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Section of Pottinger Street between Wellington Street and Stanley Street.
Pottinger Street in the 1930s.

Pottinger Street (Chinese: 砵典乍街; pinyin: Bōdiǎnzhà Jiē; Cantonese Yale: but1 din1 ja3 gaai1; formerly 砵甸乍街) is a street in Central, Hong Kong. It is also better known as the Stone Slabs Street (石板街) by the locals, after the granite stone steps which are a rarity nowadays in Hong Kong. The street was named after Henry Pottinger, the first Governor of Hong Kong.


The street was originally on the slope between Queen's Road Central and Hollywood Road. Central District subsequently underwent several reclamation projects and thus the street was extended north from Queen's Road Central to Connaught Road Central. Several buildings like Man Yee Building, Wing On House, Chinachem Tower and Hong Kong Chinese Bank Building are in this section.


The first Roman Catholic cathedral of Hong Kong was built in 1843 at the junction of Pottinger Street and Wellington Street[1] and was destroyed in a fire in 1859. It was rebuilt, but subsequently a different site was selected and the current Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception at Caine Road was completed 1888.

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