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Tirana (Albanian: Tiranë or Tirana) is the capital and the largest city of Albania. Modern Tirana was founded as an Ottoman town in 1614 by Sulejman Bargjini, a local ruler from Mullet, although the area has been continuously inhabited since antiquity. Tirana became Albania's capital city in 1920 and now it has a population of more than 600,000. The city is home to many universities and is the center of the political, economical, and cultural life of the country.

The Municipality of Tirana lies on the river Ishëm, about 32 kilometers (20 mi) inland and is located at (41.33°N, 19.82°E) in Tirana District, Tirana County. Tirana's average altitude is 110 meters (360 ft) above sea level and its highest point measures 1,828 m (5,997.38 ft) at Mali me Gropa. The city is on the same parallel as Naples, Madrid and Istanbul and on the same meridian as Budapest and Krakow. In addition to Ishëm, the Tiranë river also runs through the city, whereas the Lanë river, that runs through much of the city, is a brook. The city also contains a total of four artificial lakes: the Tirana Artificial Lake around which was built the Big Park, the Kodër-Kamëz Lake, Farka Lake, and Tufina Lake.

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Clock tower of Tirana

The Clock Tower of Tirana (Albanian language: Kulla e Sahatit), was built in Tirana, Albania in 1822 by Haxhi Et`hem Bey, who also finished the building of the Et'hem Bey Mosque. The stairs have 90 steps that go in a spiral fashion. It is 35 metres (115 ft) tall and was the tallest building in Tirana at the time.

The clock tower originally had a bell from Venice that marked the time every hour. In 1928 the Municipality of Tirana purchased a new clock in Germany to replace the existing one. The clock was destroyed by bombardments during World War II and was replaced in 1946 with a Roman numeral clock from a church in Shkoder, Albania. In 1970 the Roman numeral clock was replaced by a Chinese clock. The tower underwent renovation in 1981 and also in 1999. Access to the top of the tower has been available free of charge since 1996.

The Municipality of Tirana hopes that the 2010 restoration of the clock tower will attract more tourists.

Selected biography

Leka, Crown Prince of Albania (Leka I Zogu) (born 5 April 1939, the Royal Palace, Tirana) is the only son of late King Zog I and Queen Geraldine. He was called Crown Prince Skander at birth. Leka is claimant to the Albanian throne and is referred as King Leka I by Albanian monarchists and some members of the media.

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