Poul Christian Holst

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Poul Christian Holst in 1839.

Poul Christian Holst (21 January 1776 - 7 August 1863) was a Norwegian government official who held several positions in the period 1814-1848. He was the functioning head of the 1st Ministry (finance and taxes) in 1814, state secretary 1814-1822, member of the Council of State Division in Stockholm in various periods between 1823-1844, Minister of the Navy 1824-1825, Minister of Justice 1825-1826, 1827-1832, 1833-1836 and 1837-1838, and Minister of Education and Church Affairs 1822-1823, 1835, 1836-1839, 1840-1843 and 1844-1848.[1] Holst also led negotiations over debt with Denmark in 1817, after the dissolution of the union between the two countries in 1814.[2]

His memoires were published posthumously, in the years 1875 and 1876, under the title P. C. Holsts Efterladte Optegnelser om sit Liv og sin Samtid ("P. C. Holts' Surviving Writings about His Life and His Times).[2]


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