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Pravuil is an archangel mentioned in the Second Book of Enoch who is "quicker in wisdom than the other archangels" and writes all the deeds of the Lord.

In the book, God commands Pravuil to get books and a reed of (for)quick-writing for Enoch. Pravuil then tells Enoch to "write all the souls of mankind, however many of them are born, and the places prepared for them to eternity".

Some have associated Pravuil with the Holy Spirit.

The Blessing God Gave Pravuil

We will discuss the promise God gave Pravuil the Holy Ghost and other interesting points later on in this essay. First, let us see how God expressed this blessing through the prophets, Isaiah 49:7-9; John 5:41,43. Now Pravuil does not seek his own glory, but the angels gave this word to the prophets concerning him. Observe Ezekiel 1:10 and Book of Adam and Eve XXXII:2 (p .149). These texts tell us that when the chief of the angelic order is working, all those under him are described by his symbol. So Michael happened to be chief in Adam's time, and thus, the parabolic vision expresses the four archangels under his symbol. When the Holy Ghost came and even before then, the crown of prophecy which God gave Pravuil was expressed also in the angels who work with him, Micah 4:5-7. The real Spirit of Prophecy is God, Isaiah 44:1,6. Thus, Pravuil wears this crown which includes judgment and all angels which speak the prophecies of God. Thus, all the angels are Holy Spirits not because they work under the authority of Pravuil, but because they work with God, Leviticus 20:26. There is no inconsistency in II Peter 1:19-21, when you understand that the crown of prophecy is officially Pravuil's and all the angels are holy spirits also, Secrets 22:11,12, Enoch 49,50. Now you understand the honor system of God, John 12:26, 15:15. Please do not strive about which angel delivered the prophecies, Matthew 23:24. Just as Michael and the angels are symbolized as eagles when under his authority, even so the angels are classified as Holy Ghosts when working under Pravuil. In fact God considers your spirit holy because you are a piece of Himself. Now you are not "strangers" or sons acting such a role, but you are acknowledged sons.