Powerlines connecting Vancouver Island with Canadian Mainland

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The power grid of Vancouver Island is connected with that of the Mainland of British Columbia by AC and DC submarine cables. These links, which all consist of overhead line sections on land together with submarine cables are:

  • HVAC 525kV, Two parallel circuits from south of Powell River to Vancouver Island in two cable and three overhead sections with reactor station on Texada Island.
  • HVDC Vancouver Island, two HVDC links capable of transferring a total of 700 MW (now considered obsolete and unreliable).
  • One 138 kV. and one 230kV. AC lines running from Arnott substation in Delta to Vancouver Island Terminal in North Cowichan (the same points that HVDC Vancouver Island connects). Waypoints of these southern lines, which all consist of three overhead and two submarine cable sections are:
Point Coordinates
Arnott Substation 49°05′31″N 123°02′31″W / 49.091944°N 123.041944°W / 49.091944; -123.041944 (Arnott Substation)
Boundary Bluff Cable Terminal 49°00′28″N 123°05′20″W / 49.0077277°N 123.0890179°W / 49.0077277; -123.0890179 (Boundary Bluff Cable Terminal)
Galiano Island Cable Terminal 48°54′19″N 123°21′42″W / 48.9054008°N 123.3616376°W / 48.9054008; -123.3616376 (Galiano Island Cable Terminal)
Parker Island Cable Terminal 48°53′34″N 123°25′32″W / 48.89291°N 123.4256136°W / 48.89291; -123.4256136 (Parker Island Cable Terminal)
Salt Spring Island Cable Terminal 48°51′48″N 123°27′09″W / 48.8632961°N 123.4525484°W / 48.8632961; -123.4525484 (Salt Spring Island Cable Terminal)
Samsun Narrows Span, East End 48°49′40″N 123°34′01″W / 48.8277957°N 123.5668266°W / 48.8277957; -123.5668266 (Samsun Narrows Span, East End)
Samsun Narroes Span, West End 48°49′36″N 123°35′27″W / 48.8266797°N 123.5908163°W / 48.8266797; -123.5908163 (Samsun Narroes Span, West End)
Vancouver Island Terminal 48°49′39″N 123°42′55″W / 48.8275°N 123.715278°W / 48.8275; -123.715278 (Vancouver Island Terminal)
  • A 525 kV link consisting of two parallel lines running to the midpoint of Vancouver Island.
Point Coordinates
Malaspina Substation 49°40′08″N 123°57′37″W / 49.6690166°N 123.9602852°W / 49.6690166; -123.9602852 (Malaspina Substation)
Sackinaw Lake Span, South End 49°40′14″N 124°01′16″W / 49.6705997°N 124.0210533°W / 49.6705997; -124.0210533 (Sackinaw Lake Span, South End)
Sackinaw Lake Span, North End 49°40′39″N 124°01′30″W / 49.6775427°N 124.0251303°W / 49.6775427; -124.0251303 (Sackinaw Lake Span, North End)
Agamemnon Channel Span, East End 49°41′28″N 124°03′45″W / 49.6911898°N 124.0623808°W / 49.6911898; -124.0623808 (Agamemnon Channel Span, East End)
Agamemnon Channel Span, West End 49°41′32″N 124°05′07″W / 49.6921892°N 124.0851903°W / 49.6921892; -124.0851903 (Agamemnon Channel Span, West End)
Cockburn Cable Terminal 49°40′27″N 124°12′13″W / 49.6741339°N 124.2035777°W / 49.6741339; -124.2035777 (Cockburn Cable Terminal)
Texada Island Cable Terminal East 49°37′48″N 124°17′03″W / 49.6301301°N 124.2842746°W / 49.6301301; -124.2842746 (Texada Island Cable Terminal East)
Texada Island, Reactor Station 49°36′57″N 124°19′51″W / 49.6158403°N 124.3308699°W / 49.6158403; -124.3308699 (Texada Island, Reactor Station)
Texada Island Cable Terminal West 49°35′25″N 124°21′30″W / 49.5903014°N 124.3582285°W / 49.5903014; -124.3582285 (Texada Island Cable Terminal West)
Nile Creek Cable Terminal 49°25′18″N 124°38′35″W / 49.4217569°N 124.6431756°W / 49.4217569; -124.6431756 (Nile Creek Cable Terminal)
Dunsmuir Substation 49°23′36″N 124°40′15″W / 49.3934351°N 124.6708775°W / 49.3934351; -124.6708775 (Dansmuir Substation)

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