Powerlite Devices

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Powerlite Devices LTD.
Type Private
Industry Lighting
Fate Merged
Founded Toronto,Ontario (1911)
Headquarters 54 Atomic Avenue Toronto ONTARIO
Area served Canada
Products Streetlighting lighting poles area lighting fixtures

Powerlite Devices Was a Canadian Outdoor lighting manufacture that produced Electrical equipment, namely, lighting fixtures, aluminum and steel poles, brackets for lighting fixtures, traffic signal support arms, traffic signal poles, traffic signal hangers, outdoor lighting.

List of Fixtures[edit]

  • B2217 (100-250 watts)

The first small cobrahead produced by Powerlite.

  • B2215 (250–400 watts)

The first medium sized cobrahead produced by Powerlite, along with its smaller companion the B2217 and the larger B2213.

  • B2213 (700-1000 watts)

The largest of the first Powerlites.

  • B2227 *later known as the R37* (70-250 watts)

The smallest of the second generation of Powerlite cobra head.

  • B2255 (150-400 watts)

The medium sized second generation Powerlite, along with the B2227 and B2228. This fixture could have a top mounted ballast or ballast door. This fixture was manufactured longer than the B2227 and B2228 until the early 1990s.

  • B2228 (700-1000 watts)

The large second generation Powerlite, it like the B2255 could have a top or door mounted ballast.

  • R47 (70-400 watts)

A small cobra head that replaced all of the above cobraheads except the B2255 (which was continued with the R47)

  • R7 (70-400 watts)

Powerlite's final cobra head which replaced all of the above.

  • TwistPak (70-250 watts)

A semi-decorative post top fixture that used a unique ballast tray design allowing easy ballast replacement and a top shield. The TwistPak is continued as the TwistPack by American Electric Lighting. A pole integrated version was also available.

  • Spherepak (70-175 watts)

A decorative post top fixture similar to the Twistpak except with a spherical lens.

  • RoundPak (70-175 watts)

A decorative post top fixture similar to the TwistPak with cutoff optics.

  • NOSTALGIA (70-175 watts)

A decorative post top fixture that is continued by American Electric Lighting as the colonial to this date.

  • MULTIKAT (70-400 watts)

A high efficient flood light.

  • V10 (150-1000 watts)

A area lighting fixture.

  • Private Eye (70-400 watts)

A private area light commonly used for farms.

  • SignLite (70-175 watts)

A flood light used to light signs.