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Originally manufactured by Golden Wonder, Pot Rice could be considered a close cousin of Pot Noodle. First available in the early 1980s and discontinued in the early 2000s, Pot Rice was an instant convenience food, made from dehydrated rice, soya protein, vegetables, and flavourings, sold in a plastic pot. Pot Rice was later manufactured by Unilever and Knorr when the Pot Noodle brand went through a series of acquisitions and takeovers in the 1990s.

Pot Rice was prepared by adding boiling water to the plastic pot. The dried food would start to swell, and after two minutes the mixture was stirred, and a sachet of sauce added. After three further minutes, the Pot Rice was ready to eat.

Just four flavours were ever manufactured; "Chicken Risotto", "Chicken Curry", "Chicken Korma" and a "Beef and Tomato" variety. In the 1980s, Golden Wonder experimented further with "Pot Fish" (essentially the same recipe as chicken risotto, but with dried fish pieces and a sachet of dried parsley), and "Pot Chilli", a heavily-spiced variation of chili con carne.