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Potlatch 2 Logo.png
Potlatch 2 with OpenStreetMap data
Developer(s) Richard Fairhurst
Stable release 2 v2.3 / September 2011 (2011-09)
Development status Active
Written in ActionScript
Platform Adobe Flash
Type GIS software
License WTFPL[1]

Potlatch is an editing tool for OpenStreetMap geodata using Adobe Flash. It is one of the two editors embedded directly within the OpenStreetMap website. While the JOSM editor is particularly suited for large-scale edits, Potlatch tries to make it easy for new users to contribute.

Potlatch requires a web browser with at least version 8 of the Flash plugin installed.

An alpha version of Potlatch 2, a complete reimplementation of the software, was published in summer 2010. In December 2010, Potlatch 2 was released for general use. After Microsoft had granted OpenStreetMap permission to use aerial imagery from their Bing Maps service for tracing, Potlatch 2 was extended to display these images in the background.

The default editor on OpenStreetMap is now openstreetmap:iD, a JavaScript editor which uses SVG and D3.js for rendering.[2][3] Potlatch 2 is retained as an option for intermediate-level users.


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