2005) Ralph J. Cicerone's nomination as President of the National Academy of Sciences is ratified.
  • (2007) Paul Bremer visits Heinz Hall.[148]
  • (2010) After 105 years UPMC Braddock closes.
  • (2011) PNC buys BankAtlantic Tampa area branches.[149]
  • (2013) US Steel commissions a new $514 millionia upgrade to its 1,300 employee strong Clairton Works, the nation's largest coke factory. as 3 day ends [150]
  • (2013) Charlie Batch awarded Whizzer White award.
  • (2014) [151]
  • (2014) [152]
  • (2015) Jerome Bettis is voted into the NFL hall of fame as Pitt upsets #8 Notre Dame at the Pete 76-72.
  • (2015) [153]


1984 http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=ZPEdAAAAIBAJ&sjid=qmEEAAAAIBAJ&pg=6569%2C7688

  • (1989) The Steelers cut hall of famer Mike Webster after 15 seasons.
  • (1998) The area is split from area code 412 as suburban counties are assigned 724.
  • (1999) Paul Mellon dies at 91 leaving $40 million to Carnegie Mellon University, $2.5 million to the Carnegie Museums of Pittsburgh, $1 million to Chatham University, and $500,000 to Latrobe Area Hospital.
  • (2004) The Port of Pittsburgh releases a study on the feasibility of the city as a multi-modal container port.
  • (2005) The Carnegie Library opens its Smithfield St. branch.
  • (2006) Koppers goes public.
Credit:Pens Through My Lens
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
  • (1997) Mario Lemieux scores his 600th goal as the Penguins defeat Vancouver 6-4 at the Igloo. The 2nd fastest and the 7th overall to reach 600 NHL goals.
  • (2004) WikiTravel Pittsburgh (later to become WikiVoyage) goes live.
  • (2006) The Zoo has 10 sharks die after a chemical leak.
  • (2010) [169]
  • (2011) US Steel warns steelers not to miss shifts because of watching the Steelers in Super Bowl XLV.
  • (2013) The WWE Hall of Fame announces it will induct Bruno Sammartino.
  • (2013) [170]
  • (2015) Ansys buys NTI[171] Durabond Pipe [172] Smuckers takes over Northshore office [173] Wabtec acquires Railroad Controls [174]
  • (2015) Named one of the top 10 creative cities by Movoto.[175]
  • (2015) Marc Andre Fleury ties Tom Barrassos 1998 record of 7 career shutouts 2-0 @ Edmonton.

Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
Air Force One
  • February 6

  • (1884) A 36.5' flood strikes downtown.
  • (1890) Andrew Carnegie announces he will donate $26.2 millionia for the establishment of the Carnegie Library, Natural History Museum & Art Museum.
  • (1904) A Braddock freight train kills 2 passengers boarding a PRR train stopped at the station.
  • (1908) Sec. Taft approves plans for the Sewickley Bridge.
  • (1925) World news reports on global stations relaying KDKA shows as the station is tuned into as far as Australia.
  • (1936) The Panthers win their 1st Steel Bowl after 6 tries, beating the Dukes by a basket.
  • (1975) The NAACP & the Attorney General file suit against the Pittsburgh Police for discriminatory hiring.
  • (2000) Penguins star Jaromír Jágr is the world's 1st hockey player to get over a million All-Star votes.
  • (2004) Federal funds are approved for the North Shore Connector.
  • (2007) The Penguins beat Nashville 4-1 at the Igloo en route to their 1st playoff appearance after a 5 year drought, the last non-sellout for the team.
  • (2008) Shawn James scores the 1st triple double in Dukes history, a win v St. Joe's at Palumbo.
  • (2010) A blizzard makes travel impossible as Mayor Ravenstahl is trapped at 7 Springs for 2 days.
  • (2011) The Steelers appear in their record 8th Super Bowl & face native Mike McCarthy as the head coach of the 5 point victorious Packers.
  • (2013) A zipline is proposed from Mt. Washington to the Northshore.
  • (2014) The Wolfe sisters are last seen alive UPMC pediatrician and psychiatrist and Hillel Academy employee and sisters of Democratic Iowa Representative, discovered in their home with a single gun shot to the head, making world news.
  • (2014) Ralph Kiner dies.
  • (2015) Marc Andre Fluery gets back-to-back shutouts eclipsing Tom Barrasso's 1998 team record for his 8th of the season 4-0 at Calgary as both Crosby and Kunitz score 3 points.

City Game trophy
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
  • February 9

  • (1811) [191]
  • (1846) The Dispatch is founded; the paper will last 77 years and be the 1st professional home to native writer Nellie Bly (from 1880 to 1887).
  • (1933) A Castle Shannon miner discovers brass shavings in his sandwich after falling ill from his lunches in the last 2 weeks, a neighbor and fellow miner is arrested the next day.
  • (1942) Archaeologists excavating near the intersection of the Boulevard of the Allies and Liberty Avenue find what is believed to be part of the ramparts of Ft. Pitt.
  • (1946) After leading the NL in strikeouts for 1945 Preacher Roe sustains a concussion in a boys basketball game with his ERA falling by half the next season.
  • (1950) Sen. McCarthy visits Wheeling & 1st speaks of a communist conspiracy.
  • (1963) The body of a 7 year old boy that was missing for 3 days is recovered from the below freezing Ohio near Lighthill Street in the Northside.
  • (1966) The NHL announces that the Penguins will join the league as it doubles in size for the 1967-68 season.[192]
  • (1971) Satchel Paige is elected to the baseball hall of fame.
  • (1972) After poor Civic Arena attendance the Condors play a home game at Uniontown but attract only 1,750.
  • (1973) Cass Elliott hosts the world premier of her Don't Call Me Mama Anymore at the Holiday House.[193]
  • (1976) Oscar Charleston is elected to the baseball hall of fame.
  • (1983) Another industrial giant in the region feels the effects of deindustrialization, Mesta Machinery files bankruptcy along with layoffs and salary cuts.
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
  • February 10

  • (1832) Waters flood to 38.2' causing damage downtown.
  • (1881) Before dawn an ice gorge sweeps away several barges on the Monongahela as well as destroying several dock facilities, the river crests at 28 feet and the ice gorge threatens dams near downtown.
  • (1933) A Castle Shannon miner is arrested for attempting to poison a fellow miner by placing brass shavings in his sandwich.
  • (1937) NLRB v J&L begins arguments.
  • (1967) After accepting the city for the 1st NHL expansion franchise, the ownership group formally begins the naming contest, citing the "Penguins" as the preferred choice.
  • (1973) [197]
  • (1975) Judy Johnson is elected to the hall of fame.
  • (1979) The Panthers win at #3 17-1 Duke by a last second Sam Clancy intercepted basket.
  • (1984) Kroger sells its 45 area supermarkets, firing all 2,845 striking workers.
  • (1988) 16,798 largest basketball crowd in city history to see #11 Syracuse upset the #5 Panthers in a Civic Arena 5 basket win.
  • (1990) Penguins star Rob Brown scores his 6th hat trick his 2nd & the teams 8th of the season v LA at the Igloo.
  • (1996) [198] CMU's Deep Blue [199]
  • (2000) ? [200]
  • (2001) The Igloo crowd applauds as Alexei Kovalev records a 2nd hat-trick in as many games, this time a 5-4 OT win for the Penguins.
  • (2005) PNC buys Rigs.
  • (2007) Penguins star Jordan Staal scores a hat trick in Toronto.
  • (2010) Mia Farrow speaks at a visit to Heinz Hall.
  • (2011) Penguins coach Dan Bylsma notches his 100th win, the 5th fastest in history, with a win v LA at CONSOL.
  • (2014) [201] national news
  • (2015) Monessen board meeting [202] and SI [203]

  • (1944) USS LST 1088 is launched at Ambridge.
  • (1947) The VA announces a 1,248 room, $133 millionia skyscraper hospital near Pitt Stadium.
  • (1952) The nation's last 2 undefeated teams, the Dukes & St. Bonaventure meet in the 1st TV basketball game to originate from the city, the Dukes 1st TV game & the 1st battle of top 10 teams on television.
  • (1986) US Steel buys Texas Oil Corporation for $6.58 billionia.
  • (2000) At the Igloo v Edmonton, Penguins star Martin Straka ties the NHL record for the 2 fastest goals (7 seconds).
  • (2001) Hundreds gather on the Allegheny & Ohio shores as 31 year old Three Rivers is imploded.
  • (2007) Nancy Wilson wins her 2nd Grammy in 3 years with Turned to Blue recorded entirely at the Manchester's Guild.
  • (2010) First Energy buys Allegheny Energy for $9.34 billionia.
  • (2011) In a melee that garners world debate the Penguins have a bench clearing brawl with the Isles.
  • (2013) Seegrid is named as one of the top 10 world robotics companies.
  • (2013) BNY Mellon loses a $204 millionia tax case.
  • (2013) Gov. Corbett announces grants totaling $27 millionia for Calgon's 65,0002' UV Tech center, a UPMC/Penguins center, a retail/hotel development, a 52 acre office park, an engineering center, The Gardens at Market Square, a 28 acre redevelopment of the Civic Arena, improvements to Bakery Square, the History Center, the 7 floor Schenley Place, & a Duquesne Heights tech center.
  • (2014) Uber launches.[204]
  • (2015) Murphy Washington Post[205] Pitt fades after leading Louisville but shuts down all 3s for the first time in 23 years from the Cardinals.

Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
  • (1985) Penguins star Mario Lemieux is the 1st & still only rookie named the MVP of the All-Star Game after scoring 2 goals & an assist in Calgary.
  • (1986) [207] Pickens CMU
  • (1997) The Panthers stun #18 Villanova 95-89 rallying back down 7 with minutes to go at Fitzgerald. Vonteego Cummings scores 26 as Jason Maile scores 40 & sets a school-record with 8 threes, hitting all 8 of his shots in the 2nd, including 6 threes.
  • (2002) The Convention Center--closed for a redesign-- has a girder fail, killing a construction worker.[208]
  • (2004) The ICA is formed.
  • (2011) The Heinz History Center conducts 2 hour bus tours tracing Lincoln's route in the city, 150 years after his arrival, marking his birthday.
  • (2012) Nemacolin Resort's 15,0002' ski lodge is destroyed by fire.
  • (2013) TVNC names the market as the nation's most competitive, with a very discerning viewer base & all 3 affiliates having deep roots. "News teams do exceptionally good jobs, giving viewers three viable options, all backed by owners willing to invest." Concluding that: "If you want to push yourself to be the best broadcaster, then Pittsburgh is where you need to work."
  • (2013) The FBI & IRS serve subpoenas at Police Headquarters for Credit Union documents.
  • (2014) The #23 Panthers lose on a last second buzzer beater by #1 Syracuse at the Pete 58-56.
  • (2014) CMU & Yahoo $10 million.
  • (2014) AJ Burnett signs with Philadelphia after commenting on radio in October that he will stay in Pittsburgh.
  • (2014) [209]

  • February 13

  • (1868) Ft. Pitt Foundry incorporates.
  • (1890) The Northside branch of the Carnegie Library is completed.
  • (1923) Henry Ford visits to announce the establishment his Pittsburgh works.
  • (1932) PAGE 452 House LaGuardia drops impeachment charges against Mellon.[210]
  • (1949) The commonwealth purchases 13 acres from the PRR to establish Point State Park.
  • (1963) 11 days after a time out gaffe erases a last second Roman basket & allows WVU the win 68-67 at Fitzgerald, the Panthers win at WVU 69-68 after Brian Generalovich & Gale Catlett are both ejected.
  • (1964) Alcoa foundation incorporates.
  • (1968) Compunetix incorporates.
  • (1970) The Panthers rout Syracuse 127-108 at Fitzgerald for the programs all time high score as 3 players score more than 20 pts.
  • (1974) Cool Papa Bell is elected to the hall of fame.
  • (1982) A cougar named Tom-Tom on a Lincoln-Mercury display mauls a 9 year old boy at the convention center before being shot to death by police.
  • (1991) The Shriners get an offer of $18.1 millionia for the Syria Mosque.
  • (1996) Bell Atlantic is the 1st of the "baby bells" to announce interstate long distance service.[211]
  • (2005) Nancy Wilson's album RSVP recorded entirely at the Craftmen's Guild wins the Grammy.
  • (2005) Bill Cowher breaks the NFL record with 4 Pro Bowl wins--held by his predecessor Chuck Noll--as Steelers trainer Ariko Iso is the 1st female and asian to work a Pro Bowl in the latest NFL game in history.
  • (2007) Native & Pitt alumnus Beth Ostrosky is engaged to Howard Stern.
  • (2008) Sen. Specter meets with NFL Commissioner Goodell on the destroyed Patriots spygate tapes, again alleging that it cost the Steelers 2 AFC titles.
  • (2011) receives Einstein prize.
  • (2013) As news leaks of a Heinz deal worth $32.9 billionia with Warren Buffett, US Airways finalizes it's $11.3 billionia American Airlines merger after market close.
  • (2014) During the season's 2nd polar vortex, an oil freight train derails 15 cars on 1st Street in Vandergrift.
  • (2015) [212]
  • (2015) [213]

Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
Allegheny Observatory
  • February 16

  • (1861) Lincoln closes his visit, leaving by train to D.C.
  • (1903) US Steel completes $1.23 billionia buyout of Mellon's Union Steel.[226]
  • (1904) [227]
  • (1935) In what may be the longest basketball game in history, the clock stops in the 4th at Notre Dame as the Panthers use it to rally from 10 behind, scoring the game winner in the last second, prompting Irish coach George Keogan to grab the clock, throwing it across the court.
  • (1940) Pitt dedicates its $350,957ia Polish Nationality Room at the Cathedral of Learning.
  • (1947) The Hornets tie their 3rd franchise 0-0 game, all v Buffalo, the last 2 in the past month.
  • (1948) On the 1st day of a taxi strike an Owl Cabbie shoots a Yellow Cabbie downtown.
  • (1952) Pirates coach Honus Wagner retires after 55 years in baseball.
  • (1954) The Dukes are ranked #1 for the 1st time in both the AP & UPI polls.
  • (1974) The Panthers break a 47 year old school record for most consecutive wins with their 21st of the season.
  • (1977) Louis Mason Jr., the city's 1st African American Council President announces his resignation after 7 years.
  • (1977) [228]
  • (1978) [229]
  • (1983) Trade Rep. Brock visits US Steel.[230]
  • (1983) In the 2nd largest real estate buy in the region's history US Steel sells the new Mellon Center to a partnership.

