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The Poswal is one of the Gurjar/Gujjar clans found in India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.[1]


Poswal are a branch of the Gurjar tribe, which spans across India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. The Poswals lived in Arabia until Islam spread across Persia and South Asia. Many of the incoming Arabs became feudal lords and rulers of the lands and riches that they obtained through warfare.[citation needed] Many Poswals use the prefix Chaudhary before or after their name as they possess many lands in the areas the belong from or reside in.

The first contingent of Poswals arrived in South Asia with the forces of Muhammad bin Qasim when he invaded Sindh in 712 A.D.[citation needed]They originally belong to the Arab tribe of Banu Kalb . The word "Poswal" is derived from the Arabic word "Boswal", which literally means "one who asks questions", but it has been pronounced as Poswal for many centuries in South Asia.[citation needed] Today, many Poswals may be found in the Punjab and Khyber Pakhtunwa of modern Pakistan, in Uttar Pradesh of India and in modern Saudi Arabia. However, the word Poswal doesn't exist in Arabic, as this language does not support the /p/ sound; consequently, many Poswal Arabs are Boswal, or they have adopted the name of their ancestor as their sub-tribe and trace their descent to Wahi Al Kalbi also known as Dihyah Kalbi.[citation needed]


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