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This article is about the island. For the village in Põlva County, see Prangli, Põlva County.
Prangli Laurentiuse kirik2009.jpg
Prangli church
Location Baltic Sea
Coordinates 59°37′28″N 25°01′15″E / 59.62444°N 25.02083°E / 59.62444; 25.02083Coordinates: 59°37′28″N 25°01′15″E / 59.62444°N 25.02083°E / 59.62444; 25.02083
Area 6.44 km2 (2.49 sq mi)
Highest elevation 9 m (30 ft)
County Harju
Population 151
Density 23 /km2 (60 /sq mi)

Prangli (Swedish: Vrangö) is an Estonian island in the Gulf of Finland.

The first records are from 1387 as when it was called Rango. The first Settlers came from Sweden. The Estonian culture spread to the island in the 17th century.

Prangli is part of Viimsi Parish. In Kelnase is a harbour which is connected by ferry to Leppneeme on the mainland.

The vegetation, especially in the east of the island is mainly fir trees.

The lighthouse on Prangli was built in 1923.


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