Post No Bills (1896 film)

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Post No Bills
Screenshot from the film
Directed by Georges Méliès
Release date(s) 1896
Country France
Language Silent

Post No Bills (French: Défense d'afficher) is a 1896 French short black-and-white silent comedy film, directed by Georges Méliès, featuring two bill posters squabbling over a poorly guarded wall. The film, long thought lost, was recovered in 2004. It is number 15 on the Star Films catalog. It is approximately 70 seconds long.


A sentry marches past a wall, upon which is painted Défense d'afficher (Post No Bills). A bill poster waits for him to pass and pastes up an advertising bill. A second bill poster covers the first ad with a larger poster. The two bill posters squabble, and then flee at the approach of the sentry. The sentry is then reprimanded by his commander for the defacing of the wall.


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