1984 http://www3.gendisasters.com/pennsylvania/16630/barnesboro-pa-coal-mine-explosion-feb-1984[231]

  • (1984) Tony Dungy promoted to coordinator.[232]
  • (1984) [233]
  • (1988) Vocelli's Pizza incorporated.
  • (1989) RMU beats Wagner at the Jay Center to win its 4th regular season conference title.
  • (1995) Penguins star Luc Robitaille scores a 4 goal hat trick v Hartford at the Igloo.
  • (1996) The inbound Capitol Limited collides with a MARC Train near D.C., killing 11.
  • (1996) Wheaties introduces their Negro Leagues box featuring only Satchel Paige, Josh Gibson and Cool Papa Bell, all Pittsburgh stars.
  • (2001) [234]
  • (2006) Mellon passes on a merger with BlackRock (majority owned by PNC) while Merrill Lynch buys a majority of the firm months before news breaks that Mellon was in advanced talks to buy Merrill.
  • (2009) The #4 Panthers get their 1st win over a #1 team, 76-68 at UConn.

  • February 19

  • (1803) After nearly 100 years, the frontier era ends for the city as Congress recognizes the new state of Ohio.
  • (1866) Gen. Sweeny holds a convention in the city, approving an invasion of Canada.
  • (1875) With the area's coal & steel growth in its immature height, the Weather Bureau reports that the city was dark until after 11 AM, with streetlights burning for illumination.
  • (1902) D.L. Clark incorporates.
  • (1949) [241]
  • (1955) [242]
  • (1959) Pittsburgh Police arrest 13 in a raid on numbers boss and mob leader Tony Grosso's office. It wouldn't be until 1986 that the "boss" would be incarcerated for his mob leadership that at its height was 5,000 strong and earning $245 millionia.
  • (1968) Mister Rogers' Neighborhood premieres nationwide after 3 seasons on the CBC & 1 season in the Northeast.
  • (1976) At the Igloo v Toronto, Penguins star Jean Pronovost scores his 3rd hat trick
  • (1977) At Toronto, Penguins star Pierre Larouche scores his 4th hat trick.
  • (1983) Clyde Vaughan scores a game-high 22 points as the Panthers rally with 4 minutes left over Patrick Ewing's #14 Georgetown at Fitzgerald.
  • (1988) [243]
  • (1992) The Penguins trade Paul Coffey to LA as they acquire Tochett & Wreggett for Rechhi to Philadelphia.
  • (1995) Luc Robitaille scores his 400th & 401st career goals in a 3-3 tie v Buffalo at the Igloo.
  • (2004) [244]
  • (2007) Penguins star Ryan Malone scores a hat trick at the Islanders.
  • (2010) The last Texas-deck stern-wheeler, the Showboat Becky Thatcher, sinks in a vicious winter storm while docked at her home port of Neville Island.
  • (2011) The 1st annual "Runnin out of our Mine" 5 k race is held in Wampum.
  • (2012) The Yankees trade AJ Burnett to the Pirates.
  • (2013) FNB buys Parkview for $109 millionia.
  • (2014) 50 car pileup I-80 Clearfield County.


1984 http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=r-odAAAAIBAJ&sjid=6WEEAAAAIBAJ&pg=5906%2C3224045

  • February 22

  • (1788) Christian Linhart, Jr. homesteads 150 acres east of the city.
  • (1849) An ad in the Gazette announces the opening of the flagship Joseph Horne Company at 63 Market Street in downtown.
  • (1856) The 1st ever Republican national convention is gaveled in downtown for a 2 day meeting formally founding the national party.
  • (1890) An Adamsburg miner who salvages a stick of damp dynamite causes a massive explosion after he dries it in his oven, with "flying missiles" killing himself and 4 others near his home.
  • (1892) President Hayes visits to honor Washington's "loyal legion".
  • (1911) Awarded games [246]
  • (1944) The 3rd USS Pittsburgh is launched by the Navy for service in World War II.
  • (1950) In HUAC testimony FBI undercover agent Matt Cvetic, places the number of Communist party members in Western Pennsylvania at 550 and lists several city organizations as "fronts."
  • (1975) The Penguins win their record setting 20th straight home game at the Igloo.
  • (1977) Michael Baker Jr. & David Kurtzman die at 65 & respectively.
City Game trophy
  • (1978) At the height of the City Game rivalry Dukes coach John Cinicola complains to referees that Pitt's band is playing past the whistle, as he points to the band, Panthers coach Tim Grgurich leads them into yet another song while freshman Sam Clancy scores 20 & grabs 20 rebounds for the win.
  • (1980) A judge rules that the Carnegie Institute may sell its $9.75 millionia collection of rare coins and stamps collected from donors since 1900.
  • (1980) President Carter hosts both the Steelers & the Pirates at the White House in honoring the champions, as the US Hockey team defeats the Soviets with Penguins stars Mark Johnson & Buzz Schneider playing as well as future Penguin Mike Ramsey & future coaches Craig Patrick & Herb Brooks in the box.
  • (1985) World press arrive to report on 8 year old Cherrie Mahan who earlier in the day disappeared in Winfield after getting off her school bus.
  • (1987) Native & CMU alum Andy Warhol dies, leaving instructions for the Warhol Museum to be built in his hometown.
  • (1989) I-279 opens along the North Shore easing connections to downtown & Three Rivers Stadium.
  • (1989) Allegheny Co. v ACLU is argued.
  • (2006) Federal investigators announce that Pitt researcher Gerald Schatten used faulty research from his Korean counterpart in wrongly securing a $19.4 millionia grant 6 months prior, a charge he is fully exonerated of.
  • (2013) The county receives a gift of $513,625ia & 78 acres to form Montour Run Park.
  • (2014) PSO closes a weeklong visit to Iran.
  • (2015) CMU's Big Hero 6 wins Best Animated Movie.[247]

South African flag
  • (2011) FW DeClerk visits Pitt.
  • (2014) Chevron caps Dunkcard well.[251]
  • (2014) CMU robotics make world news.[252]

  • February 26

  • (1862) The 13-year-old PFw&C RR, which inaugurated the first train service west of the region, is fully absorbed by its parent, the PRR.
  • (1915) The $244 millionia Mellon Institute on the campus of CMU is dedicated.
  • (1948) The PRR announces a $47.5 millionia transit depot outside of downtown near Penn Station.
  • (1951) The Panthers close the Pitt Pavilion with a Backyard Brawl win after 27 seasons, 2 national titles (1928 and 1930), 3 national title contending teams (1928, '30 & '35) & 4 Eastern Conference title teams, as well as Pitt's 1941 Final Four team.
  • (1957) PennDOT places the $364 millionia Crosstown Blvd. project as part of the interstate system, which will eventually become I-579.
  • (1975) Penguins star Jean Pronovost scores a hat trick against v Washington at the Igloo.
  • (1980) Cyclops Steel announces it has purchased electronics chain Silo for $114 millionia.
  • (1982) After a high of 63 stores with 2,500 employees, 46 year old Thorofare announces it will sell its remaining 43 grocery stores to Fox Grocery/Foodland.
  • (1984) The Pittsburgh Maulers play their first USFL game, a loss at Oklahoma.
  • (1991) [265]
  • (1996) PittsburghPenguins.com goes online.
  • (1997) [266]
  • (1999) Ketchum wins the local ad award for its Pittsburgh Pirates promotions even though the team dropped the account.[267]
  • (2002) The Panthers clinch a division title with an OT win at Seton Hall.
  • (2002) James Baker Pitt[268]
Pakistani flag
  • (1943) USS LST-263 is launched at Ambridge.
  • (1948) Pie Traynor elected to the hall of fame as its 1st 3rd baseman.
  • (1980) Steelers Super Bowl MVP Terry Bradshaw holds a product launch press conference at the Hilton after filming a TV commercial for "Terry's Creamy Peanut Butter" with "Joyce".
  • (1982) RMU beats St. Francis at the Jay Center to win its first regular season conference title.
  • (1985) Rand McNally's places rated almanac names Pittsburgh its top city; it will be the first of two such honors.
  • (1991) The University of Pittsburgh announces $90.3 millionia for its main campus as Posvar [270]
  • (2004) Vice President Cheney visits an Arnold Palmer Airport rally.
  • (2006) Cum Posey is elected to the hall of fame as Pittsnogle [271]
  • (2008) Longtime Steelers broadcaster Myron Cope dies.
  • (2012) Film production center announced.
  • (2014) [272] CMU.
  • (2014) [273]
  • (2014) [274]
  • (2014) 11-15 Duqusne upsets at #10 St. Louis ending their school record 19 straight win streak.[275]
  • (2015) [276]

Air Force One
British flag
  • (1994)

British Prime Minister John Major becomes the twenty-fifth foreign leader to visit the city for a "summit" with President Clinton, on Mount Washington at the Tin Angel & the Duquesne Incline as well as at Station Square.

Air Force One
  • (2001) President Bush visits suburban Beaver.
  • (2014) The county sells its health department building for $4.9 million for the promise of a $30 million condo/hotel development.
  • (2015) 1st time ever co-AFC offensive players [278] Mo [279] Rand [280] as RMU Hockey sets a school record with its 22nd win of the season and wins its first ever regular season title with a win over Niagra in the season finale.[281][282]

  • February 29

  • (1784) Commissioners appointed to purchase last Indian lands.[283]
  • (1916) The International Indoor Skating Championship "races" are held in the city.
  • (1940) David O. Selnick's Gone With the Wind sweeps the Oscars, claiming 8, including Best Picture, with the 1st ever award for Best Cinematography and the 1st ever African American to win an Oscar.
  • (1956) The Wall Street Journal leads the story of President Eisenhower's decision to seek re-election by reporting it from the reactions at the Duquesne Club in downtown.
  • (1972) plaza al martino only way ill come back to new york is if i fly over it
  • (1984) The $69.5 billionia in revenue Gulf Oil Corporation shocks the local economy by formally soliciting bidders to buy the company after months of fighting off T. Boone Pickens, signaling that the city will most probably lose its largest corporate headquarters.
  • (1984) [284] as [285]
  • (1988) The Dukes play their last Civic Arena home game, a one basket loss to St. Bonaventure.
  • (1992) RMU wins its regular season conference title at Long Island.
  • (2004) Syracuse ends the Panthers' 40 game home win streak by a single basket, 34 games in a row to open the Pete, 3rd best in NCAA history.
  • (2008) Steelers announcer Myron Cope is laid to rest as great Buddy Dial dies at 71.
  • (2001) The Steelers all time receptions leader Hines Ward is released despite his desire to continue as a Steeler, Ward will announce his pro retirement at the UPMC Sports Works three weeks later.


  • March 1

  • (1759) Construction of Ft. Pitt starts under the command of Gen. Stanwix.
  • (1799) Sen. Ross becomes President pro tempore.
  • (1843) During his 3rd year, Walter Forward resigns as Treasury Secretary.
  • (1898) Beltzhoover is annexed.
  • (1902) A flood hits at 35.6".
  • (1902) German prince[286]
  • (1909) Forbes Field starts construction.
  • (1911) In its 34th year the Catholic College becomes Duquesne.
  • (1920) The Supreme Court declines to dissolve U.S. Steel for anti-trust monopolization.
  • (1921) The PRR moves Eastern Division HQ to the city.
  • (1935) The area experiences a slight earthquake.
  • (1943) The 1st 500 airman arrive at the Cathedral of Learning as 12 floors are requisitioned for them and 500-750 more service men.
  • (1947) The Hornets beat St. Louis, 14-4 at the Duquesne Gardens to set the record for the most goals scored in an AHL period with 9. as 6 score 2 each Hank Greenberg dons a Pirates uni for the 1st time.[287]
  • (1952) At midnight US Steel's top 100 execs drink a toast to the Carnegie Building, "steel headquarters" for 57 years. At 8 AM it is demolished for an expansion of Kaufmann's.
  • (1952) The $49 millionia Carlton House, the 1st new hotel in 25 years, opens.
  • (1961) The Dukes defeat #2 St. Bonaventure at Fitzgerald in OT 79-74 as classes are canceled the next day with most of the campus celebrating into the night.
  • (1967) US Steel Tower announced at "well above" $363 millionia expansion.
  • (1974) WRCT after 25 years of closed circuit broadcasting, transmits its 1st signal.
  • (1974) 3 year old II-VI incorporates its international division.
  • (1983) City government starts $4.15 millionia jobs programs for the unemployed.
  • (1990) The Colonials win their 2nd straight tournament championship, the 4th of 7, with a win at the Jay Center.
  • (1993) Bruster's Ice Cream incorporates after 4 years of operation.[288]
  • (1995) The Tribune-Review goes online.
  • (1998) A Saudi National with only a [289]
  • (2000) Ron Taylor shoots 5 & kills 3 in a Wilkinsburg anti-white spree.
  • (2000) The Mon-Fayette Expressway opens $198 millionia segments connecting US 40 to West Virginia.
  • (2005) Wholleys gifts 23 pound lobster to zoo.[290]
  • (2006) Pittsburgh International wins 1st in Airport Revenue News for a record 4th straight year for its retail & concession "AirMall".
  • (2008) RMU wins at Long Island for its regular season NEC title.
  • (2009) Fleetwood Mac starts their Unleashed Tour at the Mellon Arena, the 1st after Lindsey Buckingham rejoins.
  • (2012) A Franklin Park doctor is called by the Palm Beach County Sheriff's Office after his electronic gift package to Rush Limbaugh causes a bomb scare.
  • (2014) The NHL's 1st inter-conference Stadium Series drops puck with the Penguins losing at Chicago 1-5.
  • (2015) Pitt 1st time ever playing at Wake Forest, bad ref call at final minutes might cost NCAA tournment.

