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Postal codes in Singapore have consisted of six digits since 1995, replacing the four-digit system introduced in 1979. They are administered by Singapore Post.

6-Digit Postal Code[edit]

The 6-digit postal code is made up of the sector code and the delivery point. The sector is represented by the first two numbers of the postal code. The remaining four numbers define the delivery point within the sector. e.g.

56 Tanglin Road
Singapore 247964

24 is the sector code; 7964 is the delivery point, i.e. house or building.

For Housing and Development Board (HDB) residential blocks, the block number is included in the postal code. e.g.

Blk 335 Smith Street
Singapore 050335

HDB residential blocks with the same number in the same postal sector are differentiated by their postal codes as follows: e.g.

Blk 110 Simei Street 1
Singapore 520110

Blk 110 Tampines Street 11
Singapore 521110

The postal codes for private residential, commercial and industrial houses and buildings are assigned based on the alphabetical sequence of the street names in each sector. This means that the codes for a particular postal sector have been assigned first to houses and buildings located along street names beginning with 'A, followed by 'B' and so on. The postal codes for such properties do not contain the corresponding house or building numbers included in the postal code. HDB industrial and commercial blocks also use this system.[1]


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