Postage stamps and postal history of Kionga

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This 2½-centavo stamp, used in August 1916, is an overprint on a Lourenço Marques stamp that was itself overprinted "REPUBLICA" on a King Carlos issue of 1898.

The Kionga Triangle was a tiny territory on the border between German East Africa (present-day United Republic of Tanzania) and the Portuguese colony of Mozambique (present day Republic of Mozambique), originally German, but occupied by Portuguese forces in 1916.

On May 29, 1916, 100-reis postage stamps from Lourenço Marques were overprinted with "KIONGA" and one of the denominations ½c, 1c, 2½c, and 5c. These were the only stamps issued for Kionga. In 2002, the Scott Catalogue listed the average purchase price of a high-quality set as over US$70.[1]

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