Potato Head Kids

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Potato Head Kids
Genre Animation, Family, Fantasy
Voices of Ian Fried
Susie Garbo
Linda Gary
Scott Grimes
Jody Lambert
Christina Lange
Kenneth Mars
Kellie Martin
Anne Marie McEvoy
David Mendenhall
Scott Menville
Breckin Meyer
Laura Mooney
Andrew Potter
Country of origin United States
Original language(s) English
No. of episodes 23
Production company(s) Marvel Productions
Sunbow Productions
Distributor Claster Television
Christian Broadcasting Network (1989-1990)
International Family Entertainment (1990-1995)
Original channel The CBN Family Channel (1989-1990)
Family Channel (1990-1995)
Original run September 24, 1986 – February 25, 1987

Potato Head Kids was a TV show that aired in 1985. It was made to pair with a show called My Little Pony 'n Friends. An episode of My Little Pony was played for 15 minutes, and then an episode of Potato Head Kids, MoonDreamers, or The Glo Friends was played. It appeared on CBN Family Channel from 1989 to 1990, Family Channel from 1990 to 1995 during My Little Pony.


Potato Head Kids was an outgrowth of the Mr. Potato Head character franchise. Mr. Potato Head now played an adult figure in the lives of the title kids, a varied bunch of anthropomorphic potatoes with different personalities.



  1. Abbad'Un In A Bottle -
  2. The Case of the Fouled Up Pharaoh -
  3. The Curse of the Silver Dragon -
  4. Follow the Chocolate Cake Road -
  5. The Great Candy Caper -
  6. The Grin-Ness Book of Records -
  7. Left Foot Forward -
  8. One Potato, Zoo Potato -
  9. Pig Out -
  10. Poltergeist Potatoes -
  11. Pot of Gold -
  12. Potato Head Pirates -
  13. Potatolympics -
  14. Puff's New Job -
  15. Robin Potato Head -
  16. Romancing the Rock -
  17. Sam Spud, Private Eye -
  18. A Side Order of Soggy Spuds -
  19. Small's Potatoes -
  20. Spike Spiked -
  21. Surfin' Potato Heads -
  22. The Trash Can Derby -



Alternate titles[edit]

  • Greek dub: Βαβουροπατάτες (Vavouropatates)
  • Spanish LA dub: Los Poteiros
  • Norwegian dub: Potethodegjengen
  • Swedish dub: Potatisgänget

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