Posadowsky Glacier (Antarctica)

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For other uses, see Posadowsky Glacier.
Posadowsky Glacier (Antarctica)
Type tidewater
Location Kaiser Wilhelm II Land, Australian Antarctic Territory, East Antarctica
Coordinates 66°50′S 89°25′E / 66.833°S 89.417°E / -66.833; 89.417
Length 9 nautical miles (17 kilometers; 10 miles)
Terminus Posadowsky Bay, Davis Sea
Mirny Station on the Davis Sea, 1975.

Posadowsky Glacier (German: Posadowskygletscher, 66°50′S 89°25′E / 66.833°S 89.417°E / -66.833; 89.417) is a glacier about 9 nautical miles (17 kilometers; 10 miles) long, flowing north to Posadowsky Bay immediately east of Gaussberg.[1] Posadowsky Bay is an open embayment, located just east of the West Ice Shelf and fronting on the Davis Sea in Kaiser Wilhelm II Land.[2] Kaiser Wilhelm II Land is the part of East Antarctica lying between Cape Penck, at 87°43'E, and Cape Filchner, at 91°54'E and is part of the Australian Antarctic Territory. Other notable geographic features in this area include Drygalski Island (65°45′S 92°30′E / 65.750°S 92.500°E / -65.750; 92.500), located 45 mi NNE of Cape Filchner in the Davis Sea,[3] and Mirny Station (66°34′S 93°01′E / 66.567°S 93.017°E / -66.567; 93.017), a Russian scientific research station.

Discovery and naming[edit]

The glacier was observed in February 1902 from the summit of Gaussberg by the Gauss expedition under Erich von Drygalski. The U.S. Advisory Committee on Antarctic Names (US-ACAN) named the glacier after Drygalski's Posadowsky Bay in 1955 following studies of the aerial photographs taken by United States Navy Operation Highjump, 1946-47. Posadowsky Bay, in turn, was named for Count Arthur von Posadowsky-Wehner, Secretary of the Interior of the German Empire, who secured a government grant to cover the cost of the Drygalski expedition.


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 This article incorporates public domain material from the United States Geological Survey document "Posadowsky Glacier (Antarctica)" (content from the Geographic Names Information System). Coordinates: 66°50′S 89°25′E / 66.833°S 89.417°E / -66.833; 89.417