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Previous Plants Portal Did You Know... hooks in order from oldest to newest:

Kunzea ambigua
Erigeron macguirei
  • ... that after the two endangered varieties of Erigeron maguirei (Maguire daisy or Maguire's fleabane) were combined into the one species due to genetic indistinction, it was no longer considered endangered?
  • ... that the foliage of the Acacia binervia (coast myall) can produce cyanide when cut?
  • ... that the Mimulus gemmiparus (Rocky Mountain monkeyflower) rarely produces flowers outside of a greenhouse?
  • ... that a field study conducted in Beaconsfield Upper found that the Ranunculus lappaceus (Australian buttercup) had flowered 78 days earlier in 2006 than it had in 1983?
  • ... that Castilleja christii (Christ's Indian paintbrush) is one of Idaho's rarest plants?