Portishead Point lighthouse

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This article is about the lighthouse in Portishead, England. For the lighthouse in California, USA, see Battery Point Light.
Portishead Point lighthouse
Battery point lighthouse Portishead.jpg
Portishead Point lighthouse also known as Battery Point lighthouse
Portishead Point lighthouse is located in Somerset
Portishead Point lighthouse
Portishead Point lighthouse
Location Portishead, Somerset, England
Coordinates 51°29′38″N 2°46′19″W / 51.49389°N 2.77194°W / 51.49389; -2.77194
Year first constructed 1931
Height 9 metres (30 ft)
Range 16 miles
Characteristic Q (3) W 10s
Admiralty number A5484
NGA number 6144
ARLHS number ENG-106

Portishead Point lighthouse, which is more commonly known as Battery Point lighthouse, in Portishead, Somerset, England was built in 1931.

The 9-metre (30 ft) high lighthouse was built at Battery Point by the Chance Brothers of Smethwick. It consists of a black metal pyramid on a concrete base.[1]

A two tonne fog bell, cast by Gillett & Johnston of Croydon,[2] which used to hang on the structure was removed in 1998. Following public campaigning for restoration the bell was acquired by Portishead Town Council and returned to the town in 2012.[3] It will be installed in Wyndham Way close to the High Street.[4]

The lighthouse is currently maintained by the Bristol Port Company.[5] The light was refurbished in 2012.[6]


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