  • March 2

  • (1901) The Western District of Pennsylvania courts and Federal District Attorney splits off the easternmost counties to a newly formed Middle District to be based in Harrisburg.
  • (1938) [291] Irvin Works
  • (1947) St. Louis defeats the Hornets, 8–4, to end an AHL record 19-game unbeaten streak.
  • (1953) Gwilym Price is honored on the cover of Time.
  • (1969) City Hall is rocked by news that 2 outsiders, Pete Flaherty & now John Tabor, will run for mayor.
  • (1978) Interstate truckers stage a protest on I-70, halting traffic for several hours south of the city to draw attention to the need for road improvements.
  • (1978) The Civic Arena opens as host for the 3 day Eastern 8 Tournament, its first of five straight seasons hosting.
  • (1979) For the 2nd time in 2 years, the 70-year-old Sewickley Bridge closes for emergency repairs.
  • (1980) Islanders set an NHL record for most consecutive scoreless ties as they play the Penguins at the Igloo.
  • (1982) The Panthers beat WVU at the Civic Arena for their 2nd straight conference title and first 20-win season in 8 years.
  • (1982) Amtrak's Capitol Limited adds McKeesport station as a stop.
  • (1982) Weirton [292]
  • (1984) [293]
  • (1987) The new $34 millionia Clairton-Glassport Bridge opens, replacing the 60-year-old span.
  • (1988) The 4 day Remaking Cities Conference opens at the convention center.
  • (1989) Suburban Robert Morris University opens as host for its 2nd straight Northeast Conference basketball finals. (or was this 1990 also see March 3)
  • (1993) [294]
  • (1993) Global media descend on the city as defending champion Christopher Bowman is treated at Mercy Hospital in the early morning after Pittsburgh Police report he was assaulted at a Hill District motel.
  • (1994) Swanson changes its name to Ansys.(Corporate lookup)
  • (1998) Native Henry Steele Commager, the world renowned prominent historian, dies at 95.
  • (2002) #10 Panthers team plays the last game at the 51-year-old Fitzgerald, in a Backyard Brawl win in which 11 Panthers score and Julis Page gets 23. A pregame ceremony features all living lettermen.
  • (2007) Anti-war protest at Robotics Center.
  • (2009) [295]
  • (2013) RMU finishes its season as regular season conference champions with a win at Central Connecticut.
  • (2014) Porky Chedwick dies at 96.
  • (2015) [296]

  • March 4

  • (1681) The word "Pennsylvania" is 1st used as the King signs the charter for Sylvania applied for by William Penn, King James II amends it to read Pennsylvania.
  • (1825) For the 3rd time Albert Gallatin is offered the Treasury Secretary position-he declines.
  • (1841) Thomas Ewing becomes Treasury Secretary.
  • (1861) All papers hurridly publish extras with the Gazette: "There is no bravado, no irritating threats ... yet no language could more distinctly & emphatically declare his purpose, faithfully to execute the laws and maintain the Union in its integrity ..."
  • (1869) The Pittsburgh Legal Journal begins publication, one of the 1st dozen in the world & the 1st west of the Atlantic Plain.
  • (1869) James G. Blaine starts his 7-year tenure as Speaker of the House.
  • (1921) The 1st broadcast of a presidential inauguration is on-the-air from KDKA, along with Andrew Mellon appointed Treasury Secretary.
  • (1923) Native industrialist Alexander Moore is appointed Ambassador to Spain.
  • (1934) [302]
British flag

1984 $13.2 billion (see oct 24) http://news.google.com/newspapers?id=nJEcAAAAIBAJ&sjid=5mEEAAAAIBAJ&pg=5955%2C3246232

British flag
  • March 6

  • (1882) US Steel workers strike with violence at Homestead--its 1st labor unrest.
  • (1909) Philander Knox becomes Secretary of State.
  • (1933) After Mellon Bank remains open after Gov. Pinchots bank holiday, all banks are closed. [317]
  • (1946) The 1st of 2 massive fires at the historic Wabash Station at the Point breaks out, eventually dooming the landmark.
  • (1952) Koppers laysoff its Kobuta rubber plant for 3 months to recover from a from a fire.
  • (1968) Ron Guziak scores an all-time Dukes high of 50 in a win at St. Francis.
  • (1973) The Pirates face the first DH in MLB history during a spring training game v Minnesota.
  • (1974) Thousands attend DA Duggan's funeral in Shadyside.
  • (1981) [318]
  • (1982) Penguins star André St. Laurent scores a hat trick at Quebec as the Panthers beat West Virginia for the 5th straight (and last) Eastern 8 Conference Tournament hosted at the Civic Arena with Clyde Vaughan being named conference MVP.
  • (1985) Arky Vaughan is elected to the hall of fame.
  • (1986) RMU closes as 3 day host of the NEC tournament.
  • (1988) The Panthers clinch their 1st outright--2nd overall--Big East Season Title with an 86-85 win at Syracuse as Jerome Lane gets 29 & Charles Smith gets 25.
  • (1991) Duquesne University goes online at Duq.edu.
  • (1992) Penguins star Rick Tocchet scores a hat trick at San Jose.
  • (1996) Jim Bunning is elected to the hall of fame.
  • (2001) Bill Mazeroski is elected to the hall of fame.
  • (2003) Pitt breaks ground on the $247 millionia Biomedical Center III tower.
  • (2004) With a 59-45 win over Villanova at the Pete the Panthers capture their 3rd straight regular season Big East title, 9th overall & 5th in the Big East.
  • (2007) At Ottawa, Penguins star Jordan Staal scores his 7th shorthanded goal of the season to set a new all time NHL record.
  • (2012) Maglev Inc. is auctioned off.
  • (2014) Standard Bank CEO Tim Zimmerman is re-elected secretary of the ICBA.
  • (2015) [319] met the standards for LEED platinum certification. LEED stands for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.The center is the first and only building to receive a four-star Sustainable Sites Initiative certification for a landscape project. The center is also the first and only WELL Building platinum project.“Of the four, the living building challenge is the most stringent so it’s probably the most impressive

  • March 7

  • (1786) James Myers homesteads 295 acres.
  • (1881) Sen. Blaine is appointed Secretary of State for the 1st of 2 tenures.
  • (1901) Pandamonium hits City Hall as the state enacts the "ripper" bill ousting Mayor Diehl & appointing unelected "Recorder" Brown.
  • (1910) Westmoreland Coal strikers vote to unionize.
  • (1916) A Connellsville rail yard "vat roof" collapses, drowning 4 B&O workers in boiling water & injuring several others.
  • (1918) The $18.4 millionia Warner Theater has its grand opening, built on the site of the city's original Opera House it will be deemed a historic landmark.
  • (1931) Mellon System incorporates.[320]
Great Britain flag
Air Force One
  • (2005) President Bush & the First Lady visit CACC's main Northside campus.
  • (2010) The Colonials beat Mt. St. Marys at Sewall to qualify for their 9th conference tournament title game.
  • (2012) The 'Le Magnifect' statute of Mario Lemieux is unveiled outside CONSOL.
  • (2014) $25 million multi-year commitment to support youth athletic programs including donations to local sports teams and the launch of the DICK'S Foundation's "Sports Matter" initiative.
  • (2014) [326]
  • (2014) 1 of 3 missing Americans Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 Mei Ling Chng, of South Park a process engineer at the Monongahela location of Flexsys America.
  • (2015) RMU qualifies for its 13th title game with a 66-53 win v Bryant at Sewall Center.
  • (2015) [327]

Credit:Richard Huppertz
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
Pitt 1928 National Championship team
Credit:Pens Through My Lens
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
Soviet flag
Mexican flag
Soviet flag
Mexican flag
Credit:Pens Through My Lens
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
Palumbo Center
1st Ferris Wheel
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune


Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
  • (1992) At Detroit, Penguins star Mario Lemieux scores his 1,000th point--the 2nd fastest to ever reach the milestone.
  • (2000) RAND announces that the city will be the site of its new eastern home beating out Miami & Minneapolis among others, staffing 200 at its CMU offices.
  • (2006) Downtown makes world news & late night comedy as police shutdown streets & evacuate over what turns out to be a maintenance man shooting pigeons with a BB gun.
  • (2010) Dr. Mike Emrick, who started his broadcast career in the city, announces his historic 3,000th game, a national telecast of his hometown Penguins at Detroit.
  • (2012) The Cathedral of Learning is evacuated for the 3rd time in 2 weeks because of a bomb threat.
  • (2014) Cody Wydo gets a hat trick to help the Colonials beat Canisus 7-4 in their 3rd conference title game in 8 seasons, to qualify for their 1st Frozen Four.
  • (2014) [413]
  • (2015) [414]

Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
  • March 27

  • (1900) workers strike Alcoa's New Kensington facility.
  • (1916) The William Penn Highway is announced.
  • (1928) The Liberty Bridge is dedicated and opened to the public.
  • (1937) The Hornets post their 1st playoff win, 4-1 v Syracuse in their 2nd playoff game.
  • (1946) Joe Kulkay.[453]
  • (1954) Laurence Short of the ALP closes his 10 day city visit.
  • (1968) With their 3rd straight win v the Indiana Pacers the Pipers claim the city's 1st pro-basketball playoff series as the Penguins win at Oakland 7-4 with 2 games over 4 days to go in the season but learn they will lose the final playoff spot to Minnesota, even tho Minnesota goes winless and the Penguins win out.
  • (1968) W. Homestead's justice of the peace has his house bombed for a 3rd time.
  • (1974) At Minnesota, Penguins star Lowell MacDonald scores his 3rd hat trick.
  • (1975) Pirates release Steve Blass.
  • (1980) The $325 millionia One Mellon Center is announced.
  • (1982) Pitt gymnast Lisa Shirk wins the NCAA gymnastics uneven bar National Title.
French flag
Carnegie Library
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
  • March 31

  • (1836) The Monongahela Navigation Company is chartered to construct locks & dams.
  • (1903) A Braddock steel mill furnace explodes, killing 8.
Daylight Savings Time
Yugoslav Nationality Room
Credit:Richard Huppertz
  • (1992) Westinghouse's WE.com goes online.
  • (1993) Sears closes its 65 year old East Liberty store, one of the chains original locations laying off 190 by March 31, as part of closing 150 stores & ending its catalog.
  • (2001) PNC Park hosts its 1st game & 1st sellout as the Pirates play the Mets in an exhibition.
  • (2002) After 2 weeks of Operation Shutdown Derek Bell is officially released by the Pirates and retires from baseball.
  • (2003) The Pirates win 10-1 behind homers from Reggie Sanders, Kenny Lofton & Jason Kendall, all banged in a 6 run 2nd to win the 1st MLB game at Great American Ballpark.
  • (2008) The Pirates win at Atlanta, 12-11 in 12 with 17 hits. Damaso Marte & Matt Capps blow a 9-4 9th inning lead, capped by a fly ball dropping between Jason Bay & Nate McLouth with 2 outs to tie the score. Pittsburgh reclaimed the lead in the top of the 12th on Xavier Nady 3-run homer, but Atlanta almost tied it again with 2 runs before Franquelis Osario nailed down the save.
  • (2012) The last panels are removed in the demolition of the 51 year old Igloo.
  • (2014) Tim Kurkjian tweets: "I just walked over the Roberto Clemente Bridge into PNC Park on Opening Day. Seriously, who is the luckiest man on earth?" first instant replay overturn [476]
  • (2014) [477] as [478]
  • (2015) [479]
  • (2015) [480][481] Initial year.
  • (2015) Investopedia messes up [482]
  • (2015) [483]


