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Saskatchewan, a province of the Dominion of Canada lying west of Manitoba and having Alberta on the west, North West Territories on the north and the United States on the south. The province is a vast plain, greater portion of its southern two thirds is situated in the great wheat-growing belt. The portion adjoining or lying near to Manitoba possesses much of the characteristics of that province as to soil, topography, climate, rainfall and, consequently, productive adaptabilities. The soil is a friable loam, easily worked and producing excellent crops of wheat, coarse grains and vegetables. The winter climate answers all requirements, both as to degree of cold and as to sufficiency of snowfall, for the production of the No. 1, hard wheat for which Western Canada is now noted. The valleys along Saskatchewan, Qu’Appelle, Assiniboine and Souris Rivers, Pipestone, Long and other creeks, are specially adapted for mixed farming, and the open prairie beyond affords large areas for grazing or grain-growing. Regina is the capital of the province situated in the southern area, the land here is a rich, fertile loam, as well to the south as to the north. The cultivation of flax is carried on to a considerable extent. Wheat-raising, however, is the important industry of this district, and the yields are highly satisfactory to the producer. Between Regina and Moose Jaw there is splendid land, and mostly occupied by prosperous farmers. The central portion of the province is almost centrally divided by the main Saskatchewan River, which is altogether within the district, and by its principal branch, the North Saskatchewan — most of the navigable length of which lies within its boundaries. It includes, in the south, a small proportion of the great plains, and in its general superficial features may be described as a mixed prairie and wooded region, abounding in water and natural hay and well-suited by climate and soil for the raising of wheat, cattle and sheep. As a general thing, the surface is gently undulating prairie. Adapted from The New Student's Reference Work (1914) (Saskatchewan (province)

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BC Lions vs. Saskatchewan Roughriders, October 1 2005
The Saskatchewan Roughriders are a Canadian Football League team based in Regina, Saskatchewan, founded in 1910. The Roughriders have won the league's Grey Cup championship three times, 1966, 1989, and 2007, in their most current championship, they defeated the Winnipeg Blue Bombers with a score of 23–19. They are the current Grey Cup champions. They play their home games at Mosaic Stadium at Taylor Field. The team draws fans from across the province and country who are affectionately known as the "Rider Nation". The fans are known for their loyalty and "Rider Pride", and it is not odd to find a group of Rider fans following the team on their road games across the country. The Roughriders play in the CFL's West Division.

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Freestyle motorcyclist
Blair Morgan (born October 9, 1975 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan) is a multi-time CMRC Canadian National championship-winning motocross racer. He is also a multi-time World Snocross snowmobile champion and a 5-times X-Games gold medalist. Blair is a fan-favorite in the sport for his sheer speed and determination. He has made several comebacks from devastating injuries, and is crediting with pioneering the modern snocross riding style, drawing comparisons to Jeremy McGrath of supercross for his innovation.

Blair started racing in his early teens in his home province of Saskatchewan. He progressed through to the ranks of Pro, and made his debut on the Canadian National scene in 1993. Blair started racing snocross for Arctic Cat full-time in 1997. His stand-up, high-flying and aggressive motocross style revolutionized the sport, and it would be a long time before Morgan would face much challenge.

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Stephen Leacock
"The Lord said "Let there be wheat" and Saskatchewan was born."

Source:Leacock, Stephen. My Discovery of America. 1937.

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Ariel shot of Mosaic Stadium, home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders

Ariel shot of Mosaic Stadium, home of the Saskatchewan Roughriders

Photo credit: Daniel Paquet

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Early roadway of Saskatchewan


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