Potenza (river)

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The river's mouth at Porto Recanati.
Origin Fiuminata
Mouth Adriatic Sea, Porto Recanati
Basin countries Italy
Length 95 km
Source elevation 800 m
Avg. discharge 6 m³/s

The Potenza (Latin: Flosis) is a river in the Marche, central-eastern Italy.

The rivers starts at some 800 m of altitude in the Monte Pennino, in the territory of Fiuminata, in the province of Macerata. Afterwards it flows in the communes of Pioraco, Castelraimondo, San Severino Marche, Macerata (in correspondence of the ancient Helvia Recina), Montelupone, Recanati and Potenza Picena.

The river flows into the Adriatic Sea at Porto Recanati, after a course of some 95 km.

Coordinates: 43°25′N 13°40′E / 43.417°N 13.667°E / 43.417; 13.667