  • April 1

  • (1811) In a power struggle Albert Gallatin threatens to resign as Treasury Secretary, instead President Madison fires his outspoken critic Robert Smith and replaces him with the president in waiting James Monroe.
  • (1835) The 17 year old National Road is transferred to the Commonwealth.
  • (1881) Carnegie Steel reincorporates with that name.[484]
  • (1901) US Steel announces from its Carnegie Building headquarters on Fifth Ave., the formation of the world's 1st billion-dollar corporation, capitalized at $1.42 billion ($40.25 billion today).
  • (1903) The Pittsburgh Stock Exchange purchases the ornate structure at 229 4th Avenue for $8.18 millionia and prepares to move from rented quarters in a bank building at Smithfield & 4th.
  • (1910) The 25-floor, $91.9 millionia Oliver Building opens.
  • (1928) The Pirates release Joe Cronin.
WQED's original home
  • (1954) WQED, begins broadcasting as the nation's 1st community-sponsored station & the city's 5th.
  • (1956) TWA 400 from Pittsburgh International crashes minutes after takeoff, killing 22.
  • (1957) The Pirates play Kansas City to a 0-0 tie after calling the game before the 19th inning.
  • (1968) PPG changes name.[485]
  • (1969) Pittsburgh International announces $20.3 millionia in upgrades to its French Cafe, Aloha Bar, Cafeteria, Kilti Bar, Fountain Room & Horizon Restaurant along with 100 new hotel rooms & refurbished lobby.
  • (1972) MLB's 1st strike is called, lasting 14 days.
  • (1979) The Pirate Parrot debuts in a Three Rivers "hatching".
  • (1980) [486]
  • (1984) In the season finale 1-2 loss to Isles at Igloo Mike Bullard comes in 7th for Rocket Richard with 51 (5 away from 2nd to Gretzky's 87) as Gary Rissling comes in 3rd for penalty minutes.
  • (1985) After a contentious merger/buyout by Chevron facilitated by T. Boone Pickens, locally based Gulf Oil announces the gift of Gulf Labs to Pitt.
  • (1987) The Pirates trade Tony Pena to St. Louis for Andy Van Slyke, Mike LaValliere & Mike Dunne, the core would qualify for 3 straight NLCS' in the 1990s while Van Slyke thought it an April Fool's Day joke, Pena cried at his last Pittsburgh press conference.[487] p17
  • (1993) Penguins star Rick Tocchet scores a hat trick v Hartford at the Igloo, the teams 7th of the season.
  • (1996) CMU's Lycos goes public at $16/share before reaching $29.25 before the close ($24.76 & $45.27 today).
Phipps Conservatory
General Ridgway
  • (1945) Gen. Ridgway is honored on the cover of Time.
  • (1949) Pittsburgh Police respond to a riot after 250 communist party members are provoked by an angry Northside crowd.
  • (1950) The Carnegie opens its model display of the CLO's proposed "umbrella dome".
  • (1963) A panel of scientists & engineers announced that the city was ready for a complete rapid transit system & had a "golden opportunity for new industrial growth in the area."
  • (1970) Zoo president Edward Magee addresses a William Penn conference along with Rani the 8 month old elephant, 2 lambs, a snapping turtle, donkey, llama & eagle.
  • (1972) Season finale 6-2 win v St. Louis at the Igloo, Bryan Watson runs away with the penalty minutes crowd 11 ahead of Keith Magnuson.
  • (1976) [494][495]
  • (1985) [496]
  • (1987) Mellon Financial announces its 1st ever quarterly loss & dividend reduction after huge losses in American oil & Brazil loans.
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
Polish flag
  • (1917) Jan Paderewski is the city's 4th foreign visitor.
  • (1922) [501]
  • (1923) The Opera first establishes itself as the Pittsburgh Opera House Company before becoming a society 15 years later.[502]
  • (1935) [503]
  • (1947) Repairs to Stephen Fosters home is requested of Council.
  • (1951) PRR's Freight Terminal & Warehouse is dedicated with Mayor Lawrence in attendance.
  • (1960) A partial meltdown at a Westinghouse nuclear reactor in Sewickley Township.
  • (1962) The PUC charters Mid Mon Valley Transit Authority.
  • (1970) WQED-TV dedicated its new building at 4802 5th Avenue in Oakland. The new building was constructed on land leased at $1 per year from CMU.
  • (1973) [504]
  • (1977) Ron Shock [505]
  • (1978) The 1st Volkswagen rolls off at VW Westmoreland, the 1st foreign owned plant in the U.S.
  • (1985) It's reported that Sunbeam gifts $227,002ia to the Opera, with a pledge to raise $908,008ia more in the next 2 seasons.
  • (1988) The Penguins win 4-2 v Hartford at the Igloo but miss the playoffs by 1 win as 6 teams make the playoffs with less points and New Jersey qualifies with 1 point more as Mario Lemiuex wins his first Art Ross with the most goals and points of the season and 2nd only to Gretkzy in assists.
  • (1989) Police respond as more than 500 Grateful Dead fans riot after a Civic Arena concert, making national news and featured by MTV News. The band would later release the Grateful Dead Download Series Volume 9 a complete recording of the 2 day concert.
Credit: Alaney2k
  • (1993) With a 5-3 win at Quebec, the Penguins secure their 1st President's Trophy.
  • (1994) A Wheeling 17 year old is hospitalized after being gang raped by as many as 9 men in Boydsville, Ohio.
  • (1995) Mt. Washington's ALCOA sign becomes the Bayer sign.
  • (1996) [506]
  • (2001) [507]
  • (2003) Pirates complete a season opening 3 game sweep of Cincinnati at The Great American Ballpark with a 7-5 win. Reggie Sanders went deep twice, goes 4-for-5 with 5 RBIs. Sanders went 7-for-10 in the series, their 1st 3-0 start to a season in 10 years.
  • (2006) The Panther's 1st Heisman candidate and a national champion & Rose Bowl winner, Marshall Goldberg dies at 88.
  • (2011)
  • (2014) [508]
  • (2014) First ever Metro Division title 4-2 at Winnipeg as Pirates finish a 5:55 minute 16 inning game at PNC Park in the early morning hours v Chicago.[509]
  • (2014) [510]

  • April 4

  • (1894) Hundreds of unemployed, known as Coxey's Army, march through the city en route to Washington to protest the Panic of 1893.
  • (1899) The Duquesne Brewing Company is founded in the city.
  • (1900) Alcoa agrees to a 12% pay raise & reduced Sunday hours for New Kensignton workers as the week long strike ends.
  • (1921) The PRR has a conference with 3 unions in the city.
  • (1942) KDKA FM WTLJ city's 2nd FM station.
  • (1953) WYTV
  • (1956) [511]
  • (1972) Cyclops Steel diversifies into home improvement, buying the Busy Beaver chain, which it will retain until being merged in 1987.
  • (1976) [512]
  • (1976) Season finale 6-5 win at Detroit Penguins Pierre Laroche and Jean Provonost finish 8 and 9 goals behind (3rd & 4th) Reggie Leech for Rocket Richard as Laroche finishes just 14 points behind Guy LeFluer for Art Ross, 8 behind 2nd place Bobby Clarke, with Syl Apps finishing 6th in assists 10th in points and Provonost 8th in points.
  • (1979) The Westmoreland Volkswagen Plant, the 1st foreign plant in the U.S., announces that 3,500 will be laid off due to the economy and oil embargo.
  • (1980) First Lady Carter visits suburban Latrobe & Jeannette, where she takes a factory tour of employee-owned Jeanette Sheet Glass Company.
  • (1982) Season finale 7-2 win v Isles at Igloo Paul Baxter runs away with Penalty Minutes 68 ahead of Tiger Williams.
  • (1987) Mayor Caliguiri seeks funding for a major expansion of the 6-year-old convention center, increasing its exhibit space by 50% & doubling its meeting space; the proposal will wait another decade before groundbreaking.
  • (1987) The Penguins beat Detroit 4-3 in OT at the Igloo for the season finale but learn they will miss the playoffs due to tiebreakers with equal point holder Quebec as 4 teams with equal or lesser point totals qualify as Mario Lemuiex finishes with 107 points, more than any other NHL player not in Edmonton and within 1 point of everyone except Gretzky.
John Heinz.jpg
  • (1991) The world mourns as popular long time U.S. Senator H. John Heinz III dies in a plane crash outside of Philadelphia.
  • (2000) Christina Aguilera sings the national anthem as 54,399 attend the last home opener for Three Rivers as Jason Schmidt loses to Houston 5-2.
  • (2004) Penguins finish as the worst team in the NHL with a 4-3 win at Washington which beats them by 1 point for the worst record.
  • (2007) The Pirates sweep an opening season 3 game set for the 1st time since 1991, winning 5-4 at Houston behind Tom Gorzelanny with Jose Bautista getting 3 hits & 3 RBIs.
Shooting victim memorial in Oakland
  • April 5

  • (1754) de Contrecœur relieves Saint-Pierre during the same period leading 500 men south from Fort Venango bound for the forks, Contrecœur generously allowed Trent's small company to withdraw.
  • (1832) Pennsylvania's 1st orphanage is chartered in the city.
  • (1837) Street gas lamps 1st light the city.
  • (1897) A PRR bridge over the Ohio River collapses on the Northside plummeting a 13 car coal and iron train 50' below onto McClure Avenue, killing both engineer and fireman.
  • (1901) Philander Knox becomes U.S. Attorney General.
  • (1916) The city makes national news as auto dealerships lead a boycott of Standard Oil's predatory pricing.
  • (1924) The Yellowjackets win their 1st of 2 straight championships at the Duquesne Gardens behind Stanley Cup-winning coach Dick Carroll, and hall of famers Lionel Conacher & Roy Worters.
  • (1964) The Igloo hosts its 1st playoff game, a Hornets loss to Quebec.
  • (1966) The CCAC announces its 1st president and the site of its main campus—monument hill on the Northside.
  • (1966) The New York Stock Exchange responds to the RIDC's invitation to relocate to Pittsburgh, promising that the city is under consideration.
  • (1968) Police respond to looting and arson reports a day after the Martin Luther King Jr. assassination.
  • (1970) Season finale 1-5 loss Minnesota at the Igloo Bryan Watson finishes 3rd in penalty minutes 24 behind Keith Magnuson.
  • (1975) The Pirates trade for Bill Robinson.
  • (1976) [513]
  • (1978) Eddie DeBartolo becomes the majority owner of the Penguins, having purchased ⅓ of the franchise the year before.
  • (1981) In season finale 5-4 win at Hartford Rick Kehoe finishes 13 from Mike Bossey for Rocket Richard with 55, and 3 goals from 2nd place Marcel Dionne & 7th in assists.
  • (1984) The nation tunes into the Democratic Party primary debate live from the Convention Center, as Vice President Mondale visits a reception later that night at the William Penn.
  • (1988) Henry Kissinger Sheraton Station Square Pitt Ambassadors Scholarship Program.
  • (1990) The first of 2 abuductions in 2 days hit the CMU campus.
  • (1995) Myron Cope signs off for the last time on his WTAE show; he continues as the color commentator for the Steelers.
  • (2003) Penguins lose at Washington in the season finale 3-5 way out of the playoffs but with Lemuiex missing the assists race by 13 to finish 3rd and the Art Ross by 15 to finish 8th (but within 2 points of finishing in the top 6, 7 points within the top 4 and 10 in the top 3.
  • (2005) Meadowcroft Rockshelter is designated a National Historic Landmark.
  • (2006) Govs. Rendell & Vilsack visit the state AFL-CIO convention.
  • (2007) Arnold Palmer starts 8 straight years of teeing off the cermenoial first at the masters.
  • (2012) The Penguins record their 250th straight sellout as they battle the Rangers at CONSOL for the Presidents' Trophy. as Pirates ace Erik Bedard loses a classic opening day pitching duel to Roy Halladay 1-0 at PNC Park.

  • April 6

  • (1818) The city's 1st bank robbers take $1.48 millionia in notes & a $44,293.75ia 1790 Congressional gold medal presented to the Farmers & Mechanics bank clerks' grandfather Gen. Morgan.
  • (1845) The Church of Christ has its founding conference in the city.
  • (1864) The city headquartered command of the Dept. of the Monongahela is disbanded.
Army Medal of Honor.jpg
Robert Peary by Hampton, 1909.jpg
  • (1909) World press announce that Adm. Peary is the 1st to reach the North Pole.
  • (1914) A "desperate battle between Home Rulers & anti-Home Rulers" in Woods Run tonight, "Patsy" Brannigan, a well-known boxer, was badly beaten with his brother, & 4 others arrested. The Brannigan brothers, who are ardent Home Rulers. When several Ulster sympathizers took issue ... soon all the residents in the immediate neighborhood became involved.
  • (1920) The 1st US Hockey team leaves its founding site of Duquesne Gardens for the 1920 Olympics.
  • (1942) 300,000 turn out to honor 35,000 "Army Day" downtown parade marchers.
  • (1948) Armstrong County hospital incorporates.
  • (1958) Arnold Palmer wins his 1st Masters.
  • (1960) US Steel founds its Communications Company.
  • (1971)
  • (1973) 51‚695 fill Three Rivers Stadium as Roberto Clemente's number is retired as the Pittsburgh Pirates beat St. Louis‚ 7-5‚ with a 5 run rally with 2 outs in the 8th a Richie Hebner double & Gene Clines triple.
  • (1975) Season finale at Washington 4-8 loss as Jean Pronovost finishes 8th for Rocket Richard 18 behind Phil Esposito but only 10 behind 2nd place Guy LaFluer, as Ron Schock finishes 8th in assists, 26 behind Bobby Orr & Bobby Clarke but 19 behind 3rd place Pete Maholvich.
  • (1982) The Pirates home opener is cancelled due to blizzard conditions.
  • (1983) Mellon completes its $538 millionia purchase of Girard, becoming the nation's 12th largest.
  • (1983) President Reagan visits for a Hilton speech & a jobseekers meeting on the Northside.
  • (1983) The Pittsburgh Technology Council is founded.
  • (1984) VP Mondale, Rev. Jackson & other Democrats continue their visit for the 2nd day of a nationally televised primary debate at the Convention Center.
  • (1986) After a 5 game losing streak the Penguins beat the Rangers 5-4 in OT at the Igloo for the season finale but learn they won't qualify for the playoffs coming 1 win short as 3 teams in the Clarence qualify with lesser point totals as Lemieux finishes 2nd to Gretzky in assists and points and 7th in goals with 3 of the top 6 being in Edmonton.
  • (1988) Bobby Bonilla homers from both sides for the 2nd time in his career in a 6-5 loss at Philadelphia.
  • (1989) Coming off their 1st winning season in the previous 5 the Pirates lose 34 saves ace Jim Gott to an elbow injury today, Andy Van Slyke & Sid Bream 2 days later & Mike LaValliere in the next 10 days, all v Montreal.
British flag
La Casa Blanca.JPG
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
Evgeni Malkin Credit:Michael Miller
  • (2007) Evgeni Malkin matches Mario Lemieux as the only rookies to lead Penguins scoring with his 85th point to become the NHL's 1st rookie Ross Trophy winner as the team is the 1st since 1960 Chicago to boast both Ross & Rookie scoring champs as the Penguins win season finale v Rangers 2-1 at the Igloo as Crosby wins his 1st Art Ross by 6 points over Thornton.
  • (2007) Justice Alito & Judges Scirica & Rendell visit Duquesne Law School for a nationally televised ceremony.
  • (2008) At PNC Park v Chicago, the Pirates go 12 in Frank Coonelly & Neal Huntington's 1st game, rallying down 7 lost after being set to win it in 9 when Jose Bautista hits a safety squeeze with Brian Bixler at 3rd but Bixler loses his nerve & retreats back to the bag.
  • (2012) In the season finale 4-2 win v Philadelphia at Consol Malkin runs away with the Art Ross 12 ahead of Stamkos but behind him by 10 for the Rocket Richard as James Neal is behind by 20 goals and 28 points for 4th (goals) & 7th (points) finishes.
  • (2015) Sen. Paul announces his run for President.
  • (2015) [520][521]

