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Pou game screenshot.jpg
A customized Pou
Original author(s) Paul Salame[1][2]
Stable release 1.4.42[1] / March 16, 2014; 4 months ago (2014-03-16)[1]
Development status Active
Operating system Android,[1] iOS,[2]
Size Android: 17 MB[1]
iOS: 23.1 MB[2]
Available in Android: 16 languages[3]
iOS: 18 languages[2]
Website www.pou.me

Pou is a popular mobile app-based game for Blackberry, iOS and Android developed and published by Paul Salameh (listed as Zakeh on the Google Play Store).[4][5] It features an alien character that resembles a triangular potato (when original color is not changed). In the game the character can be fed, cleaned, exercised, and put to sleep. There are also mini games within the app and coins can be earned to purchase costumes, decorations, and modifications of the game environment by playing the mini game or by reaching the achievements.It is somewhat similar to Tamagotchi, a fad game that required caring for a simulated creature.[6] It can also interact with other Pous by visiting them when the game is connected to the internet. It has user account in order to save and back-up the game progress state, in case the device is cleared. The last game progress can be resumed by logging in the user's account. The user can also transfer Pou from one device to another regardless of platform by logging out his/her account from the device and logging in to other device; however the application version must be same between the two devices.

With the success of the game, it has been copied using the name Mou on Windows Phone.[7][8]


  • Hill Drive
  • Cliff Dash
  • Sky Jump
  • Sad Tap
  • Water Hop
  • Food Drop
  • Cliff Jump
  • Connect
  • Free Fall
  • Sky Hop
  • Cloud Pass
  • Pou Popper
  • Color Tap
  • Match Tap
  • Color Match
  • Pet Walk
  • Pou Words
  • Goal
  • Pool
  • Find Pou
  • Memory
  • Tic Tac Pou
  • Four Pous
  • Pou Sounds
  • Hoops
  • Tumble
  • Jet Pack Pou
  • Sudoku
  • Star Popper


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