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Tabaristan or Tapuria was the name of the former historic region in the Southern coasts of Caspian sea roughly in the location of northern and southern slopes of Elburz range in Iran. The region roughly corresponded to the modern Iranian provinces of Gilan, Mazandaran, Golestan and northern Semnan.


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Khurshid (in Tabari: اسپهبد خورشید, Îspehbod Xurşid; 734 – 761), erroneously designated Khurshid II by earlier scholars, was the last Dabuyid ispahbadh of Tabaristan. He succeeded to the throne at an early age, and was supervised by his uncle as regent until he reached the age of fourteen. Khurshid tried to assert his independence from his vassalage to the Caliphate, supported various rebellions and maintained diplomatic contacts with Tang China. Finally, the Abbasids conquered his country in 759–760, and captured most members of his family. Khurshid fled to Daylam, where he ended his life.



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