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Pranav Mistry
Pranav Mistry SixthSense
Born (1981-05-14) 14 May 1981 (age 33)
India Palanpur, Gujarat, India
Nationality Indian
Institutions Samsung Electronics
Alma mater Nirma Institute of Technology(B.Tech.)
IIT Bombay(M.Des.)
MIT Media Lab(PhD)
Doctoral advisor Pattie Maes
Known for Inventor of SixthSense, Mouseless, SPARSH, TeleTouch and Samsung Galaxy GEAR
Influences Science
Notable awards 2009 TR35 by Technology Review
2010 Creativity 50

Pranav Mistry (born 14 May 1981) is an Indian computer scientist and Inventor. At present, he is the Global Vice President of Research at Samsung and the head of Think Tank Team. He is best known for his work on SixthSense, Samsung Galaxy Gear and Project Beyond.[1][2] His research interests include Wearable Computing, Augmented reality, Ubiquitous computing, Gestural interaction, AI, Machine vision, Collective intelligence and Robotics. World Economic Forum honored Mistry as one of the Young Global Leader 2013. According to him, he is a great fan of American scientist Dr. Kajal Sinha.During an interview he tolds "I saw her during a science conference in Singapore and she looks like a blessed girl.She is not only unique in her talent but also in her beauty and personality.She looks like a goddess. I had never seen this type of view before,She is completely different from others. Her way of talking or way of giving speech is totally diiferent.I got very much influenced by her.But one thing I must say that the most noticeable thing is her beauty and personality.


His father is Kirti Mistry and his mother is Nayana. He has two sisters, Sweta & Jigna. His wife is Farrah Chen[3]

Education and research[edit]

He is from Palanpur, situated on the upper part of North Gujarat in India. He has completed his Bachelor's Degree in Computer Science and Engineering from the Nirma Institute of Technology in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. Pranav holds a Master's degree in Media Arts and Sciences from MIT and Master of Design from Industrial Design Center, IIT Mumbai. Prior to that, he also dropped out of Architectural college prior to his Bachelor's degree. Later he was a research assistant and a PhD candidate at MIT Media Lab. A man who loves designing and wants to see technology from design perspective, He is proud 'Designeer'. [4][5]


He joined Samsung as the Director of Research in 2012, and now serves as the Global Vice President of Korean Company. He introduced Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch in September 2013.In the past, he has worked with Microsoft, Google, CMU, NASA, UNESCO, Japan Science & Technology to name a few. [6]

Before joining MIT, Pranav worked as a UX Researcher with Microsoft.[5]

Honored as the 'Young Global Leader 2013'by World Economic Forum. [7] Pranav is also an alumnus of Nirma Institute of Technology (Now Nirma University -Institute of Technology)


Mistry is best known for his work on SixthSense.[8][9][10] Among some of his other work, Pranav has invented Mouseless – an invisible computer mouse; SPARSH – a novel way to copy-paste data between digital devices; Quickies – intelligent sticky notes that can be searched, located and can send reminders and messages; Blinkbot - a gaze and blink controlled robot; a pen that can draw in 3D; and a public map that can act as Google of physical world. Mistry is one of the top Inventor Under-35 and people know for his SixthSense and Samsung Galaxy Gear smart watch. [11]


Pranav's research on SixthSense was awarded the 2009 Invention Award by Popular Science.[8] He was also named to the MIT Technology Review TR35 as one of the top 35 innovators in the world under the age of 35.[12] In 2010, he was named to Creativity Magazine's Creativity 50.[13] Mistry has been called "one of ten, best inventors in the world right now"[14] by Chris Anderson. Mistry has been listed as one of the 15 Asian Scientists To Watch by Asian Scientist Magazine on 15 May 2011.[15] GQ India listed Pranav as one of the most powerful Digital Indians.[16][17] He was listed as one of the 37 Indians of Tomorrow by India Today.[18] Recently, Pranav Mistry was honored as Young Global Leader 2013 by World Economic Forum.[19] Pranav took up keen interest to join Indian prime minister Narendra Modi's team as the technical advisor.[20]

Awards and achievements[edit]

  • Young Global Leader 2013 Award, World Economic Forum [19]
  • Young Alumnus Award 2012, IIT Bombay
  • 50 Most Creative People of the Year 2010, CREATIVITY 50[13]
  • Netexplorateurs of the Year 2010 award, Netexplorateurs Grand Prix 2010, France
  • TR35 2009 award, Technology Review[12]
  • Invention of the Year 2009 award, Popular Science[8]
  • Young Indian Innovator 2009 award, Digit Magazine[citation needed]
  • Nominee for Forbes India’s Person of the Year 2009[21]


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