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Sarees silk
Genre Wardrobe Store
Founded 1923
Founder Thiru K. V. Pothy Moopanar
Area served
Products Textiles

Pothys is a chain of textile showrooms in South India. Originally they exclusively sold sarees, but today all manner of garments are sold and the flagship store in Chennai is called Pothys' Palace.


Pothys was established 90 years ago[when?] by K. V. Pothy Moopanar under the name Pothy Moopanari to sell cotton sarees and dhotis woven on his own loom.

In 1977, his son K V.P.Sadayandi Moopanar was able to establish the name and expand the outfit with a self-styled retail showroom at Srivilliputhur, re-christened 'POTHYS' . Their next showroom was opened in 1986 in Tirunelveli.

Pothy Moopanar's children and grand children run the business today.


Pothy's in Madurai

Pothys has locations in Srivilliputtur, Tirunelveli, Madurai, Chennai, Coimbatore, Thiruvananthapuram and Puducherry.

Unlike most other apparel store Pothys have a unique billing system. While in most stores you carry your purchase to a counter where you are billed and your purchases are packed, its done differently in Pothys. You pick what you wish to buy and the sales men take them for you to the counter and get a printed bill, while you do your other shopping and get them billed the same way, your products get packed. You put all bills together and pay at the cash counter and take it to the delivery section where your payment is verified and your purchases are delivered to you. This method has been highly acclaimed by many organizations and institutions as a very efficient way of processing checkouts, at a store that is always crowded.

Pothy's have recently ventured into retail by starting a Super Market, with a wide range of products, kinds of which are available for the first time in the humble town of Tirunelveli,Thiruvananthapuram and Pondicherry.


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