  • (1944) USS LST-740 is launched at Neville Island.
  • (1952) President Truman orders all steel mills seized to avoid strikes.
  • (1957) CMU begins a $226 millionia expansion.
  • (1968) The Pirates vote to not play today's season opener nor the next day's game to show respect for MLK due to his assassination, all MLB ends up canceling today's games.
  • (1968) The 4 day National Convention opens at the Hilton.[522]
  • (1969) The Pirates go a NL opening-day record 14 innings beating St. Louis 6-2, tying their own 1958 record.
  • (1970) The city's 1st NHL playoff game since 1927 sees the Penguins win 2-1 at the Igloo v California.
  • (1980) Sen. Kennedy visits Cyclops Steel at Bridgeville accusing President Carter of abandoning steel tariffs.
  • (1988) The Eastern Trauma Forum convention is hosted by Station Square.
  • (1997)
  • (2001) At Houston, Pirates star Aramis Ramírez hits 3 homers in a 9-3 win. as the Penguins win their season finale at Carolina 6-4 with Jagr winning his __ Art Ross 3 ahead of Joe Sakic with Straka & Kovalev tied for 4th 26 behind, Jagr also wins the assists race 1 ahead of Straka and falls just 7 shy at 3rd of the Rocket Richard to Pavel Bure as Kovalev is 5th 15 behind.
  • (2002)
  • (2003) The Pirates unveil a sculpture of Hall of Famer Ralph Kiner at their home opener.
  • (2008) Dr. Wecht is free after charges of corruption ends with a mistrial.
RandyPausch Wiki 2.jpg
  • April 9

  • (1744) Cpt. Armstrong is killed in the battle of Jack's Narrows.
  • (1868) Rep. Williams closes arguments as one of the 7 managers in the Impeachment of Andrew Johnson.
  • (1872) Westinghouse Electric & Manufacturing incorporated.
  • (1920) The 21-year-old recently obsolete hockey & exhibition center Winter Garden is announced to be sold to the city for use as a auto pound.
  • (1955) [529]
  • (1962) Palmer wins his 3rd Masters.
  • (1967) The Carnegie Institute announces a major donation from the Scaife family in its expansion fund raiser.
  • (1978) The Penguins snap a 2 game losing streak with a 3-2 win at Cleveland but misses the playoffs, even as the 12th best team in the league as the Clarence sends Colorado with 9 less points and the Rangers with 5 more points to the playoffs as Jean Provonost finishes 10th in the Rocket Richard 20 goals short, but only 9 goals short of 3rd place behind only Guy Lafleur and Mike Bossy.
  • (1980) [530]
  • (1984) Koppers incorporates its Agri-Research division.
  • (1986) With the area suffering the collapse of the steel industry, National Steel announces area layoffs of 3,500.
  • (1990) Two New Castle, Pennsylvania men are arrigned at the Federal Courthouse with the 2 week old theft of 300,000 in Negro League memoriabla from Cool Papa Bell.
  • (1990) Pirates stars Andy Van Slyke & Bobby Bonilla homer as Doug Drabek gets the win in the 1st Mets home opener loss in 21 seasons & the 1st Doc Gooden losing record in 9 seasons.
  • (1991) The "West Virginia Derecho" hits with high gusts, causing millions in damage & several injuries.
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
  • (1993) Mario Lemieux scores his 3rd 5-goal game & Joe Mullen gets a hat trick as the Penguins set the record for the longest NHL win streak with their 16th straight, a 10–4 win v the Rangers the teams 8th & 9th hat tricks of the season.
  • (1999) Pirates ace Kris Benson beats Chicago as the 1st #1 pick to win his 1st NL game, the MLB's 1st in 25 seasons & 2nd overall.
  • (2000) In the season finale the Penguins lose at Boston 1-3 as Jagr secures his Art Ross 2 points ahead of Pavel Bure and finishes 3rd in assists 9 behind Mark Rechhi.
  • (2001) The Pirates open PNC Park with a loss to the Reds, as news that Hall of Famer & World Series MVP Willie Stargell has died.
  • (2007) UPMC announces it will move HQ operations to the US Steel Tower.
RandyPausch Wiki 2.jpg
  • April 10

    Great Fire of 1845
  • (1806) The Forks of the Ohio flood to 37.1'.
  • (1845) PNC Bank is founded with the opening of its books for subscription of stocks--tho most operations will postpone for 7 years after a 2nd & Ferry icehouse fire rages into the Great Fire of 1845 burning 20 blocks--a 3rd of the city--destroying 985 buildings, causing over $202 millionia in damage.[535]
  • (1871) The first B&O train arrives in the city.[536]
  • (1909)
  • (1924) Cal Rodgers, the 1st man to fly trans-continent & a city native, is announced as the namesake for the county's 1st airport.
  • (1928) World press report the city's US Courthouse uncovering KKK influence in the Niles, Ohio riots & infiltration in the Ohio county's police.
  • (1928) Council debates a bill to spend $101,825ia to win hosting rights to the National Balloon races.
  • (1938) The annual NFL Rules Conference meets in the city with George Halas presiding.
  • (2005) Pitt hosts a celebration of 50 years of Dr. Salk's polio vaccine.
  • (2006) National press spotlight the city as only 100 come out to protest for immigration reform.
  • (2006) Michael Keaton throws out the 1st pitch at the PNC Park opener v the Dodgers, commenting about ownership: "I fear they will take advantage of the good will of the people who continue to show up. For my money, that's disrespectful. At some point, you have to write the check.”
  • (2007) Romoff announces plans to UPMC US Steel tower.[540]
  • (2014) [541]
  • (2015) Scoring duel for the title Tavares Crosby at Consol as both Pedro Alvarez and Starling Marte hit homers in a 6-2 win at Milwaukee.
  • (2015) [542] carnegie
  • (2015) [543][544]

  • April 11

  • (1713) The Treaty of Utrecht removes French forces from Ontario & Erie shores.
  • (1907) 20,000 attend as Andrew Carnegie dedicates CMU with a $157 millionia gift.
  • (1912) “Pirates” is officially adopted for uniforms, displayed in capital letters down the jersey’s button lapel, replacing the old PBC (Pittsburgh Baseball Club) during a home opening loss to St. Louis.
  • (1921) The world's 1st sports broadcast--a 10 round boxing match--goes on the air from Motor Square Garden via KDKA.
  • (1925) At the Duquesne Gardens, the Yellowjackets repeat as champs behind Stanley Cup winning coach Dick Carroll & hall of famers Lionel Conacher & Roy Worters.
  • (1936) The Americans are granted a franchise.
  • (1938) Laszlo Bellak & 4 others appear at the Duquesne Gardens.
  • (1948) Jock Sutherland dies at 59.
  • (1955) [545] last annexation. (later date finalized?)
  • (1955) The Hornets return with the Calder Cup for a victory celebration at the Duquesne Gardens.[546]
  • (1958) [547]
  • (1961) Bill Virdon hits a 2 out, 9th inning, 3 run HR to right off Mike McCormick to give the Pirates an 8-7 win at San Francisco.
  • (1968) The 4 day National Convention closes at the Hilton.[548]
  • (1970) Penguins star Ken Schinkel scores the city's 1st NHL playoff hat trick in a 5-2 win at California.
  • (1975) The Pirates score 4 in the 9th to beat New York 4-3 at TRS. Richie Zisk (who had three hits) and Manny Sanguillen knocks tied the game; Richie Hebner’s one-out bloop into no-man’s land in left center was the walk-off hit.
  • (1976) At Philadelphia, Pirates star Doc Medich sees a fan suffering a heart attack jumps over the railing & gives CPR until paramedics arrive.
  • (1977) Council president Richard Caliguiri is sworn in as mayor at City Hall as Mayor Flaherty resigns to become Deputy USAG.
  • (1984) Hailed by national critics as "one of the most ambitious...urban developments since Rockefeller Center": the 6 tower, $489 millionia PPG Place is dedicated.
  • (1984) Dravo Corporation announces the closure of Neville shipyards.
  • (1986) Ed Debartolo announces he will fold the Spirit after 9 seasons at the Civic Arena.
  • (1988) Mr. Rogers throws out the 1st ball as the Pirates sellout Three Rivers for the 1st time with 54,089 watching Mike LaValliere hitting a bases loaded triple in the 8th for the win v Philadelphia.
  • (1989) the Bucs rallied twice from the brink of defeat to take a 4-3 win off the Mets. With Jose Lind on first with one gone in the ninth Bobby Bonilla singled to center off Mets reliever Randy Myers. Lind moved to third and scored on Glenn Wilson's sac fly. Lind singled to right field against Myers in the 11th with one away and stole second base. An out later, Bonilla came through again, singling Chico home for the win, credited to Jeff Robinson.
  • (1990) Sec. Kissinger visits.
  • (1992) The 27th annual & last Roundball Classic tips off at the Civic Arena.
  • (1993) The Pirates release Mike LaValliere.
  • (1994) Tom Barrasso shuts out Ottawa 4-0, as the Penguins win the 1st ever Northeast Division title in the season finale as Jaromir Jagr finishes 31 points behind Gretzky for the Art Ross.
  • (1996) Kennywood.com goes online.
  • (1996) UPMC takes over Beaver Valley Hospital.[549]
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
  • (1996) The Penguins record their 1,000th franchise win 5-3 at Ottawa with Mario Lemieux scoring a goal & assist, Petr Nedved with 3 assists & Tom Barrasso stopping 18.
  • (2005) Benito Santiago is released & retires after going 0-4 in a Pirates loss at Milwaukee.
  • (2007) Demolition begins for the new CONSOL Center.
  • (2008) Pittsburgh International agrees to loan its Alexander Calder to the Palazzo delle Esposizioni.
  • (2008) Sen. Obama's "cling to guns & religion" is released by the Huffington Post.
  • (2009) At the season finale 3-1 win at Montreal Malkin securs his Art Ross 3 ahead of Ovechkin and 10 ahead of Crosby as they finish 1-2 in assisting leaders.
  • (2010) At the season finale 6-5 OT win at the Isles Crosby securs his Rocket Richard tying Steven Stamkos and 1 ahead of Ovechkin with 51 goals, but finishes 3 shy of the Art Ross to Sedin tied with Ovechkin for 2nd.
  • (2013) ESPN 2 is live from CONSOL as Yale, St. Cloud, Quinnipiac & UMASS drop pucks for the Frozen Four.
  • (2014) The city's 2nd in a row, 3 day North American Prospect Expo East closes at the convention center.
  • (2014) [550]
  • (2015) Flower sets the franchise all time season record with his 10th shutout at Buffalo as Sutter scores 2 goals injured as the Penguins break a 5 game losing streak in the season finale to qualify for their 30th playoffs, tho Sidney Crosby is held pointless and loses the scoring title to John Tavares by 2 points.

  • April 12

  • (1816) Gallatin is offered the Treasury post for the third time (by Madison) but will decline it days later.[551]
  • (1861) Messengers "running hither & thither, keeping up communications with the various printing offices, the telegraph office, & other sources of correct information." as Ft. Sumter news shocks the city with dispatches read between plays at the Wood St. Theater. "At the close, a patriotic individual arose in the audience, exclaiming, 'I'm a Democrat! But three cheers for Maj. Anderson!"
  • (1867) The Monongahela Incline charters.
  • (1867) Bill Bullock dies during an operation after one of his own inventions crushes his leg.
  • (1873) The $2.99 millionia USS Marietta is sold out of the navy.
  • (1900) A 4 floor brick building at 2nd & Wood collapses burying several as rescue crews recover 3 dead & 6 injured.
  • (1927) Lloyd Waner makes his Pirate debut in left field for the Pittsburgh Pirates. His brother Paul, was in right field in the Bucs' 2–1 win at Cincinnati.
  • (1935) The Monongahela House, home to several Presidents & other dignitaries, as well as the founding convention of the Republican Party, closes for the last time.
  • (1937) The Pirates and White Sox played an exhibition game with a new “dead ball” the league was experimenting.
  • (1937) The landmark NLRB v. J&L Steel is decided.[552]
  • (1945) President Roosevelt dies as wives at the William Penn's ballroom burst into tears as buses & trolleys pause for a moment of silence & many businesses close.
Jonas Salk
Bo official portrait.jpg
  • (2009) Ambridge's Rader family receive a call from the White House that their dog's son Bo is the new "First Dog".
  • (2009) With runners on the move from 1st & 2nd, the Reds' Edwin Encarnacion's soft liner liner to Pirates' SS Jack Wilson was turned into a triple play (Wilson-Sanchez-LaRoche), the Bucs' 1st since 1993.
  • (2011) PittMoss incorporates.
  • (2014) [556]
  • (2015) [557] as the Pirates win at Milwaukee 10-2 on 3 run homers by both Andrew McCutchen and Neil Walker.

