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Selected biography

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Francis Marion (February 26, 1732–February 27, 1795) was a lieutenant colonel in the Continental Army and later brigadier general in the South Carolina Militia during the American Revolutionary War. He became known as the "Swamp Fox" for his ability to use decoys and ambushes to disrupt enemy communications, capture supplies, and free prisoners. His use of guerrilla tactics helped set in motion the decline of open battles in the conflict, but early records indicate that he was a sailor before the Revolutionary War.

Marion is considered one of the fathers of modern guerilla warfare, and is credited in the lineage of the United States Army Rangers.

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Bill Anderson-Opry.jpg

James William Anderson III (born November 1, 1937 in Columbia, South Carolina) is an American country music singer and songwriter.

One of the most successful songwriters in country music history, Bill Anderson was also a hugely popular singer in his own right, earning the nickname "Whispering Bill" for his gentle, airy vocal style and occasional spoken narrations. [1]

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