Ekibastuz–Kokshetau high-voltage line

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PSK-300A and PS-400A (U400A) disc suspension insulators used on 1150 kV powerlines in comparison with common U70BL insulator
1150 kV Powerline

The Ekibastuz–Kokshetau is a power transmission line in Kazakhstan. It runs at 1,150 kV and holds the record for having the highest operating transmission voltage in the world.

Construction started, and the line entered service during the Soviet era. Designated as power line number 1101, it runs 432 kilometres (268 mi) from Ekibastuz to Kokshetau. It is mounted on transmission towers with an average height of 60 metres (200 ft). The weight of the conductors is approximately 50,000 tons.

Moreover, the experimental transmission line in Beliy Rast, near Dmitrov in Moscow region, was also designed to be operated at 1150 kV, but later was disassembled.


Name Coordinates
Chelyabinsk 54°59′29″N 60°40′40″E / 54.99139°N 60.67778°E / 54.99139; 60.67778 (Chelyabinsk substation)
Kostanay 53°4′37″N 63°20′46″E / 53.07694°N 63.34611°E / 53.07694; 63.34611 (Kostany substation)
Kokshetau 53°19′4″N 68°55′02″E / 53.31778°N 68.91722°E / 53.31778; 68.91722 (Kokshetau substation)
Ekibastuz 51°52′51″N 75°12′59″E / 51.88083°N 75.21639°E / 51.88083; 75.21639 (Ekibastuz substation)
Barnaul 53°34′28″N 83°40′4″E / 53.57444°N 83.66778°E / 53.57444; 83.66778 (Barnaul substation)
Itatsk 55°26′11″N 89°04′25″E / 55.43639°N 89.07361°E / 55.43639; 89.07361 (Itatsk substation)

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