Porter (Martian crater)

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Porter Crater.JPG
Porter crater rim, as seen with Mars Global Surveyor.
Planet Mars
Region Aonia Terra
Coordinates 50°48′S 113°54′W / 50.8°S 113.9°W / -50.8; -113.9Coordinates: 50°48′S 113°54′W / 50.8°S 113.9°W / -50.8; -113.9
Diameter 105 km
Eponym Russell W. Porter

Porter is a large-scale impact crater in the Thaumasia quadrangle on the planet Mars, situated in Aonia Terra at 50.8° south and 113.9º west. The impact caused a bowl 105 kilometres (65 mi) across. The name was chosen in 1973 by the International Astronomical Union in honour of the US astronomer and explorer, Russell W. Porter (1871-1949).[1]