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Hidras of Panscheel Park-New Delhi-1994 (cropped).jpg
Hijras in Panchsheel Park-New Delhi. circa 1994.

Transgender is an umbrella term applied to people and behaviors which diverge from those of normative two-gender roles (male and female), usually assigned at birth. Transgender refers to the state of one's gender identity (male, female, or various other identities) and not to sexual identities; a common, sometimes offensive, misunderstanding.

Transgender identities and expression have been a fixture of culture since antiquity. One example is South Asian, where Hijras (pictured at right) are considered members of a third gender.

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Two-Spirit (also two spirit or twospirit) refers to Native Americans who fulfill one of many mixed gender roles found traditionally among many North American indigenous groups. Traditionally the roles included wearing the clothing and performing the work of both male and female genders. The term usually implies a masculine spirit and a feminine spirit living in the same body and was coined by contemporary LGBT Native Americans to describe themselves and the traditional roles they are reclaiming. There are many terms for these individuals in various indigenous languages. As of 1991, male and female bodied Two-Spirit people have been "documented in over 130 tribes, in every region of North American, among every type of native culture".

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Transgender Pride flag
The Transgender Pride flag was designed by Monica Helms, and was first shown at a pride parade in Phoenix, Arizona (USA) in 2000.

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I am not this body. I am in this body, and this is part of my incarnation and I honor it but that isn't who I am.

Selected biography

Georgina Beyer

Georgina Beyer (b 1957) was the world's first openly transsexual Member of Parliament, and from 27 November 1999 until 14 February 2007 was an MP for the Labour Party in New Zealand.

Born George Bertrand in 1957 in Wellington, Māori of Te Āti Awa, Ngāti Mutunga, Ngāti Raukawa, and Ngāti Porou descent, Beyer spent her early childhood on her grandparents' farm in Taranaki. Later she shifted to Wellington to live with her mother, who had subsequently married Colin Beyer, a prominent lawyer and businessman. Shortly after leaving school at Wellington's Onslow College, Beyer discovered Wellington's gay scene, and at the age of 17 realised she was transgender.



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