Porters Lake, Nova Scotia

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Porters Lake (2011 population: 3,202)[1] is a residential community in the eastern shore region of the Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada, between Trunk 7 and Route 207, 27.8 km from Halifax. The residents mainly commute to jobs in Dartmouth, Burnside Industrial Park or in Downtown Halifax. The community is built around the lake from which it takes its name.

Porters Lake, Nova Scotia is located in Nova Scotia
Porters Lake, Nova Scotia
Porter's Lake in Nova Scotia

The Lake[edit]

Porter's Lake is 19 km long, but never more than a kilometer wide and is in the shape of a crescent. It is one of the most popular lakes for recreational boating in the region. The Lake is connected to the Atlantic Ocean near Lawrencetown Beach, because of this, the lake varies in salinity from almost completely fresh water at the north end to nearly that of ocean water at the south end. The communities which surround Porter's Lake include, Porter's Lake, Middle Porter's Lake, West Porter's Lake, East Lawrencetown, Three Fathom Harbour and Seaforth. Crowell Road and West Porters Lake Road, run along the west side of the lake. Porters Lake Provincial Park is located off West Porter's Lake Road along the west side of the Lake. Hwy 107 crosses over the Lake and Hwy 7 runs north of the Lake. Hwy 207 runs south of the lake until just past Three Fathom Harbour, where there is limited access to the Lake by road on the east side as the highway and residential communities run along the Atlantic Ocean coast.


  • Porters Lake Provincial Park[2]

2008 Fire[edit]

On June 13, 2008 a forest fire broke out destroying two houses, damaging more than 20 others and burning almost 4800 acres. More than 5000 residents were evacuated from their homes and several major roads were closed for 3 days.[3] The fire was believed to have been caused by a camp fire, though the Royal Canadian Mounted Police laid no charges. It was determined that residue from Hurricane Juan fueled the fire, which was the largest fire in an urban area of Nova Scotia, and the largest fire overall, in 30 years.


  • Total Population 3217
  • Total Dwellings 1286
  • Total Land Area 91.573 km²

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Coordinates: 44°44′17″N 63°18′38″W / 44.73806°N 63.31056°W / 44.73806; -63.31056