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Potap in June 2012

Oleksiy Andriyovych Potapenko better known as Potap (born May 8, 1981 in Kiev, Ukraine) is a Ukrainian singer, composer, and producer. He usually sings with Nastya Kamenskih[1] or with Dyadya Vadya (Дядя Вадя) and UGO. Currently, he is the producer of the "Empire Label".

Official website of Potap & nastya: http://potapinastya.com/


Potap used to be part of the hip-hop group called Vkhid u Zminnomu Vzutti (Вхід у Змінному Взутті) in 2006. He produced one album when he was in this group titled "Prosto". He also made three video clips to the songs Shtolnya, Prosto and Super and a soundtrack to the movie "Shtolnya". During the time he was in VUZV he sang in Ukrainian. Potap now sings with Nastya Kamenskih in Russian and they have released many great hits that are avidly listened to in Ukraine and Russia. Their musical duet has been a great success ever since their first song "Ne para".

In 2014 he and Kamenskih were criticised in Ukraine for continuing to attend award ceremonies in Russia while many Ukrainians believed their country was a victim of Russian aggression.[2] On this they responded: "It's a shame that we have to collect the journalists to tell that we are from Ukraine and love our country!"[3]


  • Prosto (Просто) (As part of the group VUZV)
  • Na drugoy volne ili ano kaneshno potomusho shozh (На другой волне или ано канешно потомушо шож)
  • Ne para (Не пара)
  • My Bogache (Мы Богаче)


  • Kapaet (Капает), a remix of Ugo's song
  • Ne para (Не Пара) with Nastya Kamenskih
  • V nature (В Натуре) with Nastya Kamenskih
  • Ya Pomnyu (Я Помню) with Dyadya Vadya and UGO
  • Natasha (Наташа) with Dyadya Vadya and UGO
  • Shtolnya (Штольня) as VUZV with XS and New'Z'cool
  • Prosto (Просто) as VUZV
  • Super (Супер) as VUZV
  • Club (Клуб) with New'Z'cool and UGO
  • Pochemu Molchish (Почему Молчишь) with Nastya Kamenskih
  • Bez Ljubvi (Без любви) with Nastya Kamenskih