  • April 13

    Credit:Richard Huppertz
  • (1869) George Westinghouse receives his rail air brake patent.
  • (1904) The 11 floor beaux-arts domed $21 millionia Wabash Station opens at the Point.
  • (1916) Pirates ace Babe Adams pitches a 1 hitter at St. Louis.
  • (1934) Norvelt is dedicated as the 4th NIRA community.
  • (1935) The city's 2nd DAR chapter is founded.
  • (1935) Going for its 3rd national title in 7 seasons & coming off its 4th straight Eastern Conference Crown, the Panthers lose by just 2 baskets to LSU in the American Legion national title game in Atlantic City.
  • (1953) Perle Mesta retires after 4 years as Ambassador to Luxembourg.
  • (1954) Curt Roberts makes his MLB debut during the season opener at Forbes Field to became the Pirates 1st African American player in a 4-2 win v Philadelphia as he hits a triple, for the franchises' 11th straight home opener win & 1st season started at home in 61 years.
  • (1963) Pete Rose gets his 1st hit as the Pirates set a MLB record of 7 balks (with Bob Friend committing 4) in a loss at Cincinnati.
  • (1976) In a 14-4 win v St. Louis at TRS the Pirates get 13 hits & 12 walks. The Cobra homers & posts 5 RBIs as Al Oliver gets 3 hits & 3 RBIs and Manny Sanguillen had the only 3-walk game of his career and scores 3 times.
  • (1980) Ethel Kennedy visits with Michelle Madoff at Blarney Stone in Etna.
  • (1982) Pens lose to Isles after coming back to tie series 2-2.[558]
  • (1982) QUBE makes Pittsburgh the world's 1st with more than 80 channels & the world's 3rd wired city as Christopher Reeve visits & Mayor Caliguri goes interactive with 519 responding on the $106 millionia system.
  • (1982) [559]
  • (1984) Terry Hart lands the Challenger after an 8 day mission.
  • (1986) Among the world's 1st all-sports local channels & the city's 10th station, RootSports goes on the air with Mike Lange's 1st baseball announcing: a Pirates 8–0 win v the Cubs at Three Rivers.
  • (1991) Back-up goalie Frank Pietrangelo makes a diving grab for "the Save", salvaging a 4-3 Game 6 win & forcing a 1st round game 7 as the Penguins march to their 1st Stanley Cup.
  • (1992) Penguins resume play after the NHL strike.
  • (1995) CMU launches Lycos.
  • (1996) Carlos Garcia hits the 8,000th home run in Pirate history during the 4th inning in a 9-3 win v Montreal at TRS. Jeff King, Jay Bell and Mark Johnson all homer later in the game.
  • (1997) The season finale 3-7 loss at Boston Lemieux runs away with the Art Ross 13 ahead of Temmu Selanne and ties Gretzky for assists & finishes 3rd in goals in his grand farewell first retirement as Francis finishes 3rd in assists.
  • (2009) Zach Duke pitches a 4 hit, complete game 7-0 ShO v Houston at PNC Park in the home opener with Adam LaRoche getting 3 hits with a homer & Freddy Sanchez 3 doubles as both teams wear Pittsburgh Police hats in honor of the 3 officers slain April 4th with pre-game ceremonies honoring the officers, as well as former pitcher and current broadcaster Steve Blass for this 50th Pirate season as 4 Apache helicopters do the ceremonial flyover.
  • (2012) The Jordan Brown verdict is handed down.
  • (2013) ESPN globally televises the Frozen Four final from CONSOL as Yale wins its 1st title.
  • (2014) Penguins lose the season finale 2-3 to Ottawa at Consol as Crosby runs away with his Art Ross 17 points ahead of Ryan Getzlaf 15 goals from Ovechkin for the Rocket Richard and leading the league in assists.
  • (2015) Going into the home opener 2-4 the Pirates bats come alive as Josh Harrison, Corey Hart & Pedro Alvarez all homer as Gerritt Cole & Mark Melancon hold off a 9th inning Detroit rally (that sees J.D. Martínez homer) to win it 5-4.
  • (2015) [560]

William bullock inventor portrait.jpg
  • (1863) The world's 1st printing press to use a continuous web or roll of paper & 1st built especially for curved stereotype plates is patented by William Bullock.
  • (1920) The world's 1st modern baseball glove, named for native Bill Doak debuts as the Pirates win with the world's 1st foreign born MLB manager: George Gibson, 5–4 at St. Louis.
    KBRC antenna tower guy wires.JPG
  • (1925) WGN broadcasts its 1st game as Grover Alexander beat the Pirates on Opening Day, 8-2.
  • (1938) Using the same gold-plated shovel that started the grading of Grant's Hill, Mayor Scully breaks ground for the $16.4 millionia Buhl Planetarium.
  • (1941) A strike is averted when J&L & US Steel agree to a $1.68ia hourly increase for 240,000 steelers.
  • (1945) As FDR is buried most city shops close, with buses & trolleys pausing for moments of silence as the Trinity Cathedral holds a simultaneous funeral service & The Palm Beach Story's "Nothing is permanent, except for Roosevelt" continues to play on the Northside.
  • (1948) The rivers flood to 29'6".
  • (1968) Pirates ace Jim Bunning is the 1st since Cy Young to get 1,000 Ks in both leagues.
  • (1979) The Penguins & Buffalo combine to set the current NHL record of fastest 2 playoff goals at only 5 seconds.
  • (1980) VP Mondale visits a Washington Courthouse rally & makes world news in an attack on Sen. Kennedy.
  • (1980) [561]
  • (1980) The Pirates get their World Series rings during the opener at Three Rivers.
  • (1983) President Reagan is asked at the White House if job seeker Ron Bricker--who handed Reagan take his resume during a recent Pittsburgh trip--& other laid off steelers got jobs.
  • (1988) The 31 floor, $208 millionia Fifth Avenue Place is dedicated.
  • (1993) The Penguins NHL record 17-game win streak ends with a 6-6 tie at New Jersey, continuing their unbeaten streak, as Lemuiex runs away with the Art Ross trophy leading Pat LaFontaine by 12 and losing the goal title by only 7 to Mogilny & Selanne (who tie for 1st).
  • (1996) At Boston, in the Penguins last regular-season game Jaromír Jágr's 2 assists sets the NHL record for points (149) & assists (87) in a season by any European & any right wing as Lemuiex wins the Rocket Richard with 69 goals, Jagr finishes 2nd with 62 and the Art Ross is the same with Ron Francis 1 point away from making it a Pittsburgh 1-2-3 except for Joe Sakic as Lemuiex and Francis tie for the league lead in assists with Jagr 3rd.
  • (1997) Jay Apt is named director of the Carnegie Museum.
Gen pulitzer.jpg
Bo official portrait.jpg
  • (2009) "Bo" from Ambridge arrives at the White House as "First Dog".
  • (2012) The USS Somerset honoring the heroes of Flight 93 is launched.
  • (2012) The Power set the AFL record for biggest comeback, beating Orlando 57-54 at Consol after being down 17-48 in the 3rd.
  • (2013) The Pirates score 10 in the 7th & 8th to rally for a 10-6 win behind Mike McKenry’s 2 homers.
  • (2014) Koppers purchases Osmose for $460 million.
  • (2014) [563]
  • (2014) [564]
  • (2014) [565]
  • (2015) [566]
  • (2015) [567]
  • (2015) National news [568]

  • April 15

  • (1803) Rev. Harris visits, recording that the city is getting its water supply from the rivers despite boasting numerous--tho coal stained--springs.
William Wilkins United States Senator - Brady-Handy.jpg
  • (1861) News of Ft. Sumter's surrender 2 days prior hits as the Gazette announces a Judge Wilkins presided City Hall meeting to discuss "...men who sympathize with the rebels & traitors of the South & quietly cackle over the disgrace which robbery & treason have brought upon the flag of our glorious country! Such men, thank heaven, are very few in this community."
  • (1876) The Pirates play their 1st game, the city's 1st pro game, in the minor International League.
  • (1912) The Titantic sinks, as among those bound for the area: 6 drown & 8 survive.
  • (1918) [569]
Chief Yellow Horse.jpg
  • (1921) At Cincinnati, Pirates ace Chief Yellow Horse makes his debut as the 1st full-blooded Native American in MLB.
  • (1947) The Hornets lose the decisive 7th game of the Calder Cup finals at Hershey, their 2nd of 7 trips to the finals.
  • (1947) [570]
  • (1952) The Pirates become the 1st MLB team mandated to wear batting helmets, a loss at St. Louis.
  • (1958) The Pirates beat the Braves 4-3 in 14, tying the longest opening day game in the NL & longest in 32 MLB seasons.
  • (1961) At the Dodgers, the Pirates combine to tie the MLB record by turning 9 DPs.
  • (1974) Mellon opens its Tokyo branch.[571]
  • (1979) WPCB signs on as the city's 9th TV station.
Gen pulitzer.jpg
Air Force One
  • April 17

  • (1754) Récollet Denis Baron offers the city's 1st mass & Christian service as 33 English soldiers commanded by Esgn. Ed Ward are allowed to surrender & retreat to Ft. Redstone.
  • (1818) A $14,765ia reward is offered in city's 1st bank robbery.
  • (1873) The city built USS Sandusky leaves naval service.
  • (1879) Pittsburg, Oregon is founded, one of the 47 worldwide Pittsburghs, Pittsburgs, or Pitsburgs honoring the city.
  • (1893) Allegheny Steel incorporates, becomes Allegheny Technologies.
  • (1901) The city's 1st pedestrian death by auto is on Bigelow Blvd.
  • (1902) Tommy Leach scores the only run as Deacon Phillippe wins a 1-0 duel v Stan Yerkes on Opening Day at St. Louis.
  • (1908) Sam Leever hurls a three hit, 3-0 shutout at St. Louis to lead the Bucs to a series sweep. More importantly in the long run, though, was the signing of Honus Wagner, who had retired in March as a contract ploy. Barney Dreyfuss made him the highest paid player in baseball with a $10K deal, and The Flying Dutchman proved worth every penny. Bill James cited Wagner's 1908 campaign as the greatest single season ever for any player. Wagner hit .354 with 109 RBI in an era when half as many runs were scored as today. James wondered in his 2001 book Historical Baseball Abstract "if you had a Gold Glove shortstop like Wagner, who drove in 218 runs, what would he be worth?”
  • (1920) Elmer Ponder & the Cards Jesse Haines carried a scoreless ballgame into the thirteenth inning at St. Louis. Max Carey & Billy Southworth win it in the 13th.
  • (1923) The Cubs open newly remodeled Wrigley Field Pirates win 3-2 on Charlie Grimm’s 3 run, bases loaded double.
  • (1939) A new "metropolitan plan" that would make Pittsburgh the nation’s 5th largest with a population of 1.7 million, is defeated in Harrisburg.
  • (1945) The Pirates up 2-0 in the 5th & 2 runners aboard‚ Frankie Zak calls time to tie his shoe, and got it from the 2nd base ump. But Reds pitcher Bucky Walters had his back to the play and delivered a pitch to Jim Russell. He knocked out of the park, but it didn’t count, and the Bucs stranded the runners. Next, Cincy’s Dain Clay drilled a grand slam that was his only HR of the year in 700 plate appearances. Finally, the win went to 46 year old Hod Lisenbee‚ who had been out of the majors for the past 9 years, after working 2 innings of hitless relief to earn the last W of his career lose 7-6 in 11 to Cincinnati.
Army Medal of Honor.jpg
  • (1945) Don Lobaugh receives the Medal of Honor.
  • (1947) Hank Greenberg hits his 1st Pirate homer in a 7-1 win v Chicago as Preacher Roe hurls a 7 inning no-hitter.
  • (1951) 25,894 brave the snow as the Pirates win their home opener 5-4 v St. Louis. Murry Dickson & Wally Westlake homer as live footage for the movie “Angels In the Outfield”, starring Paul Douglas & Janet Leigh begins.
  • (1955) Roberto Clemente makes his Pirates debut in a double header at the Dodgers with a single off Johnny Podres in his 1st at bat.
  • (1957) The $147 millionia Ft. Pitt Tunnel breaks ground as the final link between downtown & Pittsburgh International.
  • (1964) The Pirates ace Bob Friend beats New York 4-3 in Shea Stadium's 1st game as Willie Stargell hits its 1st homer.
  • (1974) Steve Blass pitches his last MLB game.
  • (1975) US Steel creates its International division.
Gen pulitzer.jpg
Credit:Pens Through My Lens
  • April 18

