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Did you know

TFR Class 21E no. 21-001 in Durban Docks upon arrival from China in December 2014
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The "Did you know" section on the Trains Wikiportal (shown at right) is at Template:Trains portal/Did you know.

The rules[edit]

  • Articles noted must be related to rail transport.
  • The fact noted must be mentioned in the subject article.
  • At least one fact in the template at any time needs an associated image; more facts may have images, but only one should be displayed in the template to keep it from looking too cluttered.
  • The template can be updated at any time, but please note the date that facts were added and give each fact at least two days on the template (longer than two days is fine, but don't let it go too long between updates).
  • When adding new facts to the template, put the date that the fact was added into an HTML comment so other editors know which facts are oldest.
  • The subject of the article noted in the DYK fact is listed in boldface type.
  • The section should have a minimum of three and maximum of five facts.
  • The newest facts in the template should be listed at the top.

Additional DYK tracking steps[edit]

  • If the article's talk page already has {{WikiProject Trains}}, add the portaldykdate parameter to that template call when you use a fact from an article for this section; otherwise, add {{Trains portal/DYK date}} to the article's talk page.
  • After adding a fact to the DYK section, copy the fact and the image(s) to the appropriate archive page (below).

To suggest a fact for inclusion in the Trains Wikiportal DYK, list it on Portal:Trains/Did you know candidates.


January 2015[edit]

TFR Class 21E no. 21-001 in Durban Docks upon arrival from China in December 2014
The preserved Natal at Durban station in 2011
  • ...that the preserved Natal Railway Company 0-4-0WT locomotive Natal, the first locomotive to operate in revenue service in South Africa, was reconstructed in the 1940s from little more than its frame, wheels, springs, cylinders and some odd loose parts?
A diesel-powered train arrives at Shepherds Station in 1962
Preserved class W3 tram number 661 in 2014
FEMM simulation of a Cross-section of Magnetic River, coloured by electric current density
  • ...that one system of propulsion for maglev trains is known as magnetic river, referring to the action that provides stability along the longitudinal axis, which acts similar to the flow of water in a river?
The Livermore station in 2012
Route map of Le Train Bleu in France
Repainted set OM03 on a Kusatsu service, January 2012
  • ...that in September 2010, 185-200 series 7-car EMU set OM03 was repainted into the Shōnan colour scheme of orange and green to recreate the appearance of the early 80 series EMUs, as part of the 50th anniversary celebrations of the Kusatsu limited express service?
A Kintetsu Suzuka Line train at Ise-Wakamatsu Station in 2008
The first JR East EV-E300 series battery EMU set, V1, at Utsunomiya Station on a test run on battery power with its pantographs lowered
The main concourse at Gare d'Orleans in 2013
The former Homan Avenue station in 1996
The Newbattle (or Lothianbridge) viaduct in 2000
A Senri Line train crosses the Kanzaki River (between Shimo-Shinjō Station and Suita Station) in 2013
A number 6 train at Grand Central–42nd Street station on the Lexington Avenue Line in 2006
Preserved LNER 8217, formerly a GER class G58, in 2012
A D.445 locomotive on a passenger train at Bari Centrale station in 1995
The Red Devil at Pretoria, Transvaal, in 1981
  • ...that South African Railways' Class 26 4-8-4 locomotive was originally named L.D. Porta in honor of Livio Dante Porta, but in Cape Town press reports after its debut the locomotive was dubbed the Red Devil due to its red livery, a nickname that eventually became official?
Class 9 trains at Calais Terminal in 2009
The tracks and platforms of Eifukuchō Station in 2011

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