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For São Vicente's main port, see Porto Grande, Cape Verde Coordinates: 00°42′46″N 51°24′46″W / 0.71278°N 51.41278°W / 0.71278; -51.41278

Coat of arms
Map of the state of Amapá, Brazil pointing Porto Grande
State: Amapá
Meso-region: Southern Amapa or Sul do Amapá
Micro-Region: Macapá
Founded: 1993
Location: 0.709973/0°42'46" N lat.
51.513365577/51°2'46' W long.
Area: 4,402 km²
Population: 14,675 (2006)
Population density: 3.3/km²
Postal code: 68980-xxx
Climate: Equatorial
Website: www.portogrande.ap.gov.br
Mayor: -->

Porto Grande (Grand Harbor) meaning large port) is a municipality located in the southeast of the state of Amapá in Brazil. Its population is 14,675 and its area is 4,402 km². The climate is year-round hot weather since it is near the Equator.

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