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Did you know

The center platform at 59th Street station in 2013
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The "Did you know" section on the Trains Wikiportal (shown at right) is at Template:Trains portal/Did you know.

The rules[edit]

  • Articles noted must be related to rail transport.
  • The fact noted must be mentioned in the subject article.
  • At least one fact in the template at any time needs an associated image; more facts may have images, but only one should be displayed in the template to keep it from looking too cluttered.
  • The template can be updated at any time, but please note the date that facts were added and give each fact at least two days on the template (longer than two days is fine, but don't let it go too long between updates).
  • When adding new facts to the template, put the date that the fact was added into an HTML comment so other editors know which facts are oldest.
  • The subject of the article noted in the DYK fact is listed in boldface type.
  • The section should have a minimum of three and maximum of five facts.
  • The newest facts in the template should be listed at the top.
  • Add {{Trains portal/DYK date}} to the article's talk page when you use a fact from an article for this section. If the article's talk page already has {{WikiProject Trains}}, add the portaldykdate parameter to that template call.

To suggest a fact for inclusion in the Trains Wikiportal DYK, list it on Portal:Trains/Did you know candidates.


September 2014[edit]

The center platform at 59th Street station in 2013
Aerial view of the 1996 Silver Spring collision aftermath
Track and platform diagram of Zhongnan Road Station
Westchester Avenue station as seen from Concrete Plant Park in 2008
The Walpole station building in 2010
A power van being shunted at Dudley Street carriage yards, Melbourne, in 2007
Builder's photo of Virginian Railway 900, a USRA 2-8-8-2
Platform 2 and tracks at Tsuen Wan station in 2013
TASC transponders at a railway station in Japan in 2007
  • ...that the Train Automatic Stopping Controller (TASC) system used in Japan was originally developed in the 1950s and the 1960s as a way of ensuring that trains stop properly at stations but has also been useful at preventing SPADs?
An R44 train in A service in 2007
  • ...that after extensively studying New York City Subway system rule books and manuals, Keron Thomas posed as motorman "Regoberto Sabio" on May 8, 1993, and operated an A train in revenue service for over three hours, when he was sixteen years old?
A train at Taralga in 1946
The platforms and tracks at Subiaco railway station in 2006
SS Lansdowne crossing the Detroit River in winter 1905
Builder's photo of a South African Railways class 18 locomotive in 1928
SNCB Class 14 locomotive No 1356 at Ostend train station in 2006
Shinagawa Station in the late 19th century, with the Tokyo Bay shore visible immediately next to the station
  • ...that Shinagawa Station, one of Japan's oldest stations, opened on June 12, 1872, four months before the inauguration of "Japan's first railway" between Shimbashi and Yokohama through Shinagawa on October 14, 1872?

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Postcard of a Sun Lounge interior
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