Postal addresses in Gibraltar

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The British Overseas Territory of Gibraltar has introduced the postcode GX11 1AA,[1] pending the introduction of a postcode system similar to that used in the United Kingdom.[2] This was first under consideration by the Government of Gibraltar in 2006.[3] The postcode is not required for local mail.

Postal districts[edit]

The Royal Gibraltar Post Office has divided the territory into fourteen postal zones known as 'walks' or 'districts', each with a number or letter as well as a name,[4] but these are for internal use and not encountered in addresses. They are separate from the Major Residential Areas, used for statistical purposes.[5]

Walk number District
1 Reclamation North
2 Sacred Heart
3 Reclamation South 1
4 Lower South
5 Moorish Castle
6 Town Range
7 Reclamation South 2
8 North Front
9 Reclamation South 3
10 Waterport
11 Lower South
12 Southport
13 Upper South
G Growth Walk