  • (1754) French forces control Ft. George at the Forks claiming the area for France & commencing construction of Ft. Duquesne as Esgn. Ed Ward retreats with 33 English soldiers to Ft. Redstone.
  • (1886) The Pirates play their last AA opening day, the only double-header opener in city history, losing both to St. Louis, the final pitched by Pud Glavin.
  • (1909) Howie Camnitz throws an 8 hit ShO as the Bucs win at Chicago 1-0 in 12, besting Three Finger Brown at the West Side Grounds. The run scored on an error by Joe Tinker.
  • (1912) The 8 local Titanic survivors bound for the area dock safely in New York.
  • (1936) TWA Flight 1 heroine Nellie Granger collapses from the stress of questioning about the crash.
  • (1941) The Gene Autry Rodeo opens at Duquesne Gardens.
  • (1946) At St. Louis, Pirates star Ralph Kiner hits his 1st homer.
  • (1947) The Pirates under new management including the visiting Bing Crosby play their season opener to a record crowd of 38,216 beating Cincinnati 12-11 with 5 homers - Wally Westlake had a pair.
  • (1950) The Pirates at St. Louis play the 1st MLB night game season opener as Donora, Pennsylvania native Stan Musial homers.
  • (1952) In their home opener at Forbes Field before 29‚874‚ Bob Friend hurls a ShO v Cincinnati‚ 5-0‚ on 5 hits, the Pirates 2nd win in a row, wouldn't have a win streak longer than that all season‚ a 20th century MLB record.
  • (1955) At Forbes Field v the Dodgers, Pirates star Roberto Clemente gets his 1st homer (a 445’ inside-the-park) in only his 3rd game.
  • (1957) The Pirates lose at the Dodgers 6-1, the last time a Pirate pitcher batted eighth (Luis Arroyo, with Bill Mazeroski behind him) for over 50 years, until June 30th, 2008 when Paul Maholm batted ahead of Jack Wilson.
  • (1968) The Civic Arena hosts the world's 1st pro-basketball finals game with the dunk & 3-point shot a Pipers win v New Orleans in the ABA Finals.
  • (1972) Pirates great Pie Traynor has his number retired at Three Rivers before a loss to Chicago 6-4.
  • (1978) American Eagle Outfitters incorporates.
Credit:Pens Through My Lens
  • (2006) Sidney Crosby sets a new Penguins rookie scoring record with a goal & assist at Toronto, eclipsing Mario Lemieux by 2 to become only the 7th NHL rookie with 100+, the youngest overall & the 1st to have 100+ points & 100+ penalty minutes in a season finale 3-5 loss at Toronto as he finishes 6th in the Art Ross race 23 behind Joe Thornton & only 4 from the top 3, as the Penguins hold a rally.
  • (2008) Pittsburgh International closes the 5 day AAAE's Aircraft Rescue & Firefighting national conference.
  • (2009) In the 1st Saturday afternoon game in Pittsburgh since 2005, Craig Monroe hits 2 3-run homers in consecutive innings to give the Pirates their 1st back-to-back victories of the season by a 10-0 count over the Atlanta Braves at PNC Park.
  • (2012) Penguins star Jordan Staal gets a hat trick at Philadelphia, the teams 5th of the season.
  • (2013) [593]
  • (2015) [594]

  • April 19

  • (1792) James O'Hara, grandfather of Mary Schenley, is appointed the 6th U.S. Quartermaster General.
  • (1816) A week after being offered the Treasury post for the 3rd time Gallatin reluctantly declines it.[595]
  • (1852) The rivers flood the Forks of the Ohio to 35'1".
  • (1900) Honus Wagner debuts for the Pirates, with 2 hits in a pitching duel 3-0 loss to Cy Young at St. Louis.
  • (1902) The Gazette reports on a “game that would make amateurs blush” as Pirates hits make St. Louis set the NL record for errors with 11 & 15 combined.
  • (1911) [596]
  • (1939) [597]
  • (1942) The 13 & 16 year old sons of "Boss" Lawrence are killed in a Zelienople car crash.
  • (1948) A bench clearing brawl erupts at Cincinnati after Red Hank Sauer hits a homer causing a collision at 2nd as Ohioans toss bottles at players causing a game delay.
  • (1949) Rip Sewell gets his 3rd opening day win over Chicago in a duel with Dutch Leonard to a 1-0 win as Gov. Adlai Stevenson & Mayor Martin Kennelly visited Wrigley Field. Pinch-hitter Les Fleming’s grounder scores Dixie Walker's (who reached on an error) pinch runner Jack Cassini for an unearned run in the 9th.
  • (1950) Police make world news as retired & widowed motorcycle patrolmen George Blair leaves his $396,476ia estate to his parrot.
  • (1974) [598][599] Syria Mosque.
  • (1979) The Pirates trade Frank Taveras for Tim Foli.
  • (1982) [600][601]
  • (1986) RJ Reynolds celebrates his 27th birthday with a grand slam at Chicago 14-8 Pirates win. The game featured six home runs (three by each team) and 28 hits (14 by each team).
  • (1988) CMU dedicates a memorial to alumnus & Challenger astronaut Judith Resnick.
  • (1990) [602]
  • (1997) The Post-Gazette becomes among the 1st to report on the Dihydrogen Monoxide hoax.
  • (1998) The Guinness Book of Records visits as Mariss Jansons conducts 2,048 young musicians from the tri-state area to set the record for the "World's Largest Orchestra".
  • (2002) The Pittsburgh Stock Exchange building is sold to preservationists for $446,184ia.
  • April 20

  • (1818) The US District Court for Western Pennsylvania is formed, splitting off from Philadelphia.
  • (1901) The worst flood in nearly 20 years strikes downtown at over 36'.
  • (1903) [606]
  • (1930) Baseball writer & AL official statistician Irwin Howe picks Honus Wagner & Pie Traynor on his all-time team.
  • (1932) Pirates ace Steve Swetonic strikes out 23 straight batters before losing his no-hitter bid with 2 outs in the 8th at Forbes Field v St. Louis.
  • (1936) Mayor McNair is jailed for 2 hours after he refuses a judges order to refund a fine found unjust.
  • (1936) Rallying from 6 down, Pirates star Gus Suhr gets a 2 out 9th inning, 3-run homer for a 9-8 win over the Cubs at Forbes Field.
  • (1942) Moon's Old Bell Farm & Dairy completes transfer to the Pentagon as bulldozers begin construction on a Pittsburgh airbase, to become Pittsburgh International.
  • (1942) Pearl Harbor survivor Frank Bassa is welcomed home to Lawrenceville by 40,000, 6 bands & driven in a convertible by Fritzie Zivic.
  • (1946) Rip Sewell spun a four hitter to win a duel against the Cards Bucky Walters 2-1. Walters scored his clubs’ only run by stealing home, but RBI from Bob Elliott and Elbie Fletcher wins it at Forbes Field.
  • (1948) Rip Sewell hurls a complete game 6 hitter & homers as the Bucs won their home opener 3-2 over the Cubs. Rookie Monty Basgall had the game winner, his first big league homer.
  • (1952) The Hornets win their 1st of 3 Calder Cups in a Game 6 OT at Providence, the franchises 4th of 7 trips to the finals.
  • (1953) CMU announces demolition of 50 year old "Carnegie Inn" for construction of a modern dorm.
Credit:Richard Huppertz
Chief Yellow Horse.jpg
Eleanora Duse.jpg
Red Kelly Maple Leafs Chex Card.jpg
  • April 22

  • (1794) After 23 years as a township, Pittsburgh incorporates as a borough.
  • (1868) The Peoples Passenger RR is founded.
  • (1891) The Alleghenies field Lou Bierbauer for the 1st time, the contested acquisition from Philadelphia gets the team branded as "Pirates" as they play their 1st game at Expo Park, losing to Chicago by 1.
  • (1892) Pirates star Elmer Smith is the 1st in MLB history to walk twice in an inning as the team scores 12 in the 1st v St. Louis at Expo Park.
  • (1896) Shadyside Hospital successfully uses X-Rays just weeks after their 1st publishing by Wilhelm Röntgen.
  • (1902) The Pirates raise their 1901 pennant for a record crowd of 15,000 at Expo Park before beating Cincinnati.
  • (1902) and April 23 Germans in the Hill[624]
  • (1927) In its 7th year KDKA is licensed for 50,000 watts.
  • (1935) The Duquesne Gardens hosts the city's 1st Rodeo & Stampede.
  • (1937) Dominican dictator Rafael Trujillo raids the all-star Crawfords of Cool Papa Bell, Josh Gibson & Satchel Paige.
  • April 23

  • (1784) The Land Act passes, fueling the city as a boomtown as expansion continues down the Ohio.
  • (1902) St. Louis owner Frank Robison places a $283,480ia challenge that the Pirates wouldn’t repeat for the pennant as players pool their money to meet the bet, winning it 6 months later.
  • (1903) After 4 years under state control due to corruption, the elected Mayor Hays takes office.
  • (1913) Over 100 die in a Courtney mine explosion.
  • (1927) A Pittsburgh-Cleveland Motor Coach Co. bus overturns in Allison Park injuring 8.
  • (1946) Wesco Machine Products incorporates.
  • (1949) The Mellons gift $39.3 millionia to build Mellon Square.
  • (1952) B&O agrees to move its station & freight yards to make way for the Grant Street interchange.
  • (1952) Tim Horton marries Mt. Oliver native Lori just 2 days after winning the Calder Cup.[632]
  • (1956) Salk receives the Congressional Medal for Destinguished Citizen Achievement.
  • (1962) Riding a 10 game win streak the Pirates lose to the Mets at Forbes Field, the 1st Met franchise win.
  • (1967) State Sen. Ed Ewing pushes to kill the "Billion Dollar Ditch" bill to construct a Lake Erie-Ohio River canal.
  • (1976) VW announces it will rehab the Chrysler New Stanton plant.
  • (1980) The Pennsylvania Primary declares George Bush victorious v Ronald Reagan & Ted Kennedy victorious v President Carter.
  • (1985) Martha Graham is awarded the Medal of Arts at the White House.
  • (1988) Both Rev. Jackson and Michael Dukakis visit for the "Steel Valley Debate" in Munhall, as Jackson tours the Monongahela River by boat prior to the event at Steel Valley High School.
  • (1991) Pittsburgh International is the 1st in a $54.2 millionia FAA program for improved runway lighting & markings.
  • (1991) [633]
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
  • April 24

  • (1818) The reward offered in city's 1st bank robbery is increased from $14,765ia to $44,294ia.
  • (1856) The 2 Cox children go missing in Bedford County.
  • (1861) The 80 man strong Turner Rifles depart for service during the Civil War.
  • (1913) Over 60,000 students clash with police protesting on the streets & at the 132 city schools for the removal of Supt. Heeter.
  • (1915) Rebels ace Frank Allen throws a no-hitter v St. Louis, the Federal Leagues first no-hit, no-run performance after he walks 3 in the 1st.
  • (1927) The Symphony's executive council are arrested for Blue Laws violations after the group performed a Sunday concert for 4,000.
  • (1940) The Duquesne Gardens opens the National Championship Rodeo with Gene Autry.
Army Medal of Honor.jpg
  • (1964) President Johnson arrives at Pittsburgh International greeted by the mayor & Gov. Lawrence motorcading downtown for a noon address at the Hilton as 2,000 attend & visits a Southside Union Hall rally.
  • (1979) Gulf Oil responds to President Carter's proposed Windfall Tax at its annual shareholders meeting at Heinz Hall.
  • (1984) [637]
  • (1985) The 1st 6 web domains are issued as Carnegie Mellon University's cmu.edu is among the 1st 6 on the internet.
  • (1986) Root Sports starts regularly scheduled broadcasts after a single Pirates broadcast 11 days earlier with the Pirates v the Phillies at Three Rivers. The station is among the world's 1st all-sports local channels & the city's 10th local station.
  • (1988) Gov. Dukakis visits to start his whistle stop tour.[638] Jackson [639]
  • (1989) IBMs holds 2nd annual meeting in the city, at the David Lawrence Convention Center.[640][641]
  • (1996) The Penguins beat Washington 3-2 in the longest NHL game in over 60 years. The playoff contest goes 7 periods (4 OT) with 139:15 total.
  • (1996) Integra shareholders vote to accept National City's $2.3 billion merger proposal.
  • (1992) The $37.6 millionia 65,0002' O'Reilly Theater breaks ground in the Cultural District.
  • (2004) David Gergen visits Heinz Hall.[642]
  • (2013) Post-Gazette cartoonist Rob Rogers wins his 2nd Thomas Nast Award.
  • (2013) A McKeesport gun shop’s giveaway contest had to be postponed because Facebook shut down the Pittsburgh Tactical Firearm’s page. The contest was to give away an AR-15, ammunition, and other gear, valued at some $10,273ia. The company has done many of the giveaways, their most recent was back in February.
  • (2014) Fox Chapel's Anne Richardson RIF Volunteer of the Year Award. [643]
  • (2014) makes national news [644]
  • (2015) [645]
  • (2015) [646]
  • (2015) [647]

Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
  • April 26

  • (1863) The Jones-Imboden Raid torches the B&O bridge at Oakland, Maryland & attacks the Cheat River.
  • (1910) Kennywood incorporates the Racer.
  • (1925) Schenley Park unveils The Hiker, commemorating Spanish-American War vets, as USS Maine survivor William McNair presides.
  • (1932) A $77.5 millionia "unemployment relief" bond is approved by primary voters.
  • (1937) The rivers crest at 35' but are caught by newly improved flood controls.
  • (1937) The 1st day of arguments in James v. Dravo Contracting Co. open.
  • (1953) The Hurricanes lose the final game in the Hunt Open Cup to Chicago.
  • (1957) The $70.5 millionia State Office Building is dedicated at Gateway Center.
  • (1964) The 2 week long Methodist International Conference opens at the Civic Arena with 40,000 churches represented making world news as the church desegregates.
  • (1964) The last Columbian leaves the PLRR station.
  • (1974) The "Mendoza Line" debuts for the Pirates.
  • (1975) The Penguins tally their 4th heartbreaking loss in the 2nd round to the Islanders 0-1 at the Igloo, only the 2nd NHL team to squander a 3-0 playoff lead.
  • (1976) Bruno Sammartino defies doctors orders by flying home after Hansen's failed body slam fractures his neck, concerned his elderly parents would die from shock after hearing he was in a New York hospital with a broken neck.
  • (1980) Extras are called to Three Rivers as filming begins on Fighting Back.
  • (1984) USAir CEO says current PIT is large enough for operations at Duquesne Club speech as Chevron gets federal approval to buy Gulf Oil.
  • (1987) Gateway High's Vivek Rao repeats as winner out of 700 at the Chess Championships.
  • (1995) At Three Rivers, 34,841 fans delay Opening Day v Montreal for 17 minutes by littering the field with trash & even the giveaway day souvenir pennants as the just resolved strike & the teams poor play comes to a head. The announcer finally calms the crowd with the possibility of forfeiture.
  • (1996) An Inaugural Gala is hosted by the $55.7 millionia Heinz History Center as it hosts 900 VIP guests with catering & entertainment provided by the Duquesne Club.
  • (1999) Fore Systems is purchased by Marconi for $6.51 billionia.
  • (2003) Pirates star Reggie Sanders lights candles in the clubhouse after turning off the lights to exorcise losing seasons.
  • (2007) The E. Pittsburgh studio of the initial KDKA broadcast is demolished.
  • (2007) Pittsburgh becomes the 1st to be named "Most Livable" twice by Places Rated Almanac.
  • (2007) Gov. Perry visits to address the Boy Scouts of America & how Texas "forefathers were wise men, they had no problem creating a Pittsburg, Texas, but stayed away from creating another Philadelphia!" as Christy Todd Whitman visits Heinz Hall.[653]
  • (2012) Tom Brokaw speaks at Heinz Hall.[654]

