Power Station of Art

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Power Station of Art
Pavilion of the Future.jpg
Established 2012
Location Shanghai, China
Website www.powerstationofart.org

The Power Station of Art is a contemporary art museum in Shanghai, China.[1][2]

The enormous museum, on the site of the Worldexpo and on the banks of the Huangpo-river does not poses an art collection of it's own. It opened in 2013 with an exposition of contemporary art from the Parisian Centre Pompidou. The exposition was called" Portrait of the times". The work of the controversial Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei was conspicuously absent.

As there is no. budget to organize regular exhibitions on a high level, the museum attractis few visitors.

The Power Station of Art is one of the hundreds of musea that opened it's doors in 2013 and 2014. in the enormous country a new museum or wing to an existing museum was opened to the public at a rate of one every day. Shanghai and Beiijng have one museum on every 200 000 inhabitants. The same quota as in the United States.

The director is Li Xu.


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