Pound Puppies (film)

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Pound Puppies (film)
Genre Animated
Written by Tom Ruegger
Directed by Alan Zaslove
Voices of Adrienne Alexander
Dan Gilvezan
Gail Matthius
Don Messick
Alan Oppenheimer
Ron Palillo
Frank Welker
Jo Anne Worley
Jonathan Winters
Victoria Carroll
Sorrell Booke
Composer(s) Hoyt Curtin
Country of origin  United States
Taiwan Taiwan (overseas animation)
Original language(s) English
Executive producer(s) William Hanna
Joseph Barbera
Producer(s) Mitch Schauer
Running time 97 minutes
Production company(s) Hanna-Barbera Productions
Original channel ABC
Original airing October 1985

The Pound Puppies is an animated television special, produced by Hanna-Barbera Productions, based on the popular toy line from Tonka, which aired in syndication in October 1985, paired with Star Fairies. Characters in the special included the Fonzie-styled leader Cooler (voiced by Dan Gilvezan), the cheerleader Bright Eyes (voiced by Adrienne Alexander), and a dog with a very nasal like New York accent known only as "The Nose" (voiced by Jo Anne Worley), and the goofy inventor aptly named Howler (voiced by Frank Welker), who can only howl.


A female dog from a wealthy aristocratic family named Violet Vanderfeller is being pursued by dognappers when she is picked up and taken to the city pound. There, she meets the gang and discovers their mission to find homes for themselves. The film plot centers on Violet (whom Cooler insists on referring to as "Sam") attempting to reunite with her family, ultimately succeeding. Two other dogs appeared in the special. They were the upper-class snob Barkerville and the garbage-can-digging Scrounger.

Home Media releases[edit]

The special was released on VHS in 1986 by Family Home Entertainment and is available on a DVD which comes with certain Pound Puppies toys.

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