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PowerSchool parent view.png
PowerSchool's parent view, showing a student's grades
Developer(s) Pearson K-12 Technology group
Initial release April 1999 (1999-04)[1] (Founded 1997)
Stable release / July 2014; 6 months ago (2014-07)
Development status Active
Written in Java (programming language)
Platform Microsoft Windows
Type Student information system
License Proprietary commercial software
Website www.powerschool.com

PowerSchool is a student information system product of Pearson's K-12 Technology group.

About PowerSchool[edit]

PowerSchool is a web-based student information system that provides grade management and viewing for teachers and students alike. Using PowerSchool, teachers are able to record grades and attendance for students to view at home. It currently has 15 million student users in over 65 countries.[2] Each student or teacher using PowerSchool has a password-protected account. Data uploaded by teachers is immediately accessible to students or parents logged in to their own account. Data added to PowerSchool is visible to the district office, the school, parents and students. [3]


Logo used in 6.x

PowerSchool was purchased by Apple Inc. on March 13, 2001.[4][5][6]

On May 25, 2006, Apple Inc. and Pearson Education announced that Pearson was to acquire PowerSchool, "Apple’s award-winning student information systems (SIS) division. Once a school district purchases PowerSchool, accounts can be set up for both teachers and parents. PowerSchool makes it easy for teachers to record grades, take attendance, and check student profiles. Also, it's convenient for parents to check all of their child's grades as soon as they are posted." [7]


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