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Industry Retail
Founded 1981
Headquarters Huddersfield, England
Number of locations
Owner Crown Crest Group
Website http://www.poundstretcher.co.uk
Poundstretcher Extra

Poundstretcher (previously styled as £-stretcher or ...instore) is a chain of discount stores operating in the United Kingdom. It is based in Deighton, England, near Huddersfield on the A62.


Established in 1981 by Paul Appell and Stephen Fearnley, it became a subsidiary of ...instore. Poundstretcher stores were gradually being rebranded to ...instore as part of the change of ownership to ...instore plc, however in 2006, a new Chief Executive concluded that the rebranding was not working and from 2007, new stores were opened as Poundstretcher stores.[3] As of September 2012, the group had 400 stores in the UK.[1][2]

In late 2009, Poundstretcher's new branding was revealed.

They have had a new logo and slogan made, entitled; "Poundstretcher: Look What's New Instore!" and; "Welcome To The Original Value Store". Larger stores are now called Poundstretcher EXTRA.

From 2011 the slogan is "every penny counts..."

During late 2011 the company brought over Alworths.[4][5] On 6 February 2012 Poundstretcher acquired 20 stores from the UGO chain after it was placed in administration. It was announced in September 2012 that out of the 20 stores that were acquired, 14 were to close and the remaining 6 most profitable outlets would remain as part of the group.[6][7][8]

Market share[edit]

From 2004 the chain had over 338 shops throughout the United Kingdom. Its slogan was Better than Ever although the stores are now marketed alongside ...instore with the same offers and the instore slogan Shop Smart, Live Well.

Product Range[edit]

Poundstretcher stock a large product range, including food and drink, homewares, seasonal, cleaning and household products and many other ranges, some stores also have a Pik N Mix instore, supplied by Candy King, thought to be inspired by Woolworths' demise.[1]


After selling Poundstretcher to Philip Harris, Mr. Appell and Mr. Fearnley acquired control of a failing retail business, United News Shops, which they managed to revitalise. It is now the largest convenience store and cafeteria business servicing British hospitals. United News Shops was sold to WH Smith in March 2008. The Poundstretcher Group is now owned by Crown Crest Group which is run by brothers Rashid and Aziz Tayub.

Outside UK[edit]

Poundstretcher opened its first store outside United Kingdom at Madina Mall in Dubai, UAE.[9][10][11][12]


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