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Television in Canada

Television in Canada officially began with the opening of the nation's first television stations in Montreal and Toronto in 1952. As with most media in Canada, the television industry, and the television programming available in that country, are strongly influenced by the American media, perhaps to an extent not seen in any other major industrialized nation outside the U.S. itself. As a result, the government institutes quotas for "Canadian content". Nonetheless, new content is often aimed at a broader North American audience, although the similarities may be less pronounced in the predominantly French-language province of Quebec.

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What It's Like Being Alone is a Canadian television program which aired on CBC Television in 2006. It is a black comedy created by Brad Peyton, and combines clay animation with voice work by Stacey DePass, Adam Reid, Dwayne Hill, Julie Lemieux, Peter Cugno, and Andrew Sabiston. Having debuted on June 26, 2006, the series lasted only until September 18 of that year. The storylines of the thirteen episodes that aired during this timeframe center on the many attempts of fictional mutant children living in an orphanage to get adopted. Princess Lucy, a grey, fat, and warty orphan, is the main character, and the plot begins with her arrival at the orphanage. Critics regarded the series as unusual, and it received notably poor ratings. Commentators considered these ratings to reflect a generally poor performance of CBC programming in 2006.




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