  • April 29

  • (1898)Troops for service in the Spanish-American War entrained for camp at Mount Gretna
  • (1902) The "planet" Pittsburgh is discovered by astronomer Max Wolf and named in honor of the city and of native John Brashear.
  • (1932) The first Negro League ballpark in the world is constructed by Gus Greenlee, the Pittsburgh Crawfords will call Greenlee Field home until they disband in 1938. Today's Ammon Field carries on the fields legacy.
  • (1942) Pittsburgh and nine surrounding counties were designated by the federal government as a defense rental area, and rents were frozen
  • (1952) President Truman s seizure of the steel industry was declared illegal by Federal Court and district steel workers joined 650,000 throughout the nation in a walkout that paralyzed the industry.
  • (1994) Horne's Department Store, which was founded in 1849, is bought by Federated Department Stores of Cincinnati.
  • (1995) The new $147 million Allegheny County Jail Building opens

Credit:Richard Huppertz


  • May 1

  • (1792) As Gen. Wayne's forces arrive, the U.S. Army transfers command out of Ft. Pitt to the new Ft. Fayette along the Allegheny.
  • (1875) The Duquesne Incline Co. is founded.
  • (1916) Martial Law is declared in Braddock due to striking steel workers.
  • (1917) Pittsburgh Life & Trust fraud is uncovered.
  • (1926) The Socialist Party National Convention opens in the city.
  • (1933) The Pirates tie the MLB record for most grand slams as stars Earl Grace & Arky Vaughan go yard at the Phillies.
  • (1960) The Pirates win their 9th straight, their longest string since 1945, against the Reds 13-2 at Crosley Field. Roberto Clemente hits a grand slam as Bill Mazeroski gets a 3 run homer. The streak would end the next day against the Cards and Ronnie Kline by a 4-3 count.
  • (1971) The Keystone & Broadway Limited trains become the 1st Amtrak routes for the city as they pull into Penn Station.
  • (1974) Pirates ace Dock Ellis starts the game by hitting Reds Pete Rose, Joe Morgan & Dan Driessen in the top of the 1st as Tony Perez dodges a pitch to draw a walk, tying a MLB record for straight hit batters & 1st in the modern era to do it without getting an out, before Danny Murtaugh said “Dock it looks like you don’t have your good stuff tonight”.
  • (1980) Mad Dog Madlock is fined $5‚000 & suspended 15 games by NL president Chub Feeney for poking umpire Jerry Crawford in the face after being called out on strikes with the bases loaded. Madlock dragged out an appeal‚ but finally withdrew the protest and began serving the suspension on June 6th after the NL umpires threatened to eject him from every game he tried to play.
  • (1987) Westinghouse announces it will "phase out" it's 94 year old East Pittsburgh works over the next few years.
  • (1988) The city hosts its 2nd American Championship marathon & 1st US Olympic trials.
  • (1989) KDKA-AM is the inaugural guest broadcaster at the grand opening of Disney's Hollywood Studios interactive radio studios.
  • (1995) In game 6 of the CBA Finals the Piranhas lose the championship, though protest for an additional 2 days that the winning basket was scored on them by an ineligible player.
  • (1995) Post-Gazette.com goes online.
  • (1996) Fisher Scientific moves out of its uptown 711 Forbes Avenue headquarters to the Parkway West.
  • (2007) Allegheny County's public area smoking ban takes effect.
  • (2009) The Timko sisters of Chartiers-Houston High are the 1st women to win a male high school tennis regional.
  • (2013) The NHL announces the Penguins at Chicago as the 1st Stadium Series
  • (2013) Chevron announces it will purchase 63 acres in Robinson for its new regional headquarters as Texas de Brazil opens its 1st area location & 27th overall at Station Square.
  • (2013) Pittsburgh the Movie hits Youtube.[672]
  • (2014) Chatham votes to admit males.

Gen pulitzer.jpg
Army Medal of Honor.jpg
  • (1865) Pvt. Higby receives the Medal of Honor.
  • (1888) Mine Safety is incorporated.
  • (1889) Jack McCarthy hits it through an open gate in the Expo Park's outfield wall as a fan shuts it to give him an uncontested 3 run, walk-off homer to beat Louisville 7-6. The league orders the contest replayed.
  • (1916) After 2 die in Thomson Works labor battles, 4 squads of National Guard arrive.
  • (1922) WCAE signs on as the city's 3rd & nation's 61st station.
  • (1926) The SPA national convention closes, changing its constitution for bi-annual meetings.
  • (1930) With a chance for back-to-back titles & the 3rd in 4 seasons, Gallatin Soccer plays to a tie but then forfeits the National Amateur Cup.
  • (1940) The Torso Killer is suspected as a headless body is found in a New Castle boxcar.
  • (1943) Douglas v Jeannette is decided.
  • (1947) The Pirates trade Al Gionfriddo & $100,000 to the Dodgers for Kirby Higbe, Cal McLish, Gene Mauch, Hank Behrman & Dixie Howell, 7 months later Gionfriddo is immortalized with Red Barber’s 1947 World Series "back back back back back" call of his grab of a Joe DiMaggio blast, later adopted by ESPN & Chris Berman, the deal is rumored as sending a message to the Dodgers about accepting Jackie Robinson.
  • (1955) The B&O announces a Grant St. Station.
  • (1959) Pirates catcher Hank Foiles makes an unassisted double play at Forbes Field v St. Louis.
  • (1967) WEEP becomes the 2nd station in the city to gain 50k.[677]
Gen pulitzer.jpg
  • (1971) John Filo wins the Pulitzer.
  • (1978) [678]
  • (1985) Weakened from cancer Bob Prince returns to the KDKA air for 2 innings while given 3 SOs from the Three Rivers crowd as the Pirates score 9, 1 for each year of his absence. After he suggests "to park one so we'll have a little bit of everything" Jason Thompson homers in the 16-2 win v the Dodgers.
  • (1986) A skunk wanders onto the Jack Murphy Stadium field in the 7th delaying the Pirates game for several minutes before scoring 4 in 2 innings to rally to a 7-6 win.
  • (1991) After losing 5-4 in OT to go down 2-0 in the playoffs Kevin Stevens guarantees that the Penguins will make the finals.
  • (1994) John Connelly gifts $8.16 millionia to La Roche.
  • (1995) At the Igloo v Florida in the season finale, Penguins star Richard Park is the 1st Asian-American & the 1st Korean-American in the NHL, 5 years after Penguin Jim Paek became the 1st Asian & 1st Korean to play on an American NHL team as Jaromir Jagr secures the Art Ross on tiebreakers from Eric Lindros while coming 2 goals short of the Rocket Richard won by Peter Bondra as Ron Francis finishes leading in league assists in a 3-4 loss.
  • (1996) Integra is merged into National City for $2.3 billion.
  • (1998) The city hosts its 4th National Championship Marathon.
  • (1998) Turner Ward crashes through the Three Rivers Stadium right field wall while running down a Mike Piazza’s fly in a 10-5 loss to the Dodgers. Hanging onto the ball the play goes down among the great all-time MLB catches & sports highlight.
  • (2000) Alcoa buys Reynolds for $6.23 billionia again becoming the world's largest aluminum producer.
  • (2000) iServed.com buys the Stars & Stripes.
  • (2003) The 2 day 1st annual Pittsburgh Wine Festival concludes.
  • (2003) The Forge win the Robertson Cup v Sault St. Marie.
  • (2011) UPMC announces an agreement to develop the world's 1st telemedicine virutal exam room for both emergency and family practice.
  • (2013) [679]
  • (2013) The McArthur Foundation grants $500,000 for its 3rd "Hive Learning City".

Credit:Pens Through My Lens
  • (2009) Alex Ovechkin & Penguins star Sidney Crosby score dueling hat tricks (both their 1st playoff hat tricks) as Washington takes a 2-0 series lead at the Igloo.
  • (2011) West Pen has 8 guards arrested for forming a secret vigilante group against inmates.
Mexican flag
Nellie Bly 2.jpg
  • May 6

  • (1755) Work begins on the Braddock Road.
  • (1887) The National Colored League opens with a Keystones-New York game at Central Park in the Hill, located at the corner of Chauncey St. & Humber Way, designed by African American architect Louis Bellinger.
  • (1906) At Expo Park v the Cubs the Pirates use the 1st rain tarp in history.
  • (1914) v Kansas City, Rebels star Ed Lennox hits the 1st & only cycle in the Federal League, while homering twice, a record that would stand for 23 seasons until Joe DiMaggio ties it.
  • (1923) Firemen respond to a 310 5th Ave. "Paris Inn" fire after a Chef went off shift while leaving a steak cooking.
  • (1937) Herb Morrison announces the Hindenburg disaster.
  • (1937) Sec. Mellon is on hand to open the new $170 millionia Mellon Institute announcing a new treatment for pneumonia developed by its scientists.
  • (1950) Pirates star Ralph Kiner hits a grand slam at Forbes Field v the Giants.
  • (1951) At the Braves Cliff Chambers pitches his last game for the Pirates & throws the club's 2nd no hitter and the 1st no hit no run game in Pirates history.
  • (1952) A Peabody High School junior is injured and blinded by a tear gas pen gun by another student.
  • (1960) LBJ arrives at Pittsburgh International for a 2 day visit, motorcades to Ohio & returns for a Hilton rally downtown.
  • (1963) Mayor Barr requests $39 millionia of federal aid for Homewood housing.
  • (1965) As the Pirates play in "Skyscraper City" Chicago, owner John Galbreath announces a new 65 floor home for US Steel, the US Steel Tower is planned to be the world's tallest.
  • (1968) An Alberta clipper hits with an unseasonably low of 29°.
  • (1968) Vince Cazzetta of the Pipers is named the ABA's 1st Coach of the Year.
  • (1977) [687]
  • (1978) Geniss Book declares the 6 day kissing contest of and a new world record.
  • (1988) Mayor Caliguiri dies as Sophie Masloff becomes the 1st woman & Jewish mayor at City Hall.
  • (2004) Pitt purchases the 81 year old University Club for over $3.85 millionia.
  • (2012) The 1st Appalachian Conference north of the Mason–Dixon line concludes at IUP.
  • (2014) [688]
  • (2014) [689]
  • (2014) [690]

  • (1922) Walt Mueller becomes the world's 1st to hit a home run on the 1st pitch of his career as the Pirates beat Chicago.
  • (1925) Pirates catcher Glenn Wright completes MLB's 5th unassisted triple play, throwing out hall of famers Jim Bottomley & Rogers Hornsby in the 9th at Forbes Field.
  • (1941) The Pirates trade Lloyd Waner to the Braves for ace Nick Strincevich.
  • (1944) The Pirates ruin the return of Cubs skipper Charlie Grimm at Chicago to post their 12th loss in a row by scoring twice in the 9th to tie it before winning it in the 11th for Preacher Roe.
Israeli flag

File:Pink Hawley.jpg


  • May 10

  • (1813) The Pittsburgh Humane Society is founded.
  • (1882) The Pirates, then known as the Alleghenies, complete their 1st road trip (a week long) & return to play their very 1st home game & the city's 1st professional ball game, a 9–5 win v St. Louis at Recreation Park.
  • (1908) The world's 1st Mothers Day is observed in Grafton.
  • (1944) The First Lady makes her second visit to the city for the year arriving at Penn Station, speaking at the William Penn, Carnegie Music Hall and in Butler.
  • (1953) At the Giants, Pirates stars Johnny O'Brien & Eddie O'Brien are the 1st twins to play in the same MLB game for the same team.
Facade of Temple Rodef Shalom.jpg
Credit:Gage Skidmore
Liberty Tunnel 1974.gif
Credit:Thomas Good
Japanese flag
Mario Lemieux Credit:Tony McCune
  • May 12

  • (1902) Coal_strike_of_1902 starts.
  • (1909) After crowding a boat built for only 20, 26 workers drown in the Ohio after working overtime.
  • (1910) "Hail to Pitt" debuts during the "Cap & Gown Club" play Here & There at Carnegie Music Hall.
  • (1919) The Temple Orange is officially named 4 years after being discovered, nurtired and cataloged by William Chase Temple.[704]
  • (1923) The 1st Capitol Limited arrives at the PLERR station.
East Liberty Presbyterian Church.jpg
Latrobe Airport Terminal 2011.jpg
  • (1939) The world's 1st non-stop air mall drop delivery is received at Arnold Palmer Airport.
  • (1952) The Steel Seizure Case begins arguments.
  • (1970) The home of the County Health Supervisor is firebombed at 5 AM, his family is uninjured.
  • (1976) Police respond to protesters outside Rockwell headquarters.
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