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U2 performing on 17 May 2005. From left to right: The Edge, Bono, Larry Mullen Jr., and Adam Clayton.
U2, Vertigo Tour, 2005.

U2 are a rock band from Dublin, Ireland. The band consists of Bono (vocals and guitar), The Edge (guitar, keyboards, and backing vocals), Adam Clayton (bass guitar), and Larry Mullen Jr. (drums and percussion). U2 have been one of the most popular acts in the world since the mid-1980s. The band has sold upwards of 170 million albums worldwide, and they have won 22 Grammy Awards, more than any other rock band.

U2 formed in 1976 when the members were teenagers with limited musical proficiency. By the mid-1980s, however, the band had become a top international act, noted for its anthemic sound, Bono's impassioned vocals, and The Edge's textural guitar playing. Their success as a live act was greater than as a record-selling act until their 1987 album, The Joshua Tree, brought them mega-stardom. Their alternative rock/dance-infused 1991 album Achtung Baby and the accompanying Zoo TV Tour were part of a significant reinvention for the band; it was a response to their own sense of musical stagnation, the dance and alternative music revolutions, and criticism of their image. This experimentation continued for the rest of the 1990s.

In the early years of the 21st century, U2 have pursued a more traditional sound while maintaining influences from their previous musical explorations. They continue to enjoy the highest level of commercial and critical success. The band is active in human rights, international development, and social justice causes, such as Amnesty International, Make Poverty History, the ONE Campaign, Live Aid, Live 8, Bono's DATA (Debt, AIDS, Trade in Africa) campaign, and Music Rising.


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The film's logo featured the title in a stencil-like font, and was designed by creative director John Leamy.
U2 3D is a 2008 American-produced 3D concert film featuring rock band U2 performing during the Vertigo Tour in 2006. The film contains performances of 14 songs, including tracks from How to Dismantle an Atomic Bomb (2004), the album supported by the tour. The concert footage includes political and social statements made during the shows. It is the band's second feature film, following their 1988 rockumentary Rattle and Hum. Among several cinematic firsts, U2 3D was the first live-action digital 3D film.

The project was created to experiment with a new type of 3D film technology pioneered by producer Steve Schklair. After considering shooting American football games in 3D, Schklair's company 3ality Digital decided to create a concert film with U2. The band were hesitant to participate, but agreed to the project mainly as a technological experiment rather than a profit-making venture. Although set in Buenos Aires, U2 3D was shot at seven concerts across Latin America, and two in Australia. The film's complex setup involved shooting with up to 18 3D cameras simultaneously and capturing the footage digitally.

After a preview screening at the 2007 Cannes Film Festival, U2 3D premiered at the 2008 Sundance Film Festival and had its limited theatrical release in late January 2008, followed by its wide release the following month. The film was distributed by National Geographic Entertainment and was only released in IMAX 3D and digital 3D theaters. It peaked at number 19 at the United States box office, and earned over $26 million internationally, ranking as one of the highest-grossing concert films. U2 3D won several awards, and its reception convinced some of the creators that the project marked a paradigm shift in filmmaking.


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The U2 360° Tour stage surrounded by the crowd
Credit: Rich Niewiroski Jr.
Panoramic photography from the Rose Bowl Game in Pasadena, California on 25 October 2009.

Did you know...

  • ... that in the "New Year's Day" video, the people on horses are not the band, but are Swedish girls dressed like the band due to the cold?
  • ... that the word "baby" is on Achtung Baby twenty-seven times?


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The U2 Portal
Morleigh Steinberg is an American choreographer and dancer with the production company Arcane Collective. She is the wife of the musician The Edge from the rock group U2.

Raised in Los Angeles and schooled in modern dance, Steinberg became a formative member of the dancer-illusionist company MOMIX in 1983. They became known for their visual humour and contorted positions. In 1986, she co-founded the ISO dance company, which embodied an approach they called "serious fun" and sometimes collaborated with a singing group, and gave performances around the country and abroad. In both companies she did choreography as well as dancing. She staged her own experimental dance solo production and did choreographic work for films and music videos. Starting in the mid-1990s, she branched out into lighting design and film directing as well, with dance usually being the subject matter. She has continued with various projects into the 2010s, often collaborating with the Japanese choreographer and dancer Oguri. Together they are co-founders of the production company Arcane Collective.

Steinberg became involved with U2 when she appeared in the 1987 music video for "With Or Without You", then was hired as a choreographer, and subsequently belly dancer for "Mysterious Ways", during their 1992–1993 Zoo TV Tour. By the end of the tour she was in a relationship with The Edge. The couple have two children together, married in 2002, and live at residences in Ireland, France, and the United States.



  • "A lot of the songs on our last album were quite abstract, but War is intentionally more direct, more specific. But you can still take the title on a lot of different levels. We're not only interested in the physical aspects of war. The emotional effects are just as important, “the trenches dug within our hearts”. [...] War could be the story of a broken home, a family at war." —Bono, "War & Peace" by Adrian Thrills for NME (26 February 1983)
  • "She feel the ground is giving way / But she thinks we're better off that way. / The more you take, the less you feel / The less you know the more you believe / The more you have, the more it takes today." —"Last Night on Earth" (Bono and The Edge), Pop (1997)
  • "Producing this structure was a challenge, but the effect has been great. It dwarfs the stadium, it makes the stage look clean and breaks down the barrier between band and crowd. Having invested in this technology, I think it's a game changer. I don't know what we'll do next time, but these cleaner stages in stadiums are the way to go." —Adam Clayton, on U2 360° Tour, in "Stairway to Devon − OK, Somerset!", Q (July 2010)


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