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Selected quote

Reason does not scream. Reason convinces.

La Razón no grita. La razón convence.

Luis A. Ferré, third elected Governor of Puerto Rico.

Slow justice is not justice.

Federico Hernández Denton, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Puerto Rico, in an interview with Caribbean Business (May 17, 2007)

I am concerned that many young people in this Hemisphere seem to envision the United States as a nation intoxicated by power, addicted to warfare, controlled by a military-industrial complex, and determined to preserve the status quo, that we are against rapid economic and social growth...

Luis A. Ferré, third elected Governor of Puerto Rico, 1971 National Governors Association Annual Meeting

We should not be forced to give up our children's U.S. citizenship so that we can get a fuller measure of self-government.

Aníbal Acevedo Vilá, eighth elected and ex Governor of Puerto Rico, in U. S. Senate hearings on Puerto Rico's sovereignty (June 23, 1998.)

And yet, despite this assault on their will and their historical destiny, the people of Puerto Rico have preserved their culture, their Latin character, their national feelings, which in themselves give proof of the implacable desire for independence lying within the masses on that Latin American island.

Che Guevara, speech given to the United Nations General Assembly on December 11, 1964.

The Puerto Ricans forming the ranks of the gallant 65th Infantry on the battlefields of Korea…are writing a brilliant record of achievement in battle and I am proud indeed to have them in this command. I wish that we might have many more like them.

Douglas MacArthur, on Puerto Rican servicemen in the Korean conflict, quoted on a February 12, 1951 interview in Tokyo.

Atrocities are committed in the name of terrorism, but also in the name to combat terrorism.

—Former P.R. Secretary of State Ferdinand Mercado, on the commemoration of the September 11 attacks, in a September 11, 2007 interview with Primera Hora.

Good ideas don't have colors.

Las buenas ideas no tienen color.

Kenneth McClintock, thirteenth President of the Senate of Puerto Rico, inaugural speech, January 10, 2005

¿Que derrota? ¿Que derrota? ¿Derrota de qué? ¿Una pérdida electoral?

What defeat? What defeat? Defeat of what? An electoral loss?

Carlos Romero Barceló, fifth elected Governor of Puerto Rico, interview on the eve of his electoral defeat to Rafael Hernández Colón on November 6, 1984.

If you want to sell your vote, go ahead; it's a free country. But be sure you get something for it... You can't get both justice and the two dollars.

Luis Muñoz Marín, first elected Governor of Puerto Rico, commenting on Puerto Rican jíbaros accepting $2 bribes for their votes, quoted by TIME Magazine on March 31, 1941.

...industry is not a collection of machines and tools and buildings. It is a social entity that has the responsibility of realizing the happiness of those who work in it.

Luis A. Ferré, third elected Governor of Puerto Rico, quoted by TIME Magazine on May 11, 1962.

He gave the term 'complete' a new meaning. He made the word 'superstar' seem inadequate. He had about him the touch of royalty.

Bowie Kuhn, MLB Commissioner, on his eulogy of Roberto Clemente following his tragic death in 1973.

I dedicate this hit to the Pittsburgh fans and to the people in Puerto Rico and to one man [Roberto Marin] in particular. The one man who carried me around for weeks looking for a scout to sign me.

Roberto Clemente, dedicating his 3,000th (and last) major league hit, September 30, 1972.

A lot of Puerto Rican Americans sometimes feel outside of the Puerto Rican experience..., and then they get ridiculed from that. Some people may call them a "fake Puerto Rican". And I don't think that that's fair, because they still grew up on rice and beans. They still listen to salsa and merengue.

You know, you may not be born in Puerto Rico, but Puerto Rican is definitely born in you.

Rosie Perez, April 27, 2006 interview with NPR.

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