Praveen Kumar Gorakavi

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Praveen Kumar Gorakavi
Praveen Kumar Gorakavi
Born May 24, 1989 (1989-05-24) (age 25)
Hyderabad, India
Nationality Flag of India.svg Indian
Fields Chemistry, chemical Engineering, optical engineering, mathematics, physics.
Institutions Indian Institute of Chemical Technology
Known for Multidisciplinary research

Praveen Kumar Gorakavi (born May 24, 1989) is an inventor and former child prodigy.[1][2]

Praveen innovations span multiple scientific fields. He has developed a low-cost artificial limb, products for water purification, food storage, and biofuel synthesis. Praveen has recently designed a low-cost mechanical brailler to increase braille literacy in the developing world.[3]

Praveen received the award ‘Outstanding Engineer/Scientist for the year 2009-10’ from FAPCCI[4] and is considered to be the youngest recipient of this award. Earlier to this, Praveen received India’s prestigious award ‘Balshree’ from President of India. He received one of the highest civilian awards of Andhra Pradesh state, Ugadi Gaurav Puraskar, from state government of Andhra Pradesh.[5] Praveen was also awarded the ‘Best technologist – for disabled people empowerment’ by state government of Andhra Pradesh.

Currently, Praveen is working on hybrid solar energy encapsulation technology, involving solar spectrum bifurcation and subsequent concentration, as a part of doctoral studies at Indian Institute of Chemical Technology in Hyderabad, India.


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