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This article is about the lottery game in Australia. For other uses, see Powerball (disambiguation).
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Powerball is a lottery operated by New South Wales Lotteries in New South Wales and the Australian Capital Territory, Tattersalls in Victoria and Tasmania, Golden Casket in Queensland, the South Australia Lotteries Commission, and Lotterywest in Western Australia.

The new Australian Powerball since March 2013 draws six regular numbers from one pool of 40, with the Powerball drawn from a separate pool of 20 numbers. The highest Australian Powerball jackpot was A$33 million; most jackpot wins are not shared by multiple tickets. However, there are major differences between the Australian and American versions; in the US, a ticket automatically wins by matching the Powerball (the American game has 39[1] Powerballs) while in Australia a minimum of three numbers are needed being two regular numbers plus the Powerball. The American jackpot is annuitized (with a cash option) while Australians winners always collect in lump sum. American lottery prizes are taxable, whilst there are no taxes collected on Australian Powerball winners. Still another difference is that all Australian Powerball prizes are parimutuel, versus fixed prizes on American non-jackpot prizes.

The host of Australian Powerball drawings is Troy Ellis, with the draw broadcast on television when the Division 1 pool is at least $15 million.

The game was revamped on 1 March 2013; it will draw six regular numbers plus a Powerball. This will allow the introduction of an 8th Division (two main numbers plus the Powerball).[2] Other changes include an increase of 10c per play, and the introduction of an option (QuickHit40) which will "wheel" the 40 Powerballs although not guaranteeing a prize.


On 1 March 2007, the Division 1 pool was $33 million; it was the largest Australian lottery prize won.

On 5 June 2008, the Division 1 pool was $58,737,207.41; then the largest prize pool in Australian history (since eclipsed by Oz Lotto in 2012, which had a Division 1 pool of $100 million.) [3]

On 30 July 2009, the Division 1 pool was $80 million, the largest Australian Powerball pool.[4] There were multiple Division 1 winners in the drawing.

On 21 August 2014, the Division 1 pool was $70 million. Two winners walked away with 35 million each.


Division Category Odds based on 12 games
1 6 Numbers plus Powerball 6,397,300:1
2 6 Numbers 336,700:1
3 5 Numbers plus Powerball 31,360:1
4 5 Numbers 1,651:1
5 4 Numbers plus Powerball 761:1
6 3 Numbers plus Powerball 54:1
7 4 Numbers 40:1
8 2 Numbers plus Powerball 10:1


Division Ball Matches Prize Pool% Odds
1 Match six main balls and the Powerball 40% 76,767,600:1
2 Match six main balls 3.25% 4,040,400:1
3 Match five and the Powerball 3.4% 376,312:1
4 Match five main balls 1.9% 19,806:1
5 Match 4 main balls and the Powerball 1.45% 9,123:1
6 Match three main balls and the Powerball 12.65% 641:1
7 Match 4 main balls 11.35% 480:1
8 Match two main balls and the Powerball 26% 110:1


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