Power DoLLS: Detachment of Limited Line Service

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POWER DoLLS: Detachment of Limited Line Service

POWER DoLLS for Windows (win 3.1)
POWER DoLLS プレミアムディスク (Promotional product)
South Korea 파워돌
Taiwan 特勤機甲隊
United States POWER DoLLS: 25th century freedom fighters

Developer(s) Kogado Studio Usagi San Team
Publisher(s) Kogado Studio

United States Megatech Software
Taiwan Hwaei International
South Korea SKB

Platform(s) MS-DOS, NEC PC-9801, FM Towns, DOS/V, PC-FX, Windows 3.1, Microsoft Windows
Release date(s) Japan 1994-01-14(PC-98)

Japan 1994-07-22 (FM TOWNS)
Japan 1994-12-02 (DOS/V)
Japan 1996-02-03 (PC-FX)
Japan 1997-02-07 (Win 3.1)
Japan 2004-02-27 (DOS/V version, with PoWER DOLLS 6)
Japan 2009-03-27 (MS Windows)
United States 1995-10-20 (MS-DOS)

Genre(s) Turn-based tactics

POWER DoLLS: Detachment of Limited Line Service is a turn-based tactics video game.

The game is a strategy game in which an all-female elite force helps defend their homeworld, Omni, which is seeking it independence from Earth, using a variety of mecha-based weapons.


In the year 2535, planet Omni entered independence war against planet Earth government for land dispute. Facing the overwhelming Earth forces, Omni government converted the pioneering Power Loader (PLD) units into walking combat machines. In 2540, the third team of 177th squadron, an all-female combat group named DoLLS (Detachment of Limited Line Service) has seen deployment.

In the game, player takes control of that combat group over nine missions.

177th squadron[edit]

177th squadron is a special force for the OMNI Military. It was established during OMNI independence war, specialized on combat using X-1 bipedal PLD. This elite composite detachment consists of members from all branches of Omni Military, organized in 3 teams.

  • Team 1: Forest combat team. Specializes in hill and forest combat.
  • Team 2: Urban assault team. Specializes in city, fortress combat.
  • Team 3: DoLLS team. Specializes in surprise attack, sniper, infiltration. Third team, also known as POWER DoLLS, is an all-female combat group. In the video games, player controls this team. They also use state-of-the-art X-3 (and above) type Power Loaders.

POWER DoLLS 1[edit]

POWER DoLLS 1: Detachment of Limited Line Service
Developer(s) Kogado Studio Usagi San Team
Publisher(s) Kogado Studio
Platform(s) Windows 2000
Release date(s) Japan 2009-03-27
Genre(s) Turn-based tactics

It is a redesign of the first game using POWER DoLLS 5 game system. It uses the isometric grid map.

Retail box version includes Kogado collection POWER DoLLS soundtrack CD, PC-9801 version of POWER DoLLS run within EGG emulator (by D4Enterprise Co.,Ltd.).



Genre Adventure, Science fiction
Original video animation
Directed by Masayuki Hidaka
Studio Oriental Light and Magic
Kogado Studio
Licensed by United States ADV Films
Released 1996-03-01
Episodes 2
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The PC-FX version of the video game was adapted into a 2 separate anime OVA. AD Vision sold the first one in VHS format, and later bundled both titles under the Power DoLLS: The Complete Collection package.

Other spin-offs[edit]

Mania Kit[edit]

POWER DoLLS MANIA KIT is a desktop accessory product for the POWER DoLLS video game. It does not require the